Interview with TABU

Here is a fun, stimulating cutting edge discussion on world events regarding mind control, DARPA, HAARP, Geoengineering, Black Goo, Touchless Torture, who created our money system and why it is all about the Law of the Seas, controlled by the Vatican and Jesuits. Also, I was joined by Bruce at who provided great background to the history of Archons and Satanic forces that rule our world today.  We also get a little into Flat Earth Theory as well.

7 thoughts on “Interview with TABU

  1. That was an amazing amount of information, thank you! One thing I did not agree with you on was your knowledge on the difference between the demons and satan, and I would encourage you to read the KJV bible from cover to cover, you will find also that the end times and the New World Order are prophesied. The flat earth is beginning to make sense and again the bible also talks about the rising of the sun. This is all very interesting stuff…


    1. Thank you for the comments. I’m reading the “Whore Who Rides The Beast” by David Hunt about Revelations and prophecy right now and find it all so fascinating.
      Remember, we still call it a sunrise and sunset even today.


  2. I enjoy and respect all of your work. But please reconsider your apparent affliction of white guilt. Just because some white people did some bad things in the past does not impugn all Caucasians. Every race has had its bad actors.


    1. thanx for the support GSB. My feelings are that the new “White Genocide” topic is another PsyOp to conquer by dividing. The White man has slaughtered, murdered and killed more than any other race. That our ancestors came to America (how arrogant to call us “American’s’ dissing Canada, Central and South America). We came, we conquered. We killed. Yet NO ONE of today;s gen’s wish to take responsibility for our current and past crimes against humanity.

      On our watch, we have invaded, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, etc. Millions of brown people killed with U.S. made weapons, made by the white man, at great profit to the “defense” industry of mostly white men, dropping generational cancer causing DU all the while. Obama (half white, and all white Presidents before have led the killings and murders and bombings.

      Why doesn’t white man acknowledge this and always, always, pass it on with “well I didn’t do it!” Yes, you did. You pay taxes and spend dollars that support the wars. White mans lack of guilt for these gross transgressions is reprehensible.

      Have we apologized to the millions of Africans we took from families and then enslaved them, still to this day?
      Have we apologized to the Native Americans, who we broke treaty after treaty after treaty and some 95% of the population killed off and their lands taken?
      Have we apologized to women for denying them equal rights for over 100 years?

      This was all done by the White man. I am white, and I take full responsibility, even though I did not pull the trigger.

      I apologize to the Natives regularly for my races past and current transgressions.
      I apologize t the African Americans who are targeted for prison and sub par education
      I apologize to the Brown skin people of the world who we invaded their country’s under false WMD charges, millions of innocent brown people killed, trillions spent and we continue the mass killings to this day.

      IMHO, we have some real Truth and Reconciliation to all the White Man has offended, imprisoned and killed for our own benefits, needs and desires.
      Until we own up to our role as responsible White Men, and ask forgiveness from those we’ve harmed, we can never move on from the shame and continued guilt that all white males should bear.


  3. The fact that you are of Caucasian descent has nothing to do with the transgressions of many bad people who just happen to have common genetic characteristics. I hear your pleas and agree that terrible things have been done and many of the actors happened to be white. But I think it is far more accurate to state that the blame falls on the system of control that has ruled “western civilization” from the time of ancient Egypt. In your excellent work you disclose (as has Alan Watt over ten years ago BTW) that the same control group runs western civilization today as ran it 5000 years ago. They just migrate from region to region like the parasites that they are. We have lived through a 2000 year period when those parasites manifested primarily through Caucasian actors. Neither you nor I nor most other Caucasians had anything to do with it and we fight against it at every opportunity. I fear that conflating the atrocities of the control group with all whites will only lead to another unfair genocidal period in history, only this time you will be the target. Is that what you want? Do you feel personally responsible? Well, I for one do not. I feel like living out my life and having the time to do what I can to fight the control group, educate my brothers and sisters, and steer humanity back toward the natural path that our creator intended for us. It’s the control system, not the race which they have chosen to primarily conduct their actions through.


    1. You act like white people aren’t mass murdering brown and black people right this minute… right this second.

      WHO is flooding the black neighborhoods with drugs and guns? Black people? Do black people own planes and submarines to bring that garbage in their homes? Do black people own the banks that launder the money?

      And, please, don’t tell me it’s “the jews.” The Ashkenazim are WHITE PEOPLE. Deal with it. Don’t tell me it’s the Catholics – they are a WHITE institution that forces their sick religion on brown and back people with extreme violence.

      WHO is promoting the minstrel show that is today’s black music. Is it black kids with their huge spending power? Or is it white trash that absolutely loves music that makes black people look like fools?

      WHO is incarcerating black people at the highest percentages in the world? Black people? Did black people start the war on drugs? Did black people decide to enforce the drugs laws against black people and not against white people? Do you think that if they went door to door in a white neighborhood they would find more drugs – or less drugs than they would find in a black neighborhood? Study after study says MORE. Yet who is in prison working for pennies an hour as prison labor?

      WHO pays black people to have fatherless children?

      And please, don’t tell me about Obama. His mother was a CIA bitch and his grandmother was CIA bitch. And the CIA is yet another WHITE institution.

      WHO is attacking Africa? In Libya, black people were welcomed and protected – until the white people in Paris and Washington decided to attack Libya – including bombing their water infrastructure – resulting in mass genocide against black Libyans. And that’s not even covering what the filthy white people did to Libya itself.

      WHO is attacking the middle east? Black people? Brown people? Nope.

      WHO has used atomic weapons against civilians?

      WHO uses radioactive weapons in places like Fallujah?

      WHO used biological weapons against North Korea?

      When you raise the issue as one of ‘guilt’ you’re minimizing the hundreds of years of war and genocide that white people simply love. Don’t fucking deny it because the history tells the story. At a certain point decent people figure out that ‘white man speak with fork tongue’ and we stop listening to your violent, banking-driven, nonsense.


  4. Wow. Just wow. Thank you for so clearly identifying yourself as a racist. But, hey, racism is perfectly fine as long it’s directed toward Caucasians. OK. I get it now.


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