Trump in Epstien’s Pedophile Little Black Book

Why is Donald Trump’s Name in Pedophile Epstein’s Little Black Book?

If not, then how else can we explain the fact that Donald Trump’s name turned up in the little black book of Jeffrey Epstein when the story broke over a year ago? As I covered in the January 2015 article What do Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton Have in Common?, Epstein is a billionaire pedophile who operated pedophile parties (sex orgies) for the rich and famous members of the New World Order, including Prince Andrew (of the corrupt British royal family), Alan Dershowitz (ardent defender of genocidal Zionism) and Bill Clinton (career criminal alongside his wife Hillary Clinton). Epstein reportedly had 21 phone numbers for Bill Clinton. If Trump is not a pedophile, and there is no connection between Trump and pedophilia, then why would his name just happen to be in the Epstein’s book of pedophiles?

Trump and Pedophilia: What’s the Real Deal?

Trump is a mixed bag, but shows signs of being a tyrant if he were to get his hands on the presidential throne. He has called for a ban on all Muslims entering the US, a complete shutdown of the internet, calls to kill the families of terrorists and calls to escalate torture (although he has since backed down from the torture call). Trump is all about getting the best deal, but the public needs to know what the real deal is with Trump and pedophilia. According to this article on Anti Media, when Trump was asked about the connection, his spokesman told Gawker that Mr. Trump only knew Mr. Epstein as Mr. Trump owns the hottest and most luxurious club in Palm Beach, and Mr. Epstein would go there on occasion.” How funny – only a real businessman could turn the negative connotation of being associated and/or implicated with pedophilia into an opportunity to market himself!

So what are the chances that Trump was or is actually a participant in Epstein’s pedophile ring, or in the broader pedophilic network which underpins the Satanic New World Order? At this stage, there is not enough evidence to say, but it is highly suspicious. Epstein’s book also contained many other names, including many famous politicians, actors/actresses and business kingpins:

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5 thoughts on “Trump in Epstien’s Pedophile Little Black Book

  1. Have you stopped to take a look at Trump’s wives? Super models, all of them. They guy obviously likes attractive women and has no trouble finding them. I seriously doubt he bothers with pedophilia because he has more than he can handle at home, and even if he had such a predilection he’s too smart to succumb to something so dangerous. The mere fact that the quisling ziocon infiltrators are so against Trump should be his primary appeal. That alone is a wondrous thing.


    1. The latest Meme for the masses to spend copious amounts of time and energy discussing the merits of someone who is just a figure head for the real powers of evil. Unflipping real. Do you seriously believe this guy, a Jesuit, or Bilary, a Jesuit, or any other will “make it all better” so we can go on with our lifestyles? All are there to enslave the masses. WE are dogs to them. WE are fodder. We are “useless eaters”. Please wake up. We must end the centuries of Tyranny. Please read “Jesuits Rulers of Evil” links to get up to speed, then lets talk about Trump.
      Trump/Ted Cruz Ticket; Illuminati and Jesuits
      It’s a Selection Not an Election; It’s All Theater of the Absurd Ad Naseum


  2. You miss the point. Of course, Trump will make little difference even if he is the real thing. Why? Because the system is in control. But they remain in control because the illusion of democracy is maintained, therefore, if Trump can muster enough grassroots support he just might be able to overwhelm the rigging process. Now, Trump the man is not an attractive figure. He’s a narcissist, of course. But the fact that the “elite” establishment, and especially the ziocons, hate him so does give one a bit of hope that the folks may be awakening just a bit. The more these parasites publicly denounce Trump the more strength he seems to gather, which is a positive sign for humanity. In a world where just about everyone is completely brainwashed I’ll take whatever I can get in terms of progress against the “elites.” These same forces have been herding the sheep for at least 5000 years so nobody knows how to manage us more effectively than they do. Often they will take a step back when necessary. This may be one of those times. Trump does appear to be real to me. And, my friend, I am just as awake as you are. Trump is far, far, far from ideal but I do not believe he is a member of the secret society. And that’s why they hate and fear him, because he’s not completely controllable. It’s a baby step, but it would be the first time in forever? that a non-member held the office. Trump is not a Jesuit. Your assertions there are tenuous at best. He may pay some kind of fealty to “the church” out of misguided respect but he’s nominally a Presbyterian. A president Trump will be able to change very little, but all the others are so far up the collective anus of the “elite” that anyone who disses Trump is simply not awake enough to realize he’s the only pragmatic choice.


    1. Really!?!
      Did you open the link with Cruz and Trump giving the Freemason handshake?
      Keep sleeping, it will all be okay soon with free lodging at the FEMA camp near you.

      Trump Promise To Expand Police State, Tells Audience To Extend Right Hand Like Nazi Salute To ‘Pledge Allegience’ To Him.


  3. C’mon, man. That’s NOT a Freemason handshake which requires the thumb to rest awkardly on first of the three segments of the finger just beyond the first knuckle, not in the standard form as shown. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I could be wrong. But, my friend, I am fully awake and have been since 2006. I don’t live in the US so no FEMA camp for me. And I won’t be voting because I’m not registered and never will. I’m just saying Trump is not “one of them” even though he made his money off their system, and he is the only hope of slowing down the process of total enslavement. The people need more time to figure out what is happening. The only hope is that the “elites” are forced to take a step back and then during that time enough people wake up to effect real change. Honestly, I doubt that will happen, but the probability is not zero in my opinion.


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