Big Con-CERN’s From Rob Skiba

Big Con-CERN’s From Rob Skiba

Just think about the terminology we use on a daily basis: “World Wide Web,” “network,” “on-line and “Internet.” Apart from any discussion of the interconnected computer medium we use to browse for information, each of those words contain within them the connotation of a trap or a snare – usually specifically designed to capture prey in any other context. That should make us pause for a moment and truly think about what the “World Wide Web” really is.

I don’t know exactly what Isaiah is talking about, but it certainly seems to fit our modern technology – and specifically this “web” that CERN created. If my suspicions are true, then the “www” – “666” connection begins to make even more sense. I believe the World Wide Web has also fulfilled one of Daniel’s prophecies concerning the Last Days:

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

– Daniel 12:4 (KJV) [emphasis mine]

The Internet has definitely helped knowledge to increase exponentially since the day it was created. Now, literally anything you want to know about is accessible at the touch of a button! Whether you are on a computer or using a cell phone, we are able to connect with people all over the planet to share and exchange ideas, thus creating a universal increase in knowledge. I suspect that is not the only reason for the Internet. And this is why I believe it may be what Isaiah and John were referring to in the above passages.

Also worth consideration is the concept that this “global web” idea may be a repeat of something from the distant past:

In The Book of the Hopi’s by Frank Waters, there is even a prophecy amongst the Hopi Indians that seems to point to the WWW as a precursor to the End.

“This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.”

A recent video depicting a FALSE Christ called “Ra-El” has surfaced and is making the on-line rounds in preparation for “something” that is supposed to happen on May 21, 2011. Though I think the claim that “Ra-El” is the Messiah is pure garbage, there is something mentioned in that video that I had not previously considered. Toward the end of it, there is a reference to the “clouds” that the Messiah will appear in as being possibly another reference to the Internet.

“If he appears ‘in the clouds’ of the Internet, ‘every eye will see him,’ using the tool by which ‘knowledge shall be increased’.”

One thing I have been seeing with regard to the occult, is they love to do things out in the open, and everything is intentional. There are no “coincidences.” That being the case, as I have looked deeper into CERN, and as I point some of the things out that I’ve been finding here in this blog, I think you will begin to raise an eyebrow just as I have, tilt your head to one side and go, “Hmmmmmm. Maybe there really is something to that whole ‘www’ = ‘666’ thing after all.”

Earlier, I said that this whole “www” as “666” idea was only of passing interest to me because in the 42 years of my life up to this point, I have seen a lot of things that seemed to point to the “Mark of the Beast” and that was just one of many. For starters, there was the Bar Code (click pic to enlarge).

Then, in keeping with the “Vav theory,” there is also Monster drink’s logo which admittedly raises an eyebrow considering the name, the three stylized Vavs and the ingredients of this drink. Clearly, this had to have been intentional.

We can all probably pull out other examples of logos, designs and names that appear to be associated with the infamous “666” set of numbers. But much of what we’d find would be based on speculation. Even if it’s good speculation, we have to admit that because the Scriptures don’t tell us exactly what those numbers will look like or be about. But I’m going to explore some ideas here in this blog for your consideration.

Looking at CERN’s logo certainly gives us yet another reason to speculate. Right there, we can see what looks like three sixes sitting on top of one backward six. Just like with the Bar Codes and Monster drink logo, we can look at CERN’s logo and say, “Hmmmm. That’s interesting.” But is it more than just interesting? Is it more than just a coincidence? Is this an extremely intentional “sign” concerning the nature of this organization?

As CERN became more and more popular in the mainstream media, news and entertrainment worlds, I began to notice some very strange and frankly, scary things about about this place that claims to be dedicated to scientific exploration. They are perhaps best known for their Hadron Supercollider. Just start Googling what their intentions are with this thing. It really makes you wonder how in the world the people of this world are even allowing these scientists to mess with our planet, the universe and the very fabric of time and space the way they are!

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