Executive Powers???; Gun Control but Can’t Close Gitmo???

So the President of the U.S. is about to further impede on 2nd amendment rights for all to protect themselves by using Executive power of the pen to do what Congress won’t and what the people have no say in.

Christie, Bush take aim at Obama’s plan to use executive powers to tighten gun control laws

Some Democracy!  Some Republic! Some We the People!

So why doesn’t he use his Executive power, like he did to authorize the drone murdering of Americans,

Obama to do ‘everything I can’ to close Gitmo

Like he did with the NDAA laws to declare anyone he wants an enemy combatant who can the be taken without due process, to be held in secret prisons and tortured without any rights whatsoever?

Tyranny is Growing in America via Executive Orders

Yet, once again, Congress and State laws increase and take away more rights, while zero laws are repealed

Feds Created More Regulations in 2015 Than in Any Previous Year

President “I’ll Bombyall” has invaded Libya and disposed of an elected leader, he has increased military presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and now is bombing the crap out of Syria, on ISIS created by U.S. opposition.

Trillions of dollars have been spent of our money, killing millions of innocents. And never ever forget the whole Iraq Invasion was started on deliberate lies by our government!

Why does no one speak to this ugly, horrible fact of our current American history?

He as authorized billions to fund the dictatorships in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel with our tax payer dollars and now approval by Congress, since he doesn’t feel they are necessary in his dictatorship on who he will war with.

The US spends $35 billion on foreign aid

And now he declares, by self proxy, the he will make further law to restrict our personal rights to buy guns and ammo, even further.

On his watch, many government agencies, like the USPS??, have bought millions of rounds of hollow pt. (made to kill more deeply) bullets, and he has approved increased funding each year in office for more war spending against those he simply declares he doesn’t like.

US Postal Service Joins in Federal Ammo Purchases

Amerika, how much longer will all just keep taking it?

Some are doing something about it!  Time to join the Resistance. You may not approve of their reasons or motives, but at least some Americans are doing SOMETHING about the hostile takeover of our country by liars, thieves and murderers in nice suits.

Armed group takes over Oregon wildlife refuge building

2016: The Year of Conscious Activism

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No Freedom for U.S. in Amerika






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