4 thoughts on “Rockefeller Planned 9/11 Decades in Advance

    1. there not elections but selections. Always have been. Secret societies, jesuits and all.

      you got to charge the ELECTRIC/ELECTIONS by going to the Poll/Pole and Vote/Volt in the Candid/date (Candid meaning “white glory”. This is also why credit cards are ‘charged’.

      Hilary is the next as the “Whore that rides the Beast” in Book of Revelations 17:4…unless the decide to not have Emperor Obombyall to not abdicate due to “an unforeseen event” which causes the entire country to be held under already in place martial law.

      All Presidents have the same bloodline.

      All Presidents are sociopaths and prey on the young and the defenseless, that is how power can be held over them, ugly, sad but truth be told.
      Part I; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and U.S. Presidents


  1. Exaggerating the illusion of control? Maybe so. But she lost me when she said no planes hit the building and used a painting of Jesus as evidence.


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