Has Alt. Media Gone PC?

see no evil

Yesterday, I called out 30 Atl News websites as to why they will not/do not cover Flat Earth subject matter. The response was silence except for Zen Gardner, who has the balls and class to publish FE topics and wrote back personally.

All 30 websites i sent private emails to have published some of my work previously

And what about all the other very important subject matter that Alt news won’t “go there” as well???

These personal views are meant to provoke discussion as to how far down the rabbit hole much respected Alt News services are willing to cover subjects that most are unaware of and stretch the bounds of known credibility to most.

Yet, the subjects listed, and written/blogged about below largely remained severely under reported and/or ignored all together by such respected Alternative News websites.


Such as:

  1. Flat Earth

  2. Bioengineered Nano Foods; much worse than GMO’s

  3. Nano Bots, Smart Dust, Touchless Torture and Targeted Individuals

  4. U.S.A. A Private, for-profit, Corporation since 1871

  5. Child Pedophilia, Presidents, Popes, Priests and British Royalty

  6. U.S. Presidents All Related by Bloodlines

  7. Jesuits not Jews The True Rulers of Evil

  8. NASA; A Military Operation Began by the Dept. of Defense

  9. Geoengineering the Extinction of Sentient Life on Earth

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