Calling Out Alt. News Media on Lack of Flat Earth Coverage

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Et Tu Alt. News???

Dear Alternative News Media ~

This letter is addressed to all Alternative News media outlets who over the years have successfully brought to light some of the most occulted and hidden secrets of the New World Order, (same as the Old World Order) over the past decade and more.

Yet, over one year into one of the greatest increases in a Meme in 2015, of occulted/hidden controversies/conspiracies from 500 years hence, concerning the cosmology of our Universe, fail to even mention this huge Movement in thought and conscience awakening.

I can understand why my good friend, Dane, at does not address Flat Earth topics though he says he gets hammered with the subject regularly.

His work is to halt all Geoengieneering Period. GE that is snuffing out all life on Earth and to bring light to FE may detract from his most critical of messages to halt GE, first and foremost before all life is extinguished. I get that 100%.

Yet i fail to understand why my internet friends like Dylan at Waking Times, Michael and crew at Activist Post and even Zen Gardner, who brings FE to his site, yet comments nada and nunca on this subject.  and now his new radio show?

Add to the list:

Jim at The Corbett Report.… Deafening Silence.

Doug at the quality alt news service of Blacklisted News…nary even a mention

or Mike at Cryptogon. Nunca, nada,

nothing or Henrik at Red Ice Radio, though he’s been sent many, many letters.

Jeff Rense at Rense…forgetaboutit FE

..nor Ms. Carolyn Baker at the self named, “Speaking Truth to Power” Alt news subscription will not even give it a mention. Abby Martin (remember her?) nary a peep.

Educate Yourself, Forbiddenknowledge, WanttoknowInfo…have all been sent information, including the first ever Flat Earth Website with over 180 posts and over 98 You Tubes on Flat Earth;

During the mid 1850’s up through the early 20th century, many of the original Alt News reporters came out with excellent books on FE Theory and expertly debunking Globalist Heliocentric Theory as they were then ridiculed, scorned and even had their lives taken away from them.

Flat Earth Library

But today’s Alt News is silent on this growing, most important subject to be aware of.

Yet high quality, intelligent minds are coming aboard FE Theory like Santos Bonacci

Welcome to the FE Community Mr. Santos Bonacci

and Mel at Veritas Radio has had the guts and temerity to “go there” at the possible expense of sponsors.


APLANETRUTH.INFO  And You tube channel:

My You TUBE and web sites are getting close to 1 MILLION views in just one year of speaking about the Great FE Controversy and I do not generate nearly close to views as all other sites listed here. hmm.


David Icke covered the FE subject with ridicule and immediate change of subject.

David Icke’s Nonsensical Flat Earth Question and Non-Answer

Stephen Molyneux Spoke incoherently and obfuscated many spot on facts, reason, logic and experiments those of us in the FE community have conducted.

The Flat Earth Conspiracy Debate! Yes, Really. – YouTube

and DailyKos:

…Then They Ridicule You…The Daily Kos Rips the FE Movement

..and even Mike at Natural News looks like he is being played by the FE PsyoP’s that are attempting to derail from the inside using known Agent Provocateurs like Jeranism, Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes, Flat Earth Society and Mark Sargent among many, many others.



Last week a popular rapper named B.o.B. posted on Gawker about Flat Earth.

The VERY NEXT DAY, after 50,000 views, NASA shill, Neil DisGrasse (as in Disgrace) Tyson got on Comedy Central to rebuke and ridicule Mr. B.o.B. that was the reported on NPR. NPR!@!!!!

FE Truth Rapper Attacked Hard by Freemason Shill NASA Mouthpiece and Music Industry

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Gets Into A Rap Battle With B.o.B Over

Yet, my friends in the Alt media, the Speaking Truth to Powers, the putting themselves out their to disclose the mass corruption, mass pedophilia, mass spying on its people, etc. with great valor and courage each and every day.

…cannot seem to find it in them to report one article even on the Flat Earth Controversy because (only guessing).

  1. Afraid of alienating readership
  2. Afraid to lose credibility.
  3. Don’t want to embarrass themselves to other Alt. News sites.
  4. Researched and Doesn’t Believe in FE Theory.  (and what else did you not believe until proven true down the road?)

We Need Your Help Guys and Gals.


And even the President of the United States has spoken about Flat Earth



2 thoughts on “Calling Out Alt. News Media on Lack of Flat Earth Coverage

  1. It really all comes down to how much of reality a given person is willing to look at with all seriousness. The truth is, most people find the idea of FE too incredulous to even consider much less invest time researching it. And that’s the problem; those who ridicule won’t even take the time to investigate. My guess is that in many cases the prospect may be too frightening because the implications are too far-reaching and, fundamentally, too unsettling. Much more unsettling than discovering that all governments are completely corrupt and banks control all the purse-strings. For some people, that’s as much as they can stomach. But, unless a person looks at and studies all the facts, for both FE and the globe version, all they have is a programmed dogma that will never allow them to see that the lies we’ve been conditioned with go much much deeper than mere politics and institutions. While the Alt Media has some incredibly creative and gifted writers who are covering some very important facts about what’s going on out there, very few of them are actually able, and or willing, to investigate ALL the pertinent interlocking conspiracies. BUT.. if they did make the time to seriously investigate the FE matter, with an open mind and without prejudice, they’d soon conclude, along with the rest of us, that there is a lot about the globe theory that falls flat (excuse the pun) when actually put to the test. But until then, thank goodness for all the courageous trail-blazers who are putting, what appears to be, a false planetary narrative to the test and, as a result, providing a much needed platform for the small but growing group of researchers in this area of concern.


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