Bush’s My Pet Goat Class Predicted 9/11

What are the friggin’ odds?  This 1) absolutely confirms 9/11 was an inside job. 2) they were very, very, very well detailed and organized 3) The perp’s that did 9/11 are completely Satanic AND 4)) why would the SS not whisk the President away when the nation was under attack????

9//11 STILL was and Inside Job.  When are we going to prosecute these criminals who purposely attacked, and allowed to attack the US?

The Pet Goat reading book, which Bush held upside down while reading, is Baphomet aka Lucifer aka the Devil aka Satan.

Wake up America. Wake the fuk up


5 thoughts on “Bush’s My Pet Goat Class Predicted 9/11

  1. Debunked. The kids are not saying “kite hit steel plane must.” They are saying kit kit steal playing must.”

    The people at metabunk can be jerks sometimes, but other times they provide a valuable service: https://www.metabunk.org/debunked-kids-saying-kite-hit-steel-plane-must-in-class-on-9-11.t2626/

    Also, the photo of Bush with the upside down book was photoshopped. Doesn’t mean he isn’t an idiot, just that it was photoshopped. Snopes isn’t right 100% of the time, but on this one they have the original photo: http://www.snopes.com/photos/politics/bushbook.asp


    1. Hey Mystery Person,
      You just cited two of the TMZ, People Magazine mags of the Alt News industry. Kit, kit steal playing must, WTF does that mean???…beginning to look shillspicious Sir or Madam.
      No Kite (means like “kiting” in a bank using other peoples money. Steel, like steel towers, etc. but believe what you must.

      Why did SS let Bush sit there for many minutes after being told our nation was under attack? Makes no sense. Pet Goat = The Devil


      1. I’m sorry, but the evidence says they were saying “Kite Kit Steal Playing Must.” It doesn’t have to make sense or mean anything, it’s a series of words in a kids pronunciation book.

        9/11 was an inside job. But to prove it was a inside job, we don’t need fake evidence. The real evidence is quite strong all by itself. By publishing ‘evidence’ which is clearly wrong, you are not contributing to the truth, you are helping muddy the waters and poison the well.

        You seem to think that everyone who disagrees with you is paid to do so. No one is 100% right, and frankly, you ought to be more appreciative of people who will be honest with you when you are wrong.

        And yes, the pet goat/baphomet connection is indeed interesting. That does not change the words the children said.


  2. According to some researchers, 9/11 was a false flag within a false flag: someone hijacked part of the operation. This could be why they shot down flight 93 instead of allowing it to reach its destination.


    George could be giving a distress signal here, signaling that his faction had lost control of the operation, or he could be making an inside joke about it – something which he has done in many other circumstances. Why did Rumsfeld call a press conference and admit to the stolen trillions one day before a cruise missile slams into the room where the accounting records were kept? Was it a signal that the op had been approved, or a signal to insiders that his faction was no longer managing it? I dont know if this is supposed to be a Crowley black magic ritual but the Wikileaks show the Clinton gang is totally into that.



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