NASA LOGO Embedded in Morgellons Nano Fibers

Morgellons-exposed-bio-engineered arabic numbers

What Does NASA Have in Common with Morgellons Disease?

Interestingly though, some research has surfaced that may put another spin on Morgellons. That evidence is a NASA logo embedded in Morgellons fibers as artificial bio-intelligence! Don’t believe that? Well, how about this video that apparently exposes what NASA’s been doing for close to 40 years: creating artificial life by altering the genomes of cells. The early plans were titled “Artificial Cells: Prospects for Biotechnology.”

The NASA “branding” shown in the video, along with the Arabic numbers embedded in the graphic above, probably are from a covert product authentication technology known as BrandAuthen, which is used to protect brands against counterfeits.

However, we have to wonder and question a supposed 2001 NASA PowerPoint presentation titled “Future Strategic Issues / Future Warfare [Circa 2015]” and if what’s presented there really has any bearing on what’s being sprayed from jet planes, commonly called “chemtrails.” Also, are we humans part of an unknowing-on-our-part, strategic warfare experiment?

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