Zika Virus Insecticide to be Sprayed on Airplane Flights Now!


Big Brother is Everywhere.

Big Brother wants to Depopulate the World by 94% according the the Georgia Guidestones.

Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones –

Zika Virus used as depopulation tool?

Brazil warns against pregnancy due to spreading virus

Big Brother Cares NOTHING about you, your children or the environment that supports all Life.

V for Vendetta, A Jesuit Movie; Predictive Programming for Mass Virus Sterilization Program????


Bloomberg News, February 4, “U.K. to Spray Planes on Routes From Zika-Affected Countries”:

Step up and get your insecticides right in the face. Board a plane flying out of any “Zika-infected” country heading for the UK, and you can inhale toxic fumes in the comfort of your own enclosed cabin. Watch any disoriented mosquitoes who might be accompanying your flight drop to the carpet, squirm, and die. More entertaining than a movie on that annoying tiny screen. And you can experience the thrill of skin-rash, nausea, dizziness, fainting. Hey, pay the ticket, take the ride. It’s a party.

Who knows? Flights out of Texas (where they’ve “discovered” one Zika case) might be next. Never underestimate the American penchant for toxic chemicals.

Why not conduct flights over the whole country of Brazil and expel millions of tons of killer compounds, in order to wipe out the virus that doesn’t cause anything: Zika.

Just to give you a flavor of the passenger-plane experience, here’s a quick bite from a 2001 USA Today story, “Fliers fume over planes treated with pesticides” (published on 9/10/2001 to be exact). In that case, the spraying was “generic,” done to kill any stray insects that might be in the cabin:

As the United Airlines jet winged home from Sydney last year, Sharon Dorazio’s eyes started to burn and her stomach ached. The pain became unbearable. ‘I have never been so sick, so quick,’ she says. Her two grandsons, ages 13 and 14, complained of burning skin, itching eyes and loss of appetite. Sharon’s husband, Richard, a surgeon, was confounded.

Then a flight attendant confided in them. Others were ill on the flight, the attendant said, and the crew believed the cause was the spraying of long-lasting pesticides in the cabin interior before passengers boarded.

Delicious, and nutritious, too.

In this current and ever-expanding Zika hysteria, I’ve put to rest any evidence that the virus is causing microcephaly (babies born with small heads and brain damage). Researchers in Brazil have gone back in and examined the original reports. The result? They find, so far, only 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly in the whole country (not 4,180 as originally claimed), and of those 404, only 17 “have a relationship” to the Zika virus. They’ve got nothing. No epidemic, no viral cause.

But spray those plane cabins, by all means. Can’t be too cautious. Why not sell haz-mat suits to the passengers?

Again, watch for this to come to the US and other countries.

Part 2: robot reporters

Stories are beginning to appear in the semi-mainstream press about “conspiracists” who are “pushing alternative theories” to explain the “Zika epidemic.” This happens whenever a new dud epidemic arises. It’s becoming a cottage industry.

Of course, these so-called reporters wouldn’t recognize fake science if you buried them up to their necks in it. They would die for lies, if the lies came from the CDC or the World Health Organization. Some of these “journalists” live in mommy’s basement, which they consider outposts of public health and medical truth. (I omit their names for the moment—they can earn their own publicity.)

Their basic point is: mere (unwarranted) suspicion of an outbreak is sufficient to justify any action medical cops want to take. Don’t travel here. Don’t get pregnant. Don’t breastfeed. Consider an abortion. Spray yourself with a toxic chemical. Take this vaccine. Spend your vacation in a hotel room. Be afraid. Comply with any new orders coming down the pipeline. If you live in Brazil, feel free to walk the streets as agents of the State and fumigate the area with (more) toxic chemicals. Spray the inside of your house with (more) toxic chemicals 200,000 Brazilian troops are handing-out door-to-door. Whatever. The people in charge of the science and the research know what they’re doing.

Of course they do. That’s why the original 4,180 cases of microcephaly in Brazil are now 404, and that’s why the Zika virus as the cause is so far from established that it’s actually evidence that Zika doesn’t cause anything.




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