Another Take on Judge Scalia Valentines Day Murder Story

Scalia died on the 44th day of the year, the first day of Lupercalia and his death would leave the court split at 4-4 (44). Not so coincidental, Obama is the 44th President and Wiki said that he died 33 miles from the closest city. He was born on 3-11 (3×11=33). Hmmm!

Judge Scalia Murdered On The Occult Lupercalia Day

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Lupercalia Day you say? or Luper-Scalia Day? Unbeknownst to virtually everyone is the fact that Lupercalia Day is the real name of Valentines day. What you might think as a benign secular event has it’s roots deeply entrenched in Babylonian & Egyptian Baal worship (sungod) which was the forerunner to the apex of false religions, Roman Catholicism or Baal Solar Cult Worship.To the surprise of many, Valentine’s Day isn’t an innocent secular holiday; infact the true origins of Valentine’s day has it’s roots in the occult. Namely in the pagan worship of Baal, the sungod. The religion of Babylon (Baal worship) is the mother of most false religions and its influence is still felt world wide, including in today’s churches.


LUPERCALIA {the feast of Lupercus, the mighty wolf hunter}. The ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia was held in honor of Lupercus, the deified great hunter of Rome.  This celebration also included worship of the goddess of fertility, Venus. In Roman mythology this goddess of fertility and sexual immortality, had a son called Cupid. Cupid was said to have attended to her and was given power to cause love to begin and to cease. This celebration was held from the 14th through the 15th of February. Some of the events of this pagan holiday included the choosing of partners by chance; in which teenaged girls would place their names into a box. The names were then drawn out by young men. The girl whose name was drawn then became the sexual partner with the man for the upcoming year; beginning in March during the Fertility rites of the Spring Equinox.

Morrison v. Olson (1988): The Court voted to uphold the Independent Counsel Act; Scalia was the only dissenter.

“Frequently an issue of this sort will come before the Court clad, so to speak, in sheep’s clothing: the potential of the asserted principle to effect important change in the equilibrium of power is not immediately evident, and must be discerned by a careful and perceptive analysis. But this wolf comes as a wolf.” (source)

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