Why Monsanto’s 25% Fall in Profits is Not Good News at All

Monsanto Profit Falls 25% As Farmers Continue To Cut Back On Spending

The general public is lead to believe that Monsanto, along with Pioneer Hybrid, et. al, are the evil empire of food that causes illness to the many and must be stopped.

They could not be more mislead, as per usual.

What you see, hear and read about in the right hand is not what is critical to understand with the hidden, unknown left hand of the great deceptive practices of Big Marketing (mind control)

Please understand that you never hear about marketing companies. Why? Because it is all about mass mind control technologies.  For decades and decades and decades (see MKULTRA), billions and billions have been spent each and every year to study the space behind your eyes and between your ears. What do you think they have learned about how to  manipulate and control human behavior over such a long period of time.

(‘make them think that what they are doing is free will, but in reality they do exactly what we want them to do, say and act, truth be told.  baaaaaaaaa”)

 What most, if not all, do not realize, or are aware, that Agricultural commodity prices are falling not due to demand, but due to the abilities of Nano Technology, and their self replicating nano bots, to produce synthetic food in the labs much more cheaply.

With nano technology that can fool your taste buds to like something artificial, to extended life on food products, to the complete gene altering of foods, at much lower production costs than farmers can produce we are at the intersection of Orwell meets Brave New World.

The other very, very important point to note is that their is ZERO, as in NO, regulatory overstite on how ingrained (pun intended) nano technology is in our everyday consumption of not only conventional, but organic foods where the FDA and USDA have taken public stances of solely the “Advisory” kind.

Additionally, we cannot even get our food companies to label their foods with what is being done to them. Nanotechnology is a $1 Trillion + business, and has been in over 800 products since the year 2000!!!

Please share with all, we need to step up awareness or the Synthetic Human will/has become in all with completely unknown consequences to our future health and well being.  Only by growing your own food, or partnering with a local organic farmer can you be sure you are not being contaminated with Nanobot Foods.

Please understand that the invasive technology today is not seen, but inhaled through smart dust delivered from our skies to nanoengineered biofoods delivered orally. That is their transhuman agenda, along with getting all to be so self Narcissistic with “Selfies” and “Facebook” and “My Space” and being Twits (as in Tweets, like your a bird?). they got us focused on only ourselves, head down, tap, tap, tap while our lives are being destroyed by Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Nanotech and Big Brother.

What a friggin’ sick, sick world we live in today, what will it be for our children if we don’t change, post haste!?!

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