Vaxxed Documentary Going Cross Country Tour to Awaken the Snoring about Vaccines

“Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” the Most Controversial Film in America Launches a Nationwide Bus Tour on August 6th

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Following a notable theatrical U.S. and Canadian release, the team behind America’s most controversial film, “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” will hit the road on a nationwide bus tour starting August 6th. The Vaxxed filmmakers will be traveling to the home districts of several members of the United States House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform, the entity responsible for subpoenaing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, a subject at the heart of the film.

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Dubbed the “Vaxxed Nation Tour”, the retrofitted bus will act as a mobile TV network, with filmmakers Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey broadcasting the stories of the vaccine injured families they meet along the way, as well as local interviews and news about the most current vaccine mandates across the country. In conjunction with its ongoing theatrical release, “Vaxxed” is now scheduled to be screened in almost 600 cinemas as part of a theatrical-on-demand program that distributor Cinema Libre Studio has forged with GATHR ®. The bus will be stopping in many of these cities for filmmaker Q&As along the way.

Director Andrew Wakefield and producer Polly Tommey appeared In April on Fox and Friends, during which they underscored how, contrary to some reports, the film is not anti-vaccine. “Vaxxed” producer Del Bigtree recently had a publicly-taped conversation with California Senator Ben Allen, the staunchly pro-vaccine co-author of SB277, California’s new law mandating that every child be vaccinated before attending school. Senator Allen said on camera, “I watched “Vaxxed,” and it’s not an anti-vaccine film.” Rather, the film reveals previously unreleased CDC data showing a statistical association between the introduction of MMR and the phenomenal spike in the number of autism cases in the U.S. Twenty years ago, 1 in 10,000 children were autistic and today the shocking figure is 1 in 68 children.

“Vaxxed” captured international headlines when it was pulled from the already-announced line-up of the Tribeca Film Festival under pressure from festival sponsors. Two weeks later, Robert De Niro, a festival co-founder, went on national network television (NBC’s “Today Show”) and renounced the “de-selection” of the film saying, “I think the movie is something that people should see. There was definitely something to that movie…” He goes on to say, “There’s a lot of information about things that are happening with the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies. I, as a parent of a child who has autism, I’m concerned. And I want to know the truth.”

Following its unprecedented “de-selection,” “Vaxxed” has surprised many with a comprehensive U.S. and Canadian theatrical run reaching 65 cities and 29 states. Immediately following the de-selection, distributor Cinema Libre Studio launched the film on a nationwide theatrical release with 4 ½ days of preparation, premiering April 1st at the prestigious Angelika Film Center in NYC, where it achieved the highest single screen box office gross for a documentary this year.

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