Pentagon Wants AI to Read Social Media and Draw Up Lists of People for Lethal Autonomous Robots to Kill

If the President can order anyone killed, American born or not, without prejudice or without consequence, any of us who speak truth to power are in play to be taken out, as we continue on the road to total command and control, remotely, for the rest of our lives. Pentagon Wants AI to Read SocialContinue reading “Pentagon Wants AI to Read Social Media and Draw Up Lists of People for Lethal Autonomous Robots to Kill”

“Consult Your Doctor”? Think Again!

I come from a medical family and they do not want to hear that they were set up to just sell product to the sheeple. Rockefellers created the modern day medical training system. The reason that during Residency, doctors are kept sleep deprived is so that they do not remember a thing about what treatmentsContinue reading ““Consult Your Doctor”? Think Again!”

Which Pedophile President Are You Voting For? See Related: Part III; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and British Royalty This is the 3rd part of a 5 part series examining the mass evidence of child slavery and the global power elites. Part I     Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and U.S. Presidents Part II    Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and the Vatican Part III   Pedophiles, Sex Slaves andContinue reading “Which Pedophile President Are You Voting For?”

Go To Hospital; You Now Get Vaccinated

Soon, they will not even ask you about if you’d like the chips, bioegineered self-replicating nanobots or vaccines included to fix your broken arm. They’ll just inject it. Pressure. no Pressure. We’re here to follow our drug companies advice and procedure so they can make a lot of money, we too, and you keep comingContinue reading “Go To Hospital; You Now Get Vaccinated”

Next Presidents Partner & His Pedophillia Pleasuring

Tbere’s no other way to say it folks. The President of the U.S. is a whore, male/female or whaterver, to  their puppet master owner (think Jesuits!) and more than 99 % of the U.S. is absolutely clueless, yet the evidence is beyond overwhelming and you will never see this reported on whoporate news, at yourContinue reading “Next Presidents Partner & His Pedophillia Pleasuring”

Syntho Man & You Pt. II; Humans Need not Apply

Harvard’s secret meeting on synthetic human genome fuels debate A prominent Stanford scientist has denounced a secret meeting of 150 scientists at Harvard this week to discuss creating a synthetic human genome, or essentially constructing human life from scratch with chemicals, The San Jose Mercury News reports. The scientist Drew Endy and Northwestern University bioethicistContinue reading “Syntho Man & You Pt. II; Humans Need not Apply”

Dead Fish, Dying Planet, And Dangerous Denial

Dead Fish, Dying Planet, And Dangerous Denial Fish are dying, wildlife is dying, the entire web of life is dying, but willful denial of verifiable realities continues to thrive. The global fish die-off is already beyond catastrophic, but the “experts” seem to have little to offer in the way of answers. Why? Because those inContinue reading “Dead Fish, Dying Planet, And Dangerous Denial”

California Medical Doctor and State Senator Runs from Office to Avoid Vaccine Discussion

Senator Pan is a Freemason.  Pan is the devil in Mythology. CA passed SB277 making mandatory vaccinations for all children or they cannot go to public school, which all of us pay into. The resistance to this type of total control by the State by the people, until recently, has been anemic and pathetic butContinue reading “California Medical Doctor and State Senator Runs from Office to Avoid Vaccine Discussion”

NASA’s CGI Lab Disclosed

NASA Conceptual Image Lab — Animation For A Dumb-Downed Mind Below are NASA animations from the NASA Conceptual Image Lab. Do you want to know where the pathetic NASA animations are created and beta-tested? Right here. Here’s the offical statement; Since 1990, NASA’s Conceptual Image Lab has been creating award-winning animation, visual effects and design,Continue reading “NASA’s CGI Lab Disclosed”