Global Mind Kontrol Propaganda & Programming over the Decades

From 1st grade we are inculcated to the global round ball sphere hurtling through space up to hundreds of thousands of miles per hour while magically, and still unproven, “gravity” holding the mighty oceans to her bosom, even on the backsides while Earth rotates at 1,000 mph, yet we never feel a thing, yet smoke, birds, planes, and lifting my arms defy the basic principles of New

tonian Theory.

And by 18 years old and 15,000 hours of Public Programming and Indoctrination of “schooling”, it is pounded into everyone’s Flattened brain that the Sun you see moving with the Moon above the sky, is not really moving…but the Moon is….but it’s not what you see.

Music Industry Knows Flat Earth

Man From U.N.C.L.E Knows Flat Earth



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