NO Labeling for Grass Fed Beef Now

As if it is not enough that they will not disclose or label if GMO’s, chemicals, dyes, BioengineeredNano particules, aspartme, pink slime, cloned, irradiated and/or other lab created processes are in our foods, now they let the ranchers make up their own marketing as to how to label beef.

As well, as new rules/laws by USDA stating that other countries do not have tell what is in the food being brought into the U.S.

FIRE THE USDA. GROW YOUR OWN.  It’s the only way you will know what is in the food you eat.

Grass-Fed Label For Meat – Gone!

Last week, the USDA announced it would be withdrawing its standard for the grass-fed meat label. The agency is giving producers who used the grass-fed label thirty days to (1) convert the current “grass-fed” standard, in which 99% of the animal’s feed must be from grass or forage, into their own private standard; (2) use some other “recognized grass-fed standard,” or else (3) develop a new, voluntary, grass-fed standard—whatever the company decides is fine with the USDA.

All of this is being implemented through the USDA’s Process Verified Program (PVP). As others have pointed out, PVP is not an inspection program intended to hold producers accountable to their claims, but rather a marketing program that allows producers to make their own claims about their products and slap a USDA logo on the label.

This is the same program that allows Perdue Foods, for example, to market their chickenas being “Humanely Raised,” “Raised Cage Free,” on an “All-Vegetarian Diet,” or with “No Animal By-Products.” The “Humanely Raised” label was such a sham that it drove a Perdue chicken farmer to start a campaign to stop the USDA from putting their stamp of approval on the company’s meat because consumers were, in the farmer’s words, being “hoodwinked.”


So if producers can create their own standard and call their product “grass-fed,” and if there are no labeling regulations, it could contain 80%, or even 50%, and the rest grain-fed. There is just no way to know.


make sure to see how Bioengineered Nanofoods are in our foods as well.

More Dangerous than GMO’s! ~ BioEngineered NanoFoods ~ but Shhh It’s a Secret!

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