Tick…Tick…Tick…Zika makes Olympics too dangerous to hold now in Rio, scientists tell UN

Do you see the cards being played?   6 months ago, “Zika” meme enters the lexicon of the world through vaccine propganda…planes flying to South America sprayed inside cabin for Zika virus..tick..tick..tick…….tick tick tick…fed, state, local agencies meet to discuss what to do if/when Zika “outbreak” furthers….tick…tick…tick….NYC being sprayed for Zika Virus…tick…tick…tick….159 cases of pregnant women diagnosed in U.S.  tick..tick….tick….Summer Olympics may have to be cancelled….tick tick tick..
Oh yea, in 2011, Bill Gates says he has AI mosquito’s to deliver vaccines against the….Zika Virus…
NEXT UP,  epidemic.. mandatory spraying over skies of cities….all pregnant women required to get vaccine…all airlines require proof of Zika vaccine…banks, sporting events, etc.. REAL ID adds “mandatory vaccination” to fly list…..

Zika makes Olympics too dangerous to hold now in Rio, scientists tell UN

Scientists are warning that the Zika virus is so dangerous, it would be unethical to allow the Rio Olympics to proceed as planned this August.

More than 100 doctors, researchers and health experts from around globe signed an open letter published Friday urging the United Nation’s World Health Organization to either move the summer games from Rio de Janeiro or to delay them, saying they are concerned about the virus’ potential impact on global health.

“The Brazilian strain of Zika virus harms health in ways that science has not observed before,” they wrote. “An unnecessary risk is posed when 500,000 foreign tourists from all countries attend the Games, potentially acquire that strain, and return home to places where it can become endemic. Should that happen to poor, as-yet unaffected places (e.g., most of South Asia and Africa) the suffering can be great. It is unethical to run the risk, just for Games that could proceed anyway, if postponed and/or moved.”

The letter listed seven key causes for concern, including Rio’s unsuccessful mosquito-killing program (Zika is spread by mosquitoes and by sexual intercourse) and a local health system that’s “so severely weakened as to make a last-minute push against Zika impossible.”

The Rio Olympics is scheduled to run August 5 to 21, and more than 500,000 foreign tourists are expected to attend the games.

Earlier this month, the WHO issued a statement warning Rio visitors about the Zika virus and encouraging them to follow protocol, such as protecting themselves from mosquito bites, practicing safer sex and staying in air-conditioned accommodations. The statement stopped short, however, of discouraging people from attendingor advising the Olympic Committee to rethink the event.




4 thoughts on “Tick…Tick…Tick…Zika makes Olympics too dangerous to hold now in Rio, scientists tell UN

  1. Far worse than any made up zika virus is the explosive infestation of poor punctuation/grammar cropping up everywhere in the scribblings of those attempting to use the English language. Specifically, I refer to the most annoying misuse of the apostrophe, thereby changing a word to its possessive form, when a simple plural form using ONLY an “s” (not and apostrophe plus “s”) is appropriate.


    1. He GSB,
      I’m not an English major and if you, and so many other anal Englishites get so hung up on language, you must LOL at texting, sexting, and general LMAO…doesn’t that make you just crazY>?? Gee, baby and bathwater, which do u wish 2 fcus on???

      Can you please attack the anal English-ites who cannot even correct the terms “Sunrise and Sunset” in the heliohead model…oh, and while your at it get rid of the word “HELL-O” and “Howyadoin'”

      And then go after Roman Latin Law, where what we think a word means has nothing whatsoever to do with what it means in copyrighted, “legalese”

      Then go after the black community, hispanics, etc. for their “Spanglish”, and “Eubonics” …

      Geez dude, get a life and focus on what is important. this goes for all Anal Englishites…who pick the lowest hanging fruit instead of focusing on what is really important.


      1. On one hand you’re right – if you are able to be understood there’s not much reason to complain about typos, slang, word play, abbreviations, acronyms, etc.

        However, if you want to address serious subjects – VERY serious subjects like the ones covered at this blog, then you can’t really be taken very seriously if you use kiddie language and don’t take the time to write and proofread things properly.

        Wood U taik a sigh ence payper srsly if it wiz wruten liek dis?

        Or wood U hahaha LOL and LYFAO?


      2. taken seriously = correct Grammar, or else…especially if the topic is important and BIG! WTF? Do you even listen to your own sense of reason?
        it’s da baby, not the bathwater…get it?? Even deaf people have something to say, do you discount them, because of their impairment? thought so.


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