Australia, U.S. Financially Penalize Citizens Refusing Vaccines

this won’t end until the Empire is brought down completely and totally.

Australia, U.S. Financially Penalize Citizens Refusing Vaccines

The war on informed consent rights is getting more intense, with alarming new threats to our freedom to make vaccine choices popping up worldwide. We can’t help but ask ourselves, what kind of societal sanctions can possibly be suggested next that will trample on our human and parental rights?

Well, mates, look no further than Australia, where the government is dipping into citizens’ wallets to penalize parents when they opt their children out of one or more doses of government mandated vaccines.

News from Down Under: No Jab, No Pay

Under the Public Health and Wellbeing law, effective January 2016, Australians who fail to vaccinate their child will lose the $7,500 annual childcare rebate, $200+ weekly childcare benefit and the $726 Family Tax Benefit Part A end-of-year supplement. Total welfare amounts vary according to family economic circumstances.

The Australian government also narrowed allowable vaccine exemptions. The only exceptions will be for approved medical reasons.  The government will no longer allow exemptions for personal, philosophical or religious beliefs.


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