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U.S. Sheriffs Back Arming Public for Safety and Protection

“I want as many law-abiding citizens to arm themselves in this county as we can get.”  – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Growing number of police chiefs, sheriffs join call to arms

“Historically, sheriffs have been very pro-gun rights,” Gottlieb told “But they’ve stepped out of the box and they’re now publicly making it known that firearms are good for self-defense.”

In Oklahoma, Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes and Creek County Sheriff John Davis have each recently reduced costs associated with getting a gun license. Davis is also keeping administrative offices open longer on weekends to allow more people to apply.

“As a result of the ever-increasing violence being committed upon the American citizen and the current state of our country, I encourage each citizen of Creek County who is legally able to fully utilize their Second Amendment right ‘to keep and bear arms,’ as legally prescribed by the Oklahoma Defense Act,” Davis said in a statement.


World’s Awakening to Extreme Weather Chaos Ahead, Yet No One Changes Behavior…Yet

Here’s What World Leaders Think Is the Greatest Risk for 2016

Some of the world’s most powerful people are worried about the environment, finally.

Climate change ranks as the No. 1 concern of global leaders, according to a new survey from the World Economic Forum. It’s the 11th year that the World Economic Forum has published the survey, which polls 750 of the group’s members, including CEOs and leaders and experts in various fields. The organization publishes the survey on the eve of its annual confab in Davos, which kicks off next week.

The environment has come up as a concern before. But this is the first year that it ranks No. 1. Last year, it was the No. 5, behind regional conflicts, weapons of mass destruction, pandemics, and water shortages.For the eight of the first nine years of the survey, financial markets ranked as the No. 1 concern of World Economic Forum members. This is a monied crowd, afterall.

Some of the world’s most powerful people are worried about the environment, finally.

Climate change ranks as the No. 1 concern of global leaders, according to a new survey from the World Economic Forum. It’s the 11th year that the World Economic Forum has published the survey, which polls 750 of the group’s members, including CEOs and leaders and experts in various fields. The organization publishes the survey on the eve of its annual confab in Davos, which kicks off next week.

The environment has come up as a concern before. But this is the first year that it ranks No. 1. Last year, it was the No. 5, behind regional conflicts, weapons of mass destruction, pandemics, and water shortages.For the eight of the first nine years of the survey, financial markets ranked as the No. 1 concern of World Economic Forum members. This is a monied crowd, after all. (click on header for more)

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Intro to Geoengineering (for your friends and family)

Geoengineering Awareness, The Skeptics Are Now Waking Up

Weather in Alaska, Greenland, and Siberia are setting huge above normal heat records, melting tundra, releasing mass pools of toxic methane gas into the air which forms into 100X more C02 gases that in a year will spreads around the world to further encapsulize all with greenhouse gases creating ever more, and faster temperature rises which is being greatly exacerbated by Geoengineering activities.

R.I.P. Ziggy Stardust; Another Tavistock/Jesuit Creation

Your Rock ’n RoLL hairstyle is not your OWN – The Tavistock Institute HairDo” 

Thinking Conditioning

David Bowie – “Rock has always been the devil’s music. You can’t convince me that it isn’t.”

The final albums and music videos by Bowie evoked a dark and deathly Satanic vision of life during the first decade and a half of the 21st century. In this, the endlessly shape-shifting Bowie was an artist fully situated in his time. His death is the capstone on the pyramid of necrotic Anglo-American mass culture spanning a half-century of civilizational cancer away so fantastic and unreal that leads one to suspect that “Bowie” (Born David Robert Jones) sprang from the twisted, fervid minds of social psychologists residing at the Tavistock Institute.  (source)

Bowie was an agent of the NWO, forging acceptance for gender identity politics re: transvestites, transgender, gays… Not to mention furtherance of the ET/ Alien meme that the NWO sought to advance. Listen to the music: is it really that good? Nah.

Just like today where they take one of the greatest athletes and gender bender he/she so that identification of one’s self is “disturbed” .


this is also why you see all black actors having to cross dress to continue their careers, except for David Chapelle, who refused and was taken off air. (source)

There’s a Star man waiting in the sky.

He’d like to come and meet us,

but he thinks he’d blow our mind

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The Manufactured Invention of the Beatles, Stones, Grateful Dead and the Birth of Rock n’ Roll by the Tavistock Institute; A Jesuit Corporation.

Manufacturing the Deadhead: A Product of Social Engineering… by Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin

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When No One is Held Accountable


fasces (n.) Look up fasces at Dictionary.com1590s, from Latin fasces “bundle of rods containing an axe with the blade projecting” (plural of fascis “bundle” of wood, etc.), from Proto-Italic *faski- “bundle,” perhaps from PIE *bhasko- “band, bundle”  Carried before a lictor, a superior Roman magistrate, as a symbol of power over life and limb: the sticks symbolized punishment by whipping, the axe-head execution by beheading. Hence in Latin it also meant, figuratively, “high office, supreme power.”

If anyone wonders why markets are crashing, it’s because the stock market, is, and has been a Ponzi scheme of placing mass debt on taxpayers while getting funds for illegal business practices by the 2Big2Jail.

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, etc., gets tens of billions in bailout, makes billions in mortgage fees, buys up traunches of foreclosed homes, shorts the Real Estate market at the top, makes billions there, and gets bailed out by our government with no one being liable or culpable or going to jail.

Here is just another prime broker example. These weren’t “shoddy business practices” this was classic pump n’ dump action generally unregulated in the penny pink sheet stocks but when your former boss at GS is running the printing factory at the Treasury and your other GS buddy is running the private corporation FEd Reserve….well the only losers are WE the Sheeple, big time because this debt servitude will be on the books for generations in that our current debt in the U.S. is over $19 Trillion (what’s a trillion daddy?) and derivative debt is in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, whatever that means..

When corporations run a government, it is called facism and is prominently displayed in the very prime location where the POTUS gives his State of the Union Address.

Does anyone care that our country is being run by tyrants, our Congressional houses symbols are of the executioners fasces used in old Rome to control its citizens, or that the “leader of the free country” has signed more executive orders, declaring him sole power, to abduct and assassinate anyone he wishes, to declare marshall law anytime he wishes without reason and can declare war on anyone he wishes?

These powers remain with any new President selected to power in the public domain.

This will only continue to enslave all in mass debt servitude for generations to come.

Does anyone care?

Goldman Sachs to Pay $5 Billion in Mortgage Settlement

January 14th, 2016

Via: CNBC:

Goldman Sachs said Thursday it will pay roughly $5 billion to settle federal and state probes of its role in the sale of shoddy mortgages in the years leading to the housing bubble and subsequent financial crisis.

Below is a complete breakdown of the latest numbers in our bailout database. We’re tracking every dollar and every recipient for both the broader $700 billion TARP bill and the separate bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The State of the Bailout

OUTFLOWS: $618 billion This includes money that has actually been spent, invested, or loaned.

 39.7% of total
Banks and other Financial Institutions
Fannie and Freddie
Auto Companies
$19B (3.1%)
Toxic Asset Purchases
$18.6B (3.0%)
roman-fasces roman fasces
Roman_Lictor_with_fasces lincoln-statue-fasces

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One Day of Alt News. 1.14.16

How White People Perverted the Swastika

Signified: the word swastika comes from Sanskrit and literally means ‘well-being’.

It describes a lucky object or a mark denoting good luck. The symbol appears in many ancient cultures with different meanings attributed to it: image of the supreme god, solar symbol, symbol of fire, union of the male and female sex, harmony. It is a historical sacred symbol in Eastern Religions. In Buddhism swastika represents eternity and it appears on the chest of some statues of Buddha. In Hinduism it represents Sun’s rays, upon which life depends. As well in Christianity swastika is used as a hooked version of a Christian Cross and appears in many ornaments and church decoration.

The swastika was adopted as a symbol of National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP or the Nazi Party) in 1920, and in the 1930s, after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, it became a commonly used symbol of Nazi Germany. It was during the Second World War when in many cultures worldwide the connoted meaning of swastika changed. From the universal genuine sign it suddenly became a racist ‘Aryan’ emblem, a symbol of the Nazis and their atrocities. “The Nazi movement has become such a strong sign that many of the cultural signs to which it linked itself were retooled to be entirely identified with that movement. This re-purposing affected the swastika.”

while tens of millions in the U.S. are starving and lack healthy food in the country that funds them…

U.S. Pays Almost $5 Billion to Dead and AWOL Afghan Soldiers

Afghan forces are struggling to man the front lines against a resurgent Taliban, in part because of untold numbers of “ghost” troops who are paid salaries but only exist on paper. The nationwide problem has been particularly severe in the southern Helmand province, where the Taliban have seized vast tracts of territory in the 12 months since the U.S. and NATO formally ended their combat mission and switched to training and support.
~ Millions of laws, codes, statutes, violations, infractions, etc. with thousands added at the Fed, State and Local levels each year….and IGNORANCE of the law is no excuse in the eyes of the courts!….when did we learn theses laws?  in schools?  No way. So how are we supposed to know them???
New Effects felt of TPP passage….pink slime, antibiotics, steroids, inhumane animal treatment and slaughter, GMO alflafa and now foreign countries don’t have to disclose what is in the meat….Big Pharma is drooling at all the profits from all the diseases coming….….and the tens of billions of our tax money in the U.S. spent on unlabeled, unknown, irradiated, dyed, chemically altered, Bioengineered Nanofood where the the U.S. leads the world in child obesity and 1/4 children have allergies, ADHD, autism and/or asthma……

Mystery Meat: After WTO Ruling, U.S. Tosses Meat Origin Labeling Law, Leaving Consumers in the Dark

In December, Congress passed a spending bill that included a repeal of a law requiring meat to be labeled with its country of origin. The repeal of the legislation came after the World Trade Organization threatened to impose billion-dollar sanctions against the United States, saying the label law violated trade deals. According to Lori Wallach of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, this type of infringement is just the beginning if the Trans-Pacific Partnership is approved.

Earth Is Losing Farmland At An Alarming Rate

can you say Nano Bioengineered Nano “Food”

More Dangerous than GMO’s! ~ BioEngineered NanoFoods ~ but Shhh It’s a Secret!

Taiwan Bans GMOs in Schools, Mandates Strict Label Laws

January 13th, 2016

Via: EcoWatch:

Taiwan has banned schools across the nation from serving GMOs to students, citing health and safety concerns.

On Dec. 14, 2015, Taiwanese legislature passed amendments to the School Health Act to stamp out raw genetically modified ingredients as well as processed food containing GMOs.

The ban affects cafeterias and food stands in every elementary school, middle school and high school in Taiwan, The China Post reported. Schools have traditionally served food products such as soybeans, corn, salmon, tofu and soy milk that contain GMOs.


It’s a Selection, not an Election, besides voters do not “elect” Presidents, the Electoral College does (how many Americans know this?)

Who’s Funding the 2016 Election? Mostly, We’ll Never Know.

Dark money groups have spent $143 million on the 2016 U.S. presidential election since last July—nearly four times as much as the candidates’ own campaigns, Politico reported in a new analysis on Tuesday. The origins of most of that funding will never be revealed, while some of it will be made public at midnight on January 31, just hours before the Iowa caucuses, writes Politico‘s chief investigative reporter Kenneth P. Vogel.

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Agent FBI Provocateurs Outed Posing as Militia in Oregon

( ~ Ed. This whole “Patriots take back America” act smells of a big gov’t Op to further divide and destroy what little freedoms we have left while the President strives to take away our only means to defend ourselves against overt and covert tyranny.)

Oregon Fire Chief Catches FBI Agents Posing as Militia – Quits His Job in Protest

This week, Harney County Fire Marshall Chris Briels resigned after discovering undercover FBI agents posing as militia members near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which has been the site of a standoff for weeks now. According to Briels, he found FBI agents who were impersonating militia members lurking around the town’s armory. When he inquired about the undercover operation with county Judge Steve Grasty he was told to back off.

Just before this discovery was made, there were reports of people who looked like militia harassing locals, which is uncharacteristic of the protesters who initially assembled at the refuge. It turns out that these militia members suspected of harassing locals were actually undercover FBI agents.

During an impromptu press conference, Briels explained how he was so disrespected in his encounter with Grasty and was so disgusted with the situation in general, that he no longer wants to work for a government that he does not believe in. Briels added that he would still be helping people in the community with fire prevention and other issues that he has helped with in the past, but he will just no longer be doing it as a government employee. Briels went on to describe how he exposed undercover FBI agents who had come to town and were creating problems amongst the locals.

A National ID Card Is Coming Soon — and You Will Need It to Fly and Drive

Biometric facial recognition ID’s will be issued and you can bet that mandatory vaccinations will soon follow.

A National ID Card Is Coming Soon — and You Will Need It to Fly and Drive

On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security released updated information regarding the national identification card known as the REAL ID. Beginning January 22, 2018, all airline passengers will need identification cards that are in compliance with the more secure features required by the REAL ID Act of 2005. The REAL ID Act was passed in response to the 9/11 attacks, as part of the global War on Terror.

Until this deadline, all states drivers licenses and passports will be valid for airline travel. Currently, five states and one territory – Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington and American Samoa – do not comply with Real ID standards. Several other states are reportedly taking steps to update their identification cards between now and the deadline. These standards include invasive biometric measures.

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Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms

Oh boy, what the future holds in store for all….

you can bet that if it is being reported in public, it is already has been done for years/decades in private

Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms

January 11th, 2016

Via: MIT Technology Review:

Braving a funding ban put in place by America’s top health agency, some U.S. research centers are moving ahead with attempts to grow human tissue inside pigs and sheep with the goal of creating hearts, livers, or other organs needed for transplants.

Based on interviews with three teams, two in California and one in Minnesota, MIT Technology Review estimates that about 20 pregnancies of pig-human or sheep-human chimeras have been established during the last 12 months in the U.S., though so far no scientific paper describing the work has been published, and none of the animals were brought to term.

The extent of the research was disclosed in part during presentations made at the NIH’s Maryland campus in November at the agency’s request. One researcher, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte of the Salk Institute, showed unpublished data on more than a dozen pig embryo containing human cells. Another, from the University of Minnesota, provided photographs of a 62-day-old pig fetus in which the addition of human cells appeared to have reversed a congenital eye defect.

The experiments rely on a cutting-edge fusion of technologies, including recent breakthroughs in stem-cell biology and gene-editing techniques. By modifying genes, scientists can now easily change the DNA in pig or sheep embryos so that they are genetically incapable of forming a specific tissue. Then, by adding stem cells from a person, they hope the human cells will take over the job of forming the missing organ, which could then be harvested from the animal for use in a transplant operation.

“We can make an animal without a heart. We have engineered pigs that lack skeletal muscles and blood vessels,” says Daniel Garry, a cardiologist who leads a chimera project at the University of Minnesota. While such pigs aren’t viable, they can develop properly if a few cells are added from a normal pig embryo. Garry says he’s already melded two pigs in this way and recently won a $1.4 million grant from the U.S. Army, which funds some biomedical research, to try to grow human hearts in swine.

The worry is that the animals might turn out to be a little too human for comfort, say ending up with human reproductive cells, patches of people hair, or just higher intelligence. “We are not near the island of Dr. Moreau, but science moves fast,” NIH ethicist David Resnik said during the agency’s November meeting. “The specter of an intelligent mouse stuck in a laboratory somewhere screaming ‘I want to get out’ would be very troubling to people.”

And the Future is NOW

Cougar With Bizarre Horn-Like Teeth On Head Found In Idaho

World on Fire

Germany on the Brink

January 11th, 2016

Via: New York Times:

With the current migration, though, we’re in uncharted territory. The issue isn’t just that immigrants are arriving in the hundreds of thousands rather than the tens of thousands. It’s that a huge proportion of them are teenage and twentysomething men.

In Sweden, for instance, which like Germany has had an open door, 71 percent of all asylum applicants in 2015 were men. Among the mostly-late-teenage category of “unaccompanied minors,” as Valerie Hudson points out in an important essay for Politico,” the ratios were even more skewed: “11.3 boys for every one girl.”

As Hudson notes, these trends have immediate implications for civil order — young men are, well, young men; societies with skewed sex ratios tend to be unstable; and many of these men carry assumptions about women’s roles that are diametrically opposed to the values of contemporary Europe.

But there’s also a longer term issue, beyond the need to persuade new arrivals that — to quote from a Norwegian curriculum for migrants — in Europe “to force someone into sex is not permitted.”

In the German case the important number here isn’t the country’s total population, currently 82 million. It’s the twenty something population, which was less than 10 million in 2013 (and of course already included many immigrants). In that cohort and every cohort afterward, the current influx could have a transformative effect.

Are Blackwater trained mercenaries entering through the new open borders to establish foreign mercenaries beholden to the NWO Agenda?

The Situation in Poland is Critical – Julian Rose

Jan 11, 2016
A powerful interview with activist and author Julian Rose on the situation in Poland and its situation within the global hegemonic ambition.
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Organic Farmers Win Legal Battle to Self Determine Laws for Themselves

Change at the Grassroots as human beings reclaim there Sovereignty and declare/write laws for local power over State and Federal laws.

Organic Farmers Win GMO Fight in Jackson County, Oregon

January 11th, 2016

Via EcoWatch:

Organic farmers are racking up new victories in the fight against “franken-food,” as a growing number of counties line up to bar genetically engineered (GE) crop cultivation throughout the country.

A federal judge in Jackson County, Oregon, recently upheld a consent decree that designates the region a “GE-free zone,” a ruling which officially protects the decree from appeal, granting new protections to farmers, consumers and the environment.

That means organic and traditional farms in Jackson County will be protected from chemicals produced by Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont and other biotech giants. The ruling follows the passage of other similar ordinances in at least eight U.S. counties, including in Hawaii, California and Washington, along with another Oregon county.

Here is a very important local legislative ordinance, first in the country, to pass local rights home rule for Mendocino County. It also gives the first ever, “Rights of Nature” to exist in legal standing in courts which allows for protection of the Environment and not just a cost item on a balance sheet.  Wahoo!