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R.I.P. Cash 2016 Pt. IV; Japan Going Bitcoin?; A Goldman Sachs Creation

And Now….Japan. As you can easily see this is a well coordinated, months long effort to prepare the public for a cashless society where only electronics and plastic, controlled by the NWO, rids itself of any obligation to be accountable for the true value of currency.  When electronic means is our only value system there is no default position to protect your liquid assets, except precious metals, solar panels, food growing, self sufficient, self reliant living, etc..

The World is in massive debt. The only way out is to crash the monetary system. This is what the NWO is doing folks. It’s a very, very big deal.

Japan considers treating Bitcoins as real money

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Goldman a Lead Investor in Funding Round for Bitcoin Startup Circle

JP MORGAN/CHASE Stops accepting CASH as payment for credit cards, mortgages; forbids customers from storing cash in Safety Deposit Boxes!

The Cashless Society Cometh ~ No Wait it’s Here!


And Now….Justice Scalia Spent Final Hours With Members Of Secret Society Affiliated With Bohemian Grove


According to the Washington Post, Scalia spent his final moments with members of a secret society which has ties to the Bohemian Grove. The group is called the International Order of St. Hubertus, and they are an Austrian secret society that dates back to the 1600s.

The Post pointed to public records which show that Scalia was at the ranch with a number of men that he was connected to through the International Order of St. Hubertus. Scalia had met with these same men on numerous other occasions, and once at this specific ranch.

The Post reports:

“Members of the worldwide, male-only society wear dark-green robes emblazoned with a large cross and the motto “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,” which means “Honoring God by honoring His creatures,” according to the group’s website. Some hold titles, such as Grand Master, Prior and Knight Grand Officer. The Order’s name is in honor of Hubert, the patron saint of hunters and fishermen.”

Cibolo Creek Ranch owner John Poindexter admitted in an email that members of the group were, in fact, at the ranch at the time of Scalia’s death, but he claims not to be aware of any connection between the two. (yea right!)

“There is nothing I can add to your observation that among my many guests at Cibolo Creek Ranch over the years some members of the International Order of St. Hubertus have been numbered. I am aware of no connection between that organization and Justice Scalia,” Poindexter said.

However, records show that Scalia has met with these men on numerous occasions, so there obviously was a connection.

The group began in Europe hundreds of years ago but opened their US chapters in 1966, during a ceremony at the famous Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which is one of the most elite and secretive places in the country, and is infamous for hosting meetings for secret societies.

The group documents this fact on their website, which says that “George Wood was appointed Grand Prior and founded the American Chapter in 1968. The first Investiture of American Knights took place at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco. The ceremony was presided over by then Grand Master Karl Messany.”

While the group claims to be a humble organization for hunting enthusiasts, the creepy costumes and rituals, along with the Bohemian Grove connection has certainly caught the attention of many people who are following the case.

Interview with TABU

Here is a fun, stimulating cutting edge discussion on world events regarding mind control, DARPA, HAARP, Geoengineering, Black Goo, Touchless Torture, who created our money system and why it is all about the Law of the Seas, controlled by the Vatican and Jesuits. Also, I was joined by Bruce at who provided great background to the history of Archons and Satanic forces that rule our world today.  We also get a little into Flat Earth Theory as well.

School Suspends All Vaccines After Multiple Students Started Collapsing After their Shots

School Suspends All Vaccines After Multiple Students Started Collapsing After their Shots

Please note that “person,” “human being,” “child,” “individual,” and “infant” are all statutory/civil law “terms of art.”  The above definition is very careful not to use the words “man,” “woman,” “boy,” “girl,” “people,” mankind,” “baby,” etc.  Who uses this Legal word play?  The Legal Society does.  All roads lead right back to Rome.


Riding the Zika Fear Porn Train

The Great H1N1 Scare in ’09 and more people died of stupidity that year alone!

The GREAT Ebola Scare ’15 and a total of TWO people died in the U.S. and then nothing

…and now The Great Zika scare which is forecasting mental illness among new born children possibly!

Isn’t it not interesting that Mandatory Obamadoesn’t Care, while taking away many other covered and  paid services, ADDED a mental healthcare policy to plans in ’13!  hmmm and now:

vector icon of train

Are we All Being Forced onto a Passenger Train Named Zika?

Everyday throughout America, dozens of articles appear in major newspapers warning about Zika. I don’t have time to read all the lies and intentionally deceptive propaganda published in these articles, but I do read some of the headlines, which tell a story all in themselves. These articles promote the agenda of various national and international organizations, and the system of Big Pharma that is controlling them.

If we were to read the stories in major papers about Zika and believe them, we would conclude that Zika is an extremely dangerous virus – perhaps one of the most serious threats to our health since the 1918 flu and the polio epidemic in the 1950s. Of course, this is not true. Please see my previous article about Zika for additional information.

Zika: A Real Threat or Another Hoax to Promote Medical Tyranny?

The deception about Zika has recently reached an even higher level of bold-faced lying. An article in the New York Times titled, “Zika May Increase Risk of Mental Illness, Researchers Say,” captured my attention this week, and I had to read it. Actually I read it three times, because I couldn’t believe the lack of evidence for their speculation. I kept thinking I was missing something, which allowed them to draw their conclusions. But I wasn’t — the article is truly just a masterpiece of deceptive propaganda.

The New York Times article stated:

Even infants who appear normal at birth may be at higher risk for mental illnesses later in life if their mothers were infected [with Zika] during pregnancy, many researchers fear.

The Zika virus, they say, closely resembles some infectious agents that have been linked to the development of autism, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

This is a link to the full NYT article: Zika May Increase Risk of Mental Illness, Researchers Say – The New York Times

Why does the NY Times Want Me to Believe This?

Whenever I read propaganda in the mainstream media, I automatically ask: “Why do they want me to believe this? — Why do they want me to believe that pregnant women infected with the Zika virus are likely to produce children who will develop autism, bipolar illness, or schizophrenia?”

I believe the answer is quite simple. It has five parts, which all center on explaining away the truth and believing a common lie. If officials can convince us to believe that Zika causes microcephaly, autism, bipolar illness, and schizophrenia, then they have covered up the true causes of these conditions.

They don’t want us to look at:

These are some of the actual headlines that have appeared in conventional media sources in the last week or so. Most of them appeared in a single 24 hour period.

Commercial test for Zika virus could be available within weeks. USA TODAY

Brazil reports explosion of dengue, a bad omen for spread of Zika virus.

Two US Women Miscarry After Zika Infection, CDC Says. ABC News

Prepare for ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ With Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes. New York Times

What real threat does Zika pose to the Rio Olympics? History has an… CNN

Venezuela says 3 dead from Zika virus complications. CBS News

Zika virus adds to growing list of troubles for Brazil. USA TODAY

Brazil reports explosion of dengue, a bad omen for spread of Zika virus. Washington Post

Colombia: A nation in panic over Zika. BBC News

Zika outbreak: 200000 troops deployed. BBC News

Zika virus likely to blame for Romeoville woman’s miscarriage. Chicago Tribune

TIMELINE-Zika’s origin and global spread. Reuters

CDC: Puerto Rico seeing mounting cases of Zika virus infection. Washington Post

Factbox: Why the Zika virus is causing alarm. Reuters

US scientists travel to Colombia for Zika collaboration. Yahoo News

Fort Collins CDC branch is ‘ground zero’ for Zika virus research. The Coloradoan

Zika Warning Spotlights Latin America’s Fight Against Mosquito-Borne Diseases. The New York Times

FDA Issues Zika Virus Guidelines for Blood Supply. The New York Times

W.H.O. Recommends Contraception in Countries with Zika Virus. The New York Times

[Pope] Francis Says Contraception Can Be Used to Slow Zika. The New York Times

Zika Outbreak Could Be an Omen of the Global Warming Threat. The New York Times

WHO: Zika Vaccines at Least 18 Months Away From Broad Trials. Associated Press


Debt Servitude for Life; Future of Most College Graduates

( ~ ed. Why College?  Even with a degree, no skill, no job opportunities and mass, unforgivable debt, for what? for what? for an education that teaches you nothing of use in your future?)

Student debt is out of control.  Over $1.3 trillion in student debt is floating out in the current economic system.  Most of this debt is saddled firmly on the backs of younger Americans who coincidentally are also entering into a job market with incredibly low wages.  This idea of high tuition with low wages isn’t some made up propaganda to distract you.  This is reality.  The math behind this is all clear cut because inflation has eroded the standard of living of Americans to the point that the middle class is now a minority.  Student debt carries larger implications than merely paying for a college education.  Many younger Americans are unable to buy homes because of the amount of student debt they carry.  Many are also delaying bigger purchases because of the large debt they already carry.  This path is clearly unsustainable.  Just take a look at wage growth and total student debt growth over the last 25 years.

Student debt versus wages

One good way to look at student debt is through the lens of wage growth.  You would hope that student debt was growing at a pace similar to that of wages.  That is not the case.

Here is a chart showing wages and student debt over the last 25 years:



While median wages are up 1.6% median student debt is up a stunning 163.8%.  This is why we are seeing so many young Americans struggling and also why so many are rallying behind the cause of free public higher education. Of course the question as to how this gets paid is yet to be seen.

Over this period of time wage growth is simply not supporting the amount of debt being taken on:

This is not good.  Since 1990 debt has nearly tripled as a share of the typical college graduate’s annual wages meaning it is tougher to service that debt.  Sure rates are low but who does this benefit?  Lower wages merely inflate the underlying asset, in this class a college education on the back of easy financing.

This is a problem.  All you need to look at is rising delinquency rates:

Student debt is now the worst performing debt sector in our entire economy.  This is a big problem and is something that needs to be examined more closely.  Student debt has allowed for a large growth in poor performing schools that merely seek to take in federal funding.  One perfect example is the for-profit institutions.  There are many that have come under fire recently for essentially serving as vectors to siphon off federal loans and leaving students with a worthless piece of paper.

Beyond the for-profits, many schools simply are underperforming for what they are giving to students.  Students continue to take on inordinate levels of debt simply to stay competitive in the current marketplace.

The student debt problem is a big one.  Back in 2004 total student debt stood at $260 billion:

Today it is at $1.3 trillion.  So in a matter of 11 years student debt has grown by more than $1 trillion.  And some will try to argue that we don’t have a debt problem.

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The Pornhub Cares Program???


Pornhub, the world’s largest porn site, is back at it again with their seemingly never-ending attempts to normalize pornography in society.

The massive online porn clip hub announced Thursday that it is offering a $25,000 scholarship to one legal age college student. The applicants for this scholarship need a 3.2 GPA, an essay answering the question, “How do you strive to make others happy?” and five-minute video that “elaborates on the good work you do and anything else you might want to say.”

Pornhub Vice President Corey Price told CNBC that it decided to offer the scholarship in honor of its newly launched charity, Pornhub Cares, after discovering most of its viewers were between the ages of 18 to 25. It saw this as a way to give directly back to the millennial community.

“Pornhub Cares is a compilation of Pornhub’s past, present and future philanthropic initiatives,” Price said. “The Pornhub Cares Scholarship aligns with our trajectory here at Pornhub, which is firmly set on providing happiness and opportunity through the worldwide community we have established. It’s about giving back and providing our fans with life changing experiences/opportunities.”

A GPS Tracker for Kids Had a Bug That Would Let Hackers Stalk Them

Police across America are forcing high school students to take breathalyzers

Lifeloc Technologies, a company with close ties to law enforcement is profiting, from putting their breathalyzers in high schools everywhere. Click here, here & here to find out more. “Lifeloc Technologies is the first breathalyzer manufacturer to introduce a “Made in America” precision fuel cell tester that is also built upon our 25 years of Law Enforcement breath testing experience.”

In order to graduate from high school in Louisiana, students will soon be required to apply for federal financial aid for college.

The state’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved the new graduation prerequisite earlier this month, and the new policy will go into effect beginning with the class of 2018.

The move makes the Pelican State the first in the country to require students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA, in order to receive a high school diploma.

Chart Of The Day: $17 Trillion In Student Debt By 2030

Failure to Pay Student Loans Led to the Arrest of a Texas Man

Google is tracking students as it sells more products to schools, privacy advocates warn

In public classrooms across the country, the corporate name that is fast becoming as common as pencils and erasers is Google. More than half of K-12 laptops or tablets purchased by U.S. schools in the third quarter were Chromebooks, cheap laptops that run Google software. Beyond its famed Web search, the company freely offers word processing and other software to schools. In total, Google programs are used by more than 50 million students and teachers around the world, the company says.


Koch Brothers Supersize Higher Education Spending

A pair of private foundations led by the billionaire industrialists poured more than $23.4 million into U.S. colleges and universities during 2014, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of tax documents recently filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

In some cases, the Koch foundations have attempted, or succeeded, in attaching certain strings to their contributions, such as control over curriculum, and more recently, obtaining personal information about students. Dozens of college officials interviewed this year by the Center for Public Integrity assert that their professors retain full academic freedom and may teach as they see fit, regardless of who is funding their programs.

The vast number of agreements between wealthy donors and the college and universities they fund are never made public, so it’s impossible to comprehensively assess the conditions attached by such benefactors.

There is little to no way, with computers becoming center bases for learning going forward in schools, to fully protect and immunize our children from this perversity and onslaught of amoralities and immoralities.

Pope Francis’ 7 month Pregnant Secretary Found Dead


Baby Francis???

Pregnant Secretary of Pope Francis Found Dead in Her Rome Apartment

February 24th, 2016

Via: The Mirror:

The Pope’s pregnant receptionist has been found dead in her apartment on the outskirts of the city.

Miriam Wuolou, a 34-year-old of Eritrean origin, was seven-months pregnant when her body was discovered.

She had worked at Pope Francis’ home and a priests’ guesthouse called Santa Marta for years.

The Italian press reports she worked as a kind of gatekeeper for the Pontiff, as well as for the bishops and cardinals who stay there.

The Pope opted to live at the Santa Marta guesthouse after his appointment in 2013, rejecting the grand papal apartments because he found them too sumptuous and he feared isolation.

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