Daddy, What Was it Like to Drive Your Own Car?

Americans will look back on pre-autonomy like the age of Casio calculators and DOS prompts. Remember cab drivers? Remember traffic jams? Remember when parents lived in dread that their children would die in a car accident? Death and major injury from traffic accidents will drop drastically. The automobile’s other costs—decreased productivity, fuel burned in uncoordinated traffic—will be swept away.

“Beyond the practical benefits, autonomous cars could contribute $1.3 trillion in annual savings to the U.S. economy alone,” wrote Ravi Shanker, a Morgan Stanley analyst covering the U.S. auto business. Global savings? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.6 trillion.

Private car ownership is on the road to becoming a rarity ….

…In 25 years, the only people owning cars will be hobbyists, hot rodders and Flat Earthers

Control of the Masses is Agenda Job #1 of the Wealthy Elite.

What better way than to have them locked in a tin can driven wherever you want to take them, with locks to imprison controlled solely by your whim….and we’ll sell it to them as more “freedom”!

Within 5 short years, Big Google, Big Apple and the Auto Manufacturing, Insurance and Finance Industries plan to have over 35% of the population being “chauffeured” around, saving (pick a number) lives a year, and saving you all sorts of ….”time” while saving you money from expensive costs driving your own PPV’s or Personal Pollution Vehicles.

Driving your own car will be a “selfish” act going forward, whereas being locked into a person less car, doors lock, destination determined solely by a computer program, designed by people you have never met nor understand fully their intentions or motivations, will give you more “freedom’s” that you never had when driving behind the wheel of your own car.

Insurance rates to drive PPV”S will sky rocket. Already, driving by the mile charges are being tested in Oregon and other states. DMV is rolling over to fast forward driverless cars while serious questions remain as to the decision making capabilities of driverless cars performance…”is it a kid chasing a ball onto the street….or just a ball ..” , “Is it a crash that will be fatal to others outside the vehicle, yet save my passengers lives???….”,  etc.

“Level 4 AV technology, when the vehicle does not require a human driver, would enable transportation for the blind, disabled or those too young to drive,” says the Rand Corporation in a report on the subject. “The benefits for these groups would include independence, reduction in social isolation, and access to essential services.”

These same benefits would return mobility to millions on the margins, including the elderly, the working poor and those who have lost their driving privileges due to a criminal record. (It’s not hard to see the throughline between autonomy and the hobbling economic effects of mass incarceration.)”

Once the sheeple flock to driverless cars and give up one of the last “freedoms” of the road we have enjoyed for decades, we can be directed anywhere by the “system” without our approval or our consent.  It will be sold as “party-time”, “more leisure time w/ games galore inside” and a “privacy” mode for extramarital hank-panky adventures.

You will hear the touting of driver-less “safety records” and who will sue Google…and win?….they with all the lawyers and money and legal experts…if you happen to be injured, or worse in a crash involving Google cars… What, you did not read the fine, fine print that absolves them of every liability and responsibility.

BAttery plug ins will be everywhere, and priority parking and car pool lanes access for those that drink the “take my life in your hands computer car” kool-aid.   We are environmentally “friendly”, all the driver-less ads espouse, while completely ignoring the acid chemicals, and long shelf life of dead batteries buried mountains high into our human trash storage depot, we call Mother Earth.

It’s an ownership society we are diving head clueless into the abyss.  Privileges, rights and freedoms are being canned, and crammed into a computer driven, human face-less world, where within one year, all who wish to fly will have to have a new Real ID w/ Biometric tagging and likely up to date vaccinations.

And the sheeple will file in lines in great excitement to be further coined, cataloged, tagged, chipped and recorded while being driven, driverless, to where they thnk they want to go, until it is too late.

The car arrives a an unfamiliar location. The doors are locked their is no escape. Two men in full military fatigues unlock the code to your driverless car and take you away.

The President of the United States has enacted Executive Order 3243 that states anyone, can be detained, renditioned, have their assets confiscated, imprisoned and even “droned” to death on his/her say so alone.

..”So we drive then up the price of gasoline just as we do the mass roll out of our driverless cars.  We jack insurance rates to the sky for those that still want to drive, charge by the mile driven, place ads everywhere that to drive yourself in your own personal pollution vehicle is being “selfish” and “non-communitarian” and “creating greenhouse gases”, etc…

Then we start shutting down the gas stations and make plug ins easily accessible and make parking spaces only for DV’s…oh, it will be so easy to convert the sheeple, so easy…”

There are way to many sheeple, the Georgia Guidestones tells us. 93% too many people on this cancerous EArths, the 1st and last “commandment” is etched in stone, the wealthy elite inscribed on the finest of granite monumnets in Elberton, GA.  In 8 languages so that all with eyes to see, and ears to hear can “get it”.

But few do. They are “Bread and Circused” until the merry go round ends and they wake up and find themselves somewhere they never, ever dreamed they would be

….Camp Fema, A Haliburton, Dick Cheney Creation.

Google Pairs With Ford To Build Self-Driving Cars

Ford to Spend $4.5 Billion by 2020 on Electric Vehicles

Oregon Is First State to Charge Drivers for Each Mile They Drive

California Slams the Brakes On Google’s Driverless Car

Driverless Car Accident Reports Make Unhappy Reading

The Next Frontier in Formula Racing: Driverless Cars

Inside the self-driving car of the future – CBS Newy

6 Problems Driverless Cars Will Need to Overcome

Will Your Driverless Car Kill You So Others May Live?

It’s 2025. You and your daughter are riding in a driverless car along the Pacific Coast Highway. The autonomous vehicle rounds a corner and detects a crosswalk full of children. It brakes, but your lane is unexpectedly full of sand from a recent rock slide. It can’t get traction. Your car does some calculations: If it continues braking, there’s a 90 percent chance that it will kill at least three children. Should it save them by steering you and your daughter off the cliff?

This isn’t an idle thought experiment. Driverless cars will be programmed to avoid collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles. They will also be programmed to protect the safety of their passengers. What happens in an emergency when these two aims come into conflict?

By 2017-2020, all major car manufactures, including new entries, Apple and Google driver-less cars, plan to have battery driven automobiles on our roadways.

IKEA promises rapid rollout of electric car chargers

Speedy charging driving a global boom in electric cars

 Apple Is Working on an Electric Car

With the new battery cars will come the “pay-by-the-mile” economy of transportation. (We are already being prepped in web crawler ads on the Rothschild’s Weather Channel and many Alt-News websites.)

As part of corporations extremely successful business plans, with its quasi public/private relationships to “socialize costs, privatize profits” strategy, PG & E, the states largest utility company, is aggressively petitioning California state legislators to fund some $653.8 million, paid solely by state taxpayers. There plans are to install some 25,000 electrical charging stations. (This is just after they reported a record up 65% Q1 last week!)   (Source)

Nearly 44% of PG & E earnings have relied on their generating energy from hydroelectric dams placed in and around the states mountain ranges. Their system is built along 16 river basins stretching nearly 500 miles—from Redding in the north to Bakersfield in the south. PG&E’s 68 powerhouses, including a pumped storage facility, have a total generating capacity of 3,896 MW and rely on nearly 100 reservoirs located primarily in the higher elevations of California’s Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascade mountain ranges.

So with little hydroelectric water being available again this year, where is PG & E planning to get their energy for all the battery car charging stations they are building out?


Enter the State, and their new hundreds of billions of dollars of new-to-be issued floating debt to be paid by huge future taxes, so they can literally dam the entire state’s basins with hydro-electric dams.

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