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Mandatory Euthanasia Coming Soon to California for Donor Harvesting Profits

In immunology, organ harvesting is a surgical procedure that removes organs or tissues for reuse, such as in organ transplantation. It is mired in ethical debate and heavily regulated, but has largely become an accepted medical practice.


Mandatory euthanasia coming soon to California so that medical industry can harvest organs from everyone right before killing them

(NaturalNews) In medical systems around the world, the hunt for viable, transplantable organs is on. The knowledgeable Jan Bollen of the Maastricht University Medical Centre points this out in two separate papers published this year in the American Journal of Transplantation and in the Journal of Medical Ethics. He suggested that the more “normalized” euthanasia becomes, the more the boundaries will be pushed for expediting organ harvesting.

In Belgium, euthanasia rates have skyrocketed since it became legal in 2002. More and more people complying to be euthanized are opting to have their organs donated. Doctors are beginning to pressure patients into euthanasia, requesting that their viable organs be donated. Family members may pressure a loved one to follow through with euthanasia if their quality of life is determined to never be the same.

Bollen writes about the worrisome state of euthanasia today and how the hunt for viable organs is pressuring patients to end their lives: “The patient needs to be hospitalised when the physician administers the euthanasia drugs, facilitating optimal organ recovery and optimising transplantation success of these organs.

“The patient’s relatives are informed that they should say goodbye to their beloved person before the euthanasia drugs are being administered, since the time between death and organ donation should be minimised.

“More important, after the physician has determined death, the [profitable] patient has to be transported to the operating room immediately.” [emphasis added]Medical industry to begin harvesting organs from living patients’ right before killing them?

As medical systems expedite the process of organ harvesting to make better use of all the working parts of euthanized patient’s, there is a possibility that surgeons may begin harvesting organs from patients right before they kill them. Doctors have a set amount of time before the organs are no longer viable. Hearts and lungs are the most vulnerable. By harvesting them before the person is killed, they would have more time to save organs for immediate transplant. Jan Bollen brings up the morbid possibility of this in his most recent papers.

The process would likely begin with anaesthetizing the patient and then removing their organs, one by bone, while they are still alive, until the heart is removed. At that point, the person would be pronounced dead. Using this macabre procedure, hospital systems could transplant more hearts and lungs to dying patients waiting for a transplant.


Heavy Spraying Continues 24/7 in CA and Beyond

Something Very Big is going on in the skies above us with Geonegineering now.  The spraying in N. CA, as well as reports from around the world, are showing heavy, heavy spraying and resulting respiratory & stomach flu symptoms (headache, diarrhea, naueau, etc.).

Thanks for helping get the word out and sounding the alarm to awaken, alert and educate the sleeping sheeples.

From a Facebook chemtrail activist
“For my friends. PROOF. Air Force study. Exposing alveolar Macrophages (white blood cells in lungs) to aluminum nanoparticles (like those sprayed in chemtrails every day overhead). Shows REDUCED ABILITY OF CELLS TO FUNCTION. What does this mean to you? It means you get PNEUMONIA, BRONCHITIS and every other opportunistic infection that would normally be stopped IMMEDIATELY when you breathed it in by your HEALTHY WHITE BLOOD CELLS in your lungs. That’s right. Instead of killing those germs as soon as you breathe them in, your white blood cells don’t work as well, and the bad germs beat your first line of defense, and YOU GET SICK and sometimes die. This is why so many of us normally YOUNG AND HEALTHY people are getting so many LONG LASTING LUNG ISSUES. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!! These are 5 pages of the 10 page study results. My PDF to JPG converter made a mess of it, so hard to read. Google THIS TERM to see the original: Air Force Research Laboratory
In Vitro Toxicity of Aluminum Nanoparticles
in Rat Alveolar Macrophages”
This is dated 2006


Former Air Force Officer Warns Of Atmospheric Spraying And The Coming Collapse

The essay below was penned for by a former USAF communications officer, Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. Though I have no means of conclusively confirming the information presented by Randall, available date does generally confirm his estimations and conclusions. The essay does not address the implosion of the climate system, methane release, or the horrific impact of climate engineering on the above mentioned factors. This being said, the content of the essay is important, especially when the source is appropriately considered. My most sincere gratitude to Col. Randall Smith for this important input and perspective on the immediate horizon that we face.

It’s not lookin’ good for the home team, crab, salmon, trout, etc…and now Kelp…Gone!  from Santa Rosa Press Democrat, front page header two days ago…already cancelled crab season for the entire West Coast….

Collapse of kelp forest imperils North Coast ocean ecosystem

Large tracts of kelp forest that once blanketed the sea off the North Coast have vanished over the past two years, a startling transformation that scientists say stems from rapid ecological change and has potentially far-reaching impacts, including on several valuable fisheries.

The unprecedented collapse has been observed along hundreds of miles of coastline from San Francisco to Oregon. The region’s once-lush stands of bull kelp, a large brown alga that provides food and habitat for a host of wildlife species, have been devoured by small, voracious purple urchins. In the most-affected areas, denuded kelp stalks are almost all that remains of plant life.

Scientists have described the landscape left behind as an “urchin barren.” Other factors, including warmer water, also are to blame, they say.

 “It’s no longer a kelp forest,” said Cynthia Catton, an environmental scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, stationed in Bodega Bay.

Laura Rogers-Bennett, another Bodega Bay scientist, said it is as if whole terrestrial forests were disappearing, only in this case they are underwater and out of sight.

“A lot fewer people swim through the kelp forest,” she said. “But if they do right now, they‘re going to really see that there are huge changes that have taken place in the last year and a half or so.”

The discovery has taken shape as California scientists and policy makers are raising a broader alarm over the ebbing health of ocean waters, pointing to their increasing warmth, acidity and other conditions that have affected wildlife and the fishing industry.

The state’s commercial Dungeness crab fleet has endured a disastrous year, with fishermen forced to sit out the most lucrative months of their season over health concerns presented by a naturally occurring neurotoxin. Its prolonged presence in the sought-after crustaceans, which account for California’s single- most valuable ocean fishery, at more than $60 million, was tied to the same warm-water conditions impacting kelp beds.

The extended drought, meanwhile, has contributed to a grim forecast for the upcoming commercial salmon catch — the second-most valuable fishery, worth more than $12 million two years ago. The projection has salmon fishermen from Eureka to Morro Bay bracing for their second consecutive meager year.

The kelp collapse may only add to the woes for some.



Heads Up! 4/19 Day of Ritual Sacrifice

You MUST ask yourself why, why would they be doing this??


The Temple of Baal in Palmyra (before destruction).

Replicas of the Temple of Baal to Be Unveiled in New York and London on an Important Occult Date 4/19

On April 19th 2016, which happens to be the occult day of “Blood Sacrifice to Baal”, replicas of the Temple of Baal will be unveiled in New York and London. 

Update: Reports claim that the New York event has been cancelled and that London will instead be erecting the Arch of Triumph of Palmyra. Still awaiting official confirmation.

Reproductions of the 50-foot arch that formed the entrance of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra Syria will be installed in Times Squares, New York and Trafalgar Square, London on April 19th. The ruins of the original structure were destroyed by ISIS last year.

The Temple of Baal in Palmyra (before destruction).

“The temple has been systematically razed, with the 50-foot-tall arch among the few remaining elements of the building still standing. The temple, dedicated in 32 A.D. to the Mesopotamian god Bel, attracted 150,000 tourists per year until 2011, when the civil war in Syria began.
The full-scale replicas, now under construction in China, will stand in London’s Trafalgar Square and New York’s Times Square during World Heritage Week in April 2016.

The project comes after researchers from the Institute for Digital Archeology — an effort by Harvard University, Oxford University in Britain and Dubai’s Museum of the Future — embarked on a “Million Image Project” to obtain 3D photographic data to reconstruct the arch digitally. The full-scale models are being recreated with the world’s largest 3D printer, and made of stone powder and lightweight composite materials. The structures will be temporary.

They are meant to show defiance of IS attempts to erase the Middle East’s pre-Islamic history and to demonstrate how new technology can be used in archeology.”
– UPI, Palmyra, Syria, arch threatened by Islamic State to be recreated in London, NYC

Despite courageous claims of “defiance” versus ISIS and near-sob-stories about the emotional meaning of the temple for locals printed in mass media, there is much more at stake here. ISIS also destroyed the ancient cities of Nimud and Hatra in Iraq, the Shagraf shrine and the St. Elian monastery in Homs – but it is the Temple of Baal that is being honored, in the two most significant “power points” of the world today. Why? Because Baal is an important figure in the occult elite’s mythology. And he is celebrated on one specific, violent day.

Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Off Accelerating Rapidly in New Report

The faster the Arctic melts, the faster the Methane pools in the tundra get released into the atmosphere.  Once airborne the full effects are not felt for 1 1/2 to 2 years before full greenhouse deployment worldwide.

Methane gases are 100X + more toxic to all than C02 in the first 10 years.

The Arctic gyre circulates all weather for the world.  time is getting much shorter for all sentient life.  No other way to say it, truth be told.

Forecast Image

Scientists stunned as Greenland ice melt smashes record

A team of Danish scientists monitoring the weather in the Arctic, particularly around Greenland, has made a startling discovery. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, the massive ice sheet on the surface of Greenland is melting faster than it was at the same point during any prior year.

Even though it’s just April, researchers report that almost 12 percent of the Greenland ice sheet is coated with a least 1 millimeter of meltwater. The Danish Meteorological Institute stated that the last three earliest dates for reaching this milestone have all been in May.

It seems like broken ice melt records are becoming increasingly common these days. The ice sheet on Greenland lost a historic 562 gigatons (a gigaton is equal to one billion tons) of freshwater to the ocean. This amounted to an average global sea level rise of a millimeter in that year alone.

Heads UP! Chemtrail Flu Going Viral Worldwide; Aerosol Spraying Vaccines Now!!!

All around our area children and adults are coming down with severe respiratory illness’ over the past two weeks.

In our area of Northern California, our school is reporting many children being sick.  Additionally, Dane Wiggington at is getting reports of flu like symptoms worldwide.

We ARE being sprayed like insects and lab rights.  Send this around. Speak out. Be Heard. ACT!

The Geoengineering Escalation Of 2016: Accounts Of “Chemtrail Flu” Rise

Have you been feeling ill lately? Perhaps you feel mentally foggy, feverish, congested, or weak in the heart? Are you experiencing itchy skin?

If so, you might want to carefully monitor your onset of symptoms, and see if they immediately follow aerosol spraying in the sky.

It’s hard to believe, but this is happening: people all over the United States have been reporting a blatant, easily observable escalation of geoengineering/chemtrail activity in the past 3 months, often followed by flu-like symptoms. I’m going to call this the “Geoengineering Escalation of 2016.”

If you’re not familiar with chemtrails/geoengineering, you might want to research the well documented and easily verifiable history of the US government experimenting on citizens with biological creations, often sprayed out of airplanes: from the 1966 San Francisco spraying of bacteria on unsuspecting civilians, to the 1955 “Operation Drop Kick,” which released infected mosquitoes on poor African American populations in Georgia and Florida without their knowledge or consent. A comprehensive timeline of experiments on US citizens can be found here.

For the geoengineering aspect of “chemtrails,” widely considered to be the more prevalent application of aerosol technology, you could watch Dane Wigington and his team of experts at Shasta County town hall, or this 2005 documentary entitled Aerosol Crimes, or the wildly popular What in the World Are They Spraying documentary, or Peter A. Kirby’s comprehensive history of geoengineering, either in audio form or article form.


Foods to Purge Heavy Metal Toxins

Help Get Heavy Metals Out of Your Garden Soil



NASA Confesses To Dosing Americans With Air-Borne Lithium & Aerosol Vaccinations

There’s the official explanation for why NASA is spraying lithium, a pharmaceutical drug most often used to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder, into our ionosphere, and then there is the probable reason(s). It would be easier to accept NASA’s official explanation if they were not so secretive about everything they study and do in space – but one thing is for certain – NASA’s own personnel have admitted that lithium, along with other chemicals, are intentionally being placed into our environment regularly. It is possible that many of NASA’s own employees aren’t even aware of the true motivations for carrying out such a project, ironically displaying the very behaviors that these chemicals/pharmaceuticals are meant to instill.

NASA Confesses To Dosing Americans With Air-Borne Lithium & Aerosol Vaccinations

In the first bomb-shell video a NASA employee ( admits that lithium is being sprayed in the atmosphere, and says that it is “harmless to the environment.”

Feasibility of Aerosol Vaccinations in Humans

Pub Med abstract

Send to:
Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2003 Mar;112(3):264-70.
Feasibility of aerosol vaccination in humans.
Roth Y1, Chapnik JS, Cole P.
Author information

The feasibility of using aerosol vaccines to achieve mass and rapid immunization, especially in developing countries and disaster areas, is being assessed on the basis of current available information. The aerosol mode of vaccine introduction, which best follows the natural route of many infections, may first lead to development of immunity at the portal of entry, and may also induce a more generalized defense. The recommended optimal way of introducing an aerosol vaccine is nasal breathing, which is more suitable for geriatric and pediatric populations, permits use of greater antigen volumes, and allows easier monitoring of results. Technical requirements for ideal aerosol vaccines and delivery systems, possible adverse effects, and cost-effectiveness are other issues addressed. Several thousand human subjects have been aerosol-vaccinated over a period of many years in Russia with live-attenuated strains against many diseases. Extensive field trials in South America with aerosolized live-attenuated measles vaccine have also been successful, and excellent results have been reported with pilot projects employing inactivated or live-attenuated aerosol influenza A vaccine. We conclude that aerosol immunization seems a promising method of vaccination. Although some basic information is still lacking, this method has already been used successfully in large populations and has therefore passed the phase of initial feasibility evaluation.
PMID: 12656420 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


Another discussion of aerosolized vaccinations can be found in The New England Journal of Medicine. A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Aerosolized Vaccines Against Measles states that these vaccines were tested on children in India that were as young 9 months old. The World Health Organization has been researching aerosol vaccines for years now, as have “philanthropic” agencies which have clear aims to sterilize the population. It is also worth noting that the pharmaceutical industry has been absolved from any legal responsibility for medicating the masses since they were awarded legal protection from all lawsuits by Congress in 1986. This law was challenged, but upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011. Many powerful agencies are making sure that we “take our medicine.”



See Also Very Important Article

Climate Engineering And Climate Reality

CAN U Believe This B.S.???


…and most will not even question what they are seeing or what is being told sold to the ignorant, unthinking, accept whatever Nasaholes, private/public (our money spent) present.

We are to believe that a huge rocket, bigger than the ship itself, LANDED perfectly on the deck, straight up and erect, with a missle shaped like a ….

  Yea Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!  What a huge cock (pun) of b.s…and no one questions, all accept this as reality. If you still believe in NASA, corpsortions and those that promote this nonsense, you are completely, and successfully, fully mind controlled, there is no other way to say it.

How can a ship even load such a huge rocket bigger than a ship?

How can it launch without sinking the ship?

It’s not taking off, it’s LANDING?  WTF??? Seriously!