Hey ProBoards. GO SHOVE IT!


( ~ If there is a beginning, there must be an end…unless we are talking about that which never dies….An idea whose time has come!  For those who voted to allow censorship, please examine why you would allow free speech to be abridged so easily when speaking truth to power was the only offense cited.  Onward!)


Letter to Proboards forum published 2.12.16

Dear Sirs,

On February 5th, 2016 I, as administrator of this forum site, was warned by you that this site would be taken down for “racist” comments if a particular link, and others unnamed by you were not removed from this forum.

After reviewing all of the material we can find nothing “racist”, only well researched information of great importance to discover occulted truths about who is really behind the massive lies, the endless wars that have killed hundreds of millions of innocents over the centuries, and continue on unabated, and unchecked to this day.

To name these Rulers of Evil, is not racist, only calling out their secret plans, using their secret societies, cloaked in their web of lies and child satanic pedophiliac ritual abuse for their demonic agenda.

It is not “racist” we are calling out, Sir, it is the evil archonic entities that have captured the minds of Men and children by professional mind control techniques honed over hundreds of years of research and practice.

That this forum host will not allow freedom of speech on matters of Great Relevance and Importance is testimony to the lack of quality and “balls” to allow those with opposing views from the whorporate media to control every aspect of what is taught, thought and believed where the successful mind control of billions or generational programming is now beginning to come to an end.

In conclusion, you can pull the plug at anytime you wish. I will let this forum die at your bequest.

In the meantime, I’d alike to tell all you who offer these services, then shut down free speech. 😉



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2 thoughts on “Hey ProBoards. GO SHOVE IT!

  1. I’ve even been censured by self-proclaimed “spiritual warriors” for speaking truth that doesn’t reconcile with their own version of it. The fact is that just because someone is awake to what’s going on on the planet doesn’t naturally follow that they’ve made any effort whatsoever towards sensitizing themselves to their fellowman with hard-earned awareness. Being awake and being aware are, it would seem, two very different conditions. If you’re aware, waking up occurs naturally as a progression — BUT.. if you’re awake, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make the effort at developing your awareness.


    1. “Those who are unaware are unaware that they are unaware” One of my favorite quotes.

      “Those who are aware and refuse to help others become aware are morally deficient.”

      “Those who are morally awake and aware and do NOTHING to change for the better, are COWARDS!”


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