Who’s Your Daddy?


Cutting edge Fools being brain owned by the Biggest Corporation in the World through advances in modern technology.




Virtual Reality and Zuckerberg’s, “Rictus Grin”

The willingness of all to accept all new technology for entertainment, is from the business side,  mind ENTRAINMENT, used to alter brain wave frequency modulation in the user, truth be told.

And Billions and billions are spent each year to alter mind behavior through hidden subliminal messaging

The reality is that we are all being conditioned to think and believe certain things without any rational explanation through subliminal messaging in advertising, music, film, television, political propaganda, and military psychological operations.

Considering the definition of the word subliminal – ‘existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness’ – it is easy to downplay the power of this brainwashing technique because most people are not consciously aware that it is happening, yet, it is affecting their lives. Once you realize that subliminal messaging is real and start to pay attention, it becomes much easier to recognize the we are, indeed, all being conditioned to behave a certain way, to want certain things, and to believe in ideas, without being able to rationally explain why.

Below is a short video in which Jeff Warrick, the director of Programming the Nation (2011), offers his take on the truth about subliminal messaging. Warrick shares a few examples of messages embedded within ads, which are not likely to be seen consciously, but are admitted into the subconscious mind.


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