Obama Wants $4 Billion to Subsidize Silicon Valley Driverless Cars

( ~ Ed. are you sick of this shite yet?  It’s not enough that those that wish in the future to drive their own cars will be of the ‘privilaged class’,  all will be forced into cars remotely controlled w/ door locks that can take you anywhere it wants without your having any input or choice. ..and Obombyall wants to subsidized, with our money, on top of 18 Trillion of current debt, to help the richest compaines in the world, who pay little to no taxes in the U.S….think about that!)

Obama Wants $4 Billion to Subsidize Silicon Valley Driverless Cars

Rinspeed/Rex Features/AP

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In the Obama Administration’s latest welfare for Silicon Valley billionaires, the President intends to ask Congress for $4 billion in federal subsidies and nationalization of transportation safety regulations in an effort to speed the deployment of driverless cars.

US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, surrounded by about a dozen auto and Silicon Valley tech leaders, announced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit that the U.S. Department of Transportation Agency intends to remove “potential roadblocks to the integration of innovative, transformational automotive technology that can significantly improve safety, mobility, and sustainability.” These code words mean driverless regulatory design is being turned over to Silicon Valley.

Fox also released a statement that details President Obama’s request for the 2017 budget to steer about $400 million in each of the next 10 years to “test pilot programs to test connected vehicle systems in designated corridors throughout the country, and work with industry leaders to ensure a common multi-state framework for connected and autonomous vehicles.” These code words mean big subsidies flowing to Silicon Valley.

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