Chipolte Restaurant Attacked for Going Non-GMO???

“Our perception of who we believe is in power makes all the difference. To the extent we believe the president and world’s political leaders are in power (or those secretly controlling them), we are then at their mercy. If, however, we know that the real power lies deep within each one of us, then we become unstoppable co-creators of the world in which we live.”  ~~  Fred Burks

They won’t even tell us what is in our foods and Bionengineered NanoFoods is so far off everyone’s radar that most don’t even know it has been in our foods since 2000. (see below). They do not want us healthy but sickly and in need of medical attention from cradle to grave.  It’s that simple.  Congress is even set to make it illegal to disclose GMO’s in our foods. All you that vote, please take note what your “representatives” that you can never see, never talk to, and never, ever know your POV is doing to our children to keep them sickly.

Federal investigation underway for Chipotle sabotage

You may remember that last year Chipotle was the first restaurant chain to announce that it would phase out the use of genetically modified foods, also known as “G.M.O.’s”. Shortly thereafter, and quite mysteriously, an E. coli outbreak was reported, across fourteen states, from Washington to Pennsylvania, and only in Chipotle restaurants. According the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (C.D.C.), the odds of an E. coli outbreak crossing a single state line is only three percent, as restaurants generally buy their produce and meat regionally for freshness. The likelihood of an E. coli outbreak crossing fourteen state lines, coast to coast, is probably a small fraction of one percent. Additionally, as many restaurant chains use produce and meat from the same sources, it is probably a fraction of a fraction of one percent that such a nationwide E. coli outbreak would only affect one restaurant and not any others.

After six months of thorough investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.), the C.D.C., fourteen state and local Health Departments, as well as scientists hired by Chipotle themselves, all have independently concluded that there is not a single traceable source of E. coli from any Chipotle restaurant, in any food ingredient, preparatory surface, or piece of equipment. Literally thousands of individual tests were conducted on the all the foods, on all the kitchen surfaces, and on all the appliances at the suspect Chipotles, and no trace whatsoever of E. coli was found in any restaurant or food ingredient. The C.D.C. being unable to trace the source of a restaurant’s food poisoning, after thousands of tests and half a year of effort, has never happened before in the entire history of the organization.

Monsanto Is Suing California For Telling People The Truth About Its Chemicals

Millions For GMO Propaganda: The Amount Of Money Spent To Keep You In The DARK Will Astound You

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