The Forest Are Dying; We’re Next. Stop Geoengineering Earth. NOW!

Geoengineering of our skies…and the spraying of all like insects, has been occurring regularly over our heads now for well over two decades on a regular basis.  The aluminum, barium, strontium, fluoride, smart dust, nano bots inserted through nano tubes, etc. are all uptaken into our bodies and the life of all sentient beings, including the forests.

Additionally, measurements by independent, reputable sources have proven that the GE activities along with Man’s toxic “non-negotiable” lifestyles, have blown a massive hole in our ozone layer whereby measurements show an over 1,000% increase in deadly UVB rays.

This is why we all feel more the Sun’s intensity on our skin these days.  This is why the barks of trees, facing south mostly, are getting scorched and then dying off when their protective layers of skin no longer protect them from the elements.

This is why we all need to HALT GEOENGINEERING NOW!

Truth be told, it is too late for much of our environment as the Arctic snow is now in free fall melt off releasing ever more toxic, world-wide weather heating greenhouse gasses creating a heat dome that has warmed up the Pacific Oceans so greatly that mass amounts of fish are dying, few salmon come up the rivers of the Western states anymore, and it is so bad that officials have had to call of crab season for the entire West Coast for the entire year and beyond because the crabs are TOO TOXIC TO EAT!

This toxicity dropped from our skies by our willfully criminal government is in all our foods, our soil and our water…and are children…who have never been more sickly in modern times than today.

Anyone care, Anyone…like all our lives depend on halting GE.  Please say something. Do Something. Speak out. Be heard. ACT~

It’s in All of US.

All Around the World we see forests and trees dying violent, sudden deaths.


3 thoughts on “The Forest Are Dying; We’re Next. Stop Geoengineering Earth. NOW!

  1. This is bad, Jamie. Tulips began sprouting and rose bushes blossoming here in NJ last month. Today purple vinca vine flowers shot up all over the yard in 63-degree heat in the dead of winter. This is what it’s like in between the engineered ice-nucleated cooldowns. The arctic is heading for its all-time low which means more methane which means we are past the heel of the hockey stick and are going vertical.

    If the earth is to be saved, someone’s gotta go. Who’s it gonna be? I wonder if the globalist and the powers in the East are just waiting for a justification to simply delete the Americans, the biggest pigs on earth consuming 5x per capita more than the rest of the world. Maybe they will wait until they feel backed into a corner and when there’s no other option and after they get the news of the blue water event in the arctic simply change the chemtrail mix. Something like this has got to be part of the calculus.

    I’m really feeling my spidey sense telling me it’s time to head South. I’m sorry but the people around me having been living in the same state of zombie denial day after day, embalmed with confusion and indifference. I know Dane and others say the spraying is everywhere but I’ve studied the maps and I see spraying very rarely south of the equator. Very rarely. To the extent the spraying is weather control, this makes sense as the jet stream in the south is 3x larger than the north’s (given the flat earth) and probably much harder to manipulate.

    I like to think the spraying is mostly SRM, but if that were so then why isn’t Northern Africa, a desert bigger than the entire US radiating heat into the atmosphere, under clouds 24/7 like most of the US is most of the time? In fact Africa is almost never chemtrailed. Doesn’t make sense. The fact that Africa isn’t under chemtrails every day like the US tells me the spraying has nothing to do with SRM.


    1. I don’t think there is anywhere to run and hide from it all. Maybe you get a few more months or years but this effects all that rely on Earth for subsistence. Bringing awareness to as many as possible about GE is all, what we must do. keep up the good fight, our children deserve as much.


  2. I’m not a martyr dude and neither are the children. It’s not running and hiding, it’s running and…living. I hate to say it but I don’t see this being stopped. I’ve handed out probably 1,000 flyers and talk to people every chance I get the last three years but geoengineering is not GMO foods, which by the way continue full steam ahead despite “public awareness.” This corporation is 100x bigger than Monsanto and their goals may just be “saving humanity” (to the extent that “goals” are even relevant with psychopaths). I’ve run through the calculus over and over. If public pressure increases beyond their tolerance they will simply double down. Tell me I’m wrong because I would love to be wrong. Trump has told us he’s building a wall and then you won’t be able to get out, period. There’s three, maybe four years left. I probably just need to vent because I’m here, right? so thanks for listening. Appreciate all the time you put into this.


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