Countdown To Humanity’s Extinction Set by Geoengineers

Do you want to know how some of the most knowledgeable scientists think how much time we have left on Earth before it becomes uninhabitable due to weather manipulation, world warming and biofeedback loops?  Here is the ugly, sad truth.

Science is in desperation mode to “fix” the problem they largely helped create with over 40 years of spraying our skies with sick chemicals.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT MATTER of our TIMES, with what time we have left.

Speak out. Be Heard. Act.



The Non-Disclosed Extreme Arctic Methane Threat

(these estimates, penned in 2014,  are now considered too far out and have been revised to an earlier extinction rate by a few years, fyi. In actuality, we have less than a decade or two at best if current trends continually accelerate as they are.  Please also note that current Geoengineering practices are not discussed in any way)

The lowest range extinction date of 2042.2 is 2.6 years later than to the previous best estimate for the extinction of 3/4 of the Earth’s surface (2039.6) using aerial growth and methane GWP methods (Light, 2012 Figure 3) and is close to Carana’s (2012) best estimate from runaway global warming (Figure 4). The mean time of extinction of the Northern Hemisphere was previously fixed between 2024 and 2039 (Light, 2012). The best estimate of final extinction (2050.6) is 3 years later than the mean estimate for the Southern Hemisphere of 2047.6 (Range 2038 to 2057)(Figure 3). Carana and Light’s extinction estimates are more than an order more accurate than the 50 year error that has been determined between International global atmospheric modelling estimates of and the actual rate of Arctic floating ice cap decline (see Figure 5,, 2012).
The newly determined atmospheric temperature gradient indicates that the mean global atmospheric temperature will reach 1.5oC in 15 years (2028.5) and 2oC in 20 years (2033.4). Consequently we only have 15 years to get an efficient methane destruction radio – laser system designed, tested and installed (Lucy and Alamo (HAARP) Projects, Figure 7) before the accelerating methane eruptions take us into uncontrollable runaway global warming. This will give a leeway of 5 years before the critical 2oC temperature anomaly will have been exceeded and we will be looking at catastrophic storm systems, a fast rate of sea level rise and coastal zone flooding with its extremely deleterious effects on world populations and global stability (ICCP, 2013).
…The Lucy and Alamo (HAARP) projects were designed to break down atmospheric methane using radio – laser transmissions (Light and Carana 2013). In a new modified version of the Lucy Project, hydroxyls will be generated by a polarized 13.56 MHZ beam intersecting the sea surface over the region where a massive methane torch (plume) is entering the atmosphere so that the additional hydroxl will react with the rising methane breaking a large part of it down. The polarized 13.56 MHZ radio waves will decompose atmospheric humidity, mist, fog, ocean spray, and the surface of the waves themselves in the Arctic Ocean into nascent hydrogen and hydroxyl (Figure 6).
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2 thoughts on “Countdown To Humanity’s Extinction Set by Geoengineers

  1. Balloon data show no warming of the earth’s atmosphere in 58 years. It’s all a fraud to push the Marxist wealth redistribution plan.


    1. …and that Alaska had to import snow for the Iditarod race, first time ever with Alaska reporting temps 20-40 degrees above normal
      …And the next President (Jesuit or Jesuit?) will make it all better.
      ..and the Earth is a round spinning ball because science tells us so
      ….and mass fish die off in the Pacific Ocean is a hoax (though crab season has been cancelled)
      …and Trillions in massive debt will magically disappear because you want it too
      …and the aborted female stem cells, aluminum, formaldehyde, chicken embryo’s used in vaccines is good for you
      ….and there really is a Santa Claus and Tooth fairy
      …and war is peace
      …slavery is freedom
      … your thoughts are your own
      …and your governmemnt really, really cares about you


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