Trump Faces Lawsuit Accusing Him of Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

How many lives have to be ruined before ALL speak out against this abuse of children. It’s not just him, its ALL OF THEM.  Speak out. Be heard. Help the victims whose voices are silenced.

Published on Democracy Now! Why would they be allowed to do that?

Trump Faces Lawsuit Accusing Him of Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

Meanwhile, Trump is facing questions about a federal lawsuit in which a woman accuses Trump of raping her in 1994 when she was only 13 years old. The lawsuit alleges Trump raped her at a party hosted by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein has been jailed on charges of soliciting sex from a minor and has paid out dozens of settlements over allegations of sexual assault at his infamous parties. Donald Trump has denied the allegations in the lawsuit, which was refiled in Manhattan federal court after it was dismissed by a judge in California last month. The suit has largely been ignored by mainstream media or dismissed as “bizarre.” But lawyer and author Lisa Bloom writes, “If the Bill Cosby case has taught us anything, it is to not disregard rape cases against famous men.” Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the University of Connecticut trustees voted unanimously to revoke Bill Cosby’s honorary degree in light of accusations from more than 50 women that Cosby drugged and raped them, some in cases dating back decades.

more in depth article

Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old … – Snopes


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1 thought on “Trump Faces Lawsuit Accusing Him of Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

  1. Dominique Strauss Kahn was also accused of rape – shortly after proposing slight leniency for Greece and Portugal. The detective of the hotel and the security guard who was also in on the plan were caught on video high-fiving after completing their part of the scam.

    This seems more like a way to deflect off the fact that Bill Clinton was a big pal of Epstein and flew on his jet often to the underage orgy island. Meanwhile, Trump chooses from beuty contest winners and has no need for the services of an Epstein.

    This could be real, but it smells rotten. Trump is no hero but the elite are worried about him.


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