Do You Have “Vaccine Hesitancy?”

Forced Mandatory Vaccinations for all is very near.   You have a right to say what goes in your body and Big Brother is going to take that away or you can not fly, cannot go to any Federal buildings or interact with the general public.   This is getting very, very serious folks.

Do You Have “Vaccine Hesitancy?”

The World Health Organization (WHO) is very concerned about the problem of “vaccine hesitancy,” which they say is threatening the effectiveness of their worldwide vaccination program. In short, some parents are not automatically allowing their babies to be vaccinated even though such services are available. They are pausing, thinking, and in many cases walking away with their babies in their arms, and leaving the vaccine filled hypodermic syringes to be used for someone else. Adults also are not responding to calls for receiving vaccines even when they are free.

As always, WHO is on the quest for 100% compliance with all vaccine schedules, and is warning the world that vaccine hesitancy is causing unnecessary illness and death. They believe that 1.5 million children die each year from causes that could be prevented by vaccines. [1, 2]

The WHO press release dated August 18, 2015 stated:

Vaccines can only improve health and prevent deaths if they are used, and immunization programs must be able to achieve and sustain high vaccine uptake rates. Vaccine hesitancy is an increasingly important issue for country immunization programs. [3]

The WHO press release further states:

There is no “magic bullet,” or single intervention strategy that works for all instances of vaccine hesitancy. The magnitude and setting of the problem varies and must be diagnosed for each instance to develop tailored strategies to improve vaccine acceptance. [4] [Emphasis added.]

WHO is working to build an image in the minds of the public that vaccine hesitancy is a condition that requires diagnosis. It is much like a disease or mental illness, which they intend to treat through various mind control strategies.

Of course they don’t use words such as manipulation and mind control – they only use politically correct and friendly sounding words to describe their plans. WHO planning documents are always speaking about promoting the good of humanity, correcting the plight of the poor, resolving the unequal and harmful treatment of women and girls, and protecting the environment from human destruction. They are the big brother that will help us all live in a utopia of their design and creation.

WHO would never tell us that “we are going to badger you until you change your mind about accepting vaccinations.” Instead they say, “Effective communication is key to dispelling fears, addressing concerns and promoting acceptance of vaccination.” [5] The result is still the same; they are following a deliberate plan to eliminate opposition to vaccination.

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