Something Big is Happening

Out of the old compost, new seeds are planted.

In any great CrISIS, there is opportunity, but first you must have you oxygen mask on secure and tight (got food, water, shelter), prepare for much more difficult times ahead for all, and turn off your television….and Tell Your Vision, then set about create a much better world for all.


First, on Dec. 13, 2015, there was the staged Crisis with ISIS.

Which was preceded by the top spook agencies all meeting in Washington D.C, A PRIVATE CORPORATION

The Corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


…This was followed up by another blatant false flag “shooting” with live drill accompanying the staged event.


San Bernardino Eye Witness; “3 Tall Athletic White Men”


Isis being a totally fabricated ‘frenemy’ or combined Vatican, KGB, M16 and CIA creation. If anyone were to stop for one second and think about where 1) ISIS got all the military gear, 2) how did the army get so powerful that it required the biggest, baddest military’s together (U.S., Russia, France, England, Canada, etc.)  that cannot stop them (see 9/11) and 3) why is an American celebrity running or President, and former Jesuit trained businessman calling a Holy War on 22% of the World Population when they have every right to retaliate after we invaded Iraq on LIES, where over one-and-one-half million INNOCENT people have died because U.S. lied!

Next President? Jesuit or Jesuit? You Choose Amerika?!?

Second, the next week came the Paris(is) “Climate Change” conference where 196 countries (out of?) came to some accord or another.  The Governors conference was held by the Jesuit trained Governor of California (home to the “Greatest Drought in History and mandatory vaccinations for all children), with his Jesuit handler sitting directly behind him.

Jesuit Trained Governor Brown Running Climate Change Conference in Paris

Third, came the Federal Reserve (A PRIVATE CORPORATION) raising of interest rates setting off mass debt servitude expansion costs, which began the beginning of the end of the 7 year stock market rally that expanded our current debt load by $15 TRILLION Dollars at the same co-incidental time ($ @150,000 per U.S. man, woman and baby to be born).  When rates rise, stocks fall, and from these levels…….

Feds 7 Yr. No Rate Hike Is Over…So Are the Markets. Look Out Below

Fourth, today, The Rothschilds  aka the Bank of Int’l  Settlement, with the guiding approval of the Vatican, allowed the Reminbi to be a World Currency usurping over 80 years of dominance of the American Petrol Dollar.

12/18 Chinese Renminbi is now a global reserve currency


Fifth, Congress passes massive, record, off the charts, $1.1 Trillion spending (not saving!) bill where over 40% goes to the Dept. of Offense for further offensive wars, in our name, with tax dollars we give them, including a snuck-in-the-last-minute massive Cyber Security Act (read: lockdown USA) law that erodes any rights we may think we have left.

Massive Year-End Spending Bill Includes Cybersecurity Act

while at the same day and time…

12/16 Yale Students Eagerly Sign Petition to Repeal the First Amendment

12/16 Facebook, Google and Twitter agree to German “hate speech” deal


And then TODAY….

12/18 World Powers, Meeting in New York, to Address Syrian War and ISIS

(Now please note how all the Western States NemIsiS’ are now sitting around a U-shaped table, deciding who will live and die in just one part, of one country, with a ‘frenemy’ that was created by those at the table….you cannot make this absurdity up!    ….Also note, how all agreements are being held at the United Nations, the stated NWO HQ, founded on property donated by J.D. Rockefeller, on land that used to be a large slaughterhouse in the day.)

  “This is the third meeting of the so-called International Syria Support Group, which is led by the top envoys of the United States and Russia, and includes the regional rivals Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — which have vastly different agendas in Syria, as well as the Arab League and the European Union.

American officials said that before the full group began its discussions on Friday, Secretary of State John Kerry had conferred with his Russian counterpart, Sergey V. Lavrov, and that they had then met with envoys of the other three permanent members of the Security Council — Britain, China and France.

The talks are meant to produce a resolution by the end of the day, giving the council’s blessing to the international support group and to the road map for peace. Diplomats say the work has been held up by crucial differences between Russia and the United States.

There were at least three unresolved issues when the talks began: which groups in Syria should be defined as terrorists, whether the Council would recognize the bloc of Syrian opposition groups that came together in Saudi Arabia last week, and whether President Bashar al-Assad should be allowed to run for another term in office.

Mr. Kerry met with the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, on Thursday evening, and he is scheduled to meet with the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, later on Friday. The seating plan for the group talks Friday morning had Mr. Jubeir and Mr. Zarif directly facing each other across the U-shaped negotiating table.”

WWIII has begun and it’ a Holy War as prophesized by Albert Pike, Grand Master Freemason, and lap dog to the Vatican Jesuits to take down the entire Middle East.

Paris Attacks Signal Beginning of WWIII

And to Distract you from all this…..

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ review: ‘Just see it. You’ll love it’

Brought to you by the biggest perv’s the movie industry has ever seen…(Lucas sold Star Wars for $3 billion to Disney)

The Evil Dark Side Of All Things Disney

and finally ….

Mother Teresa to Be Made a Saint After Jesuit Pope Francis OKs Miracle

(Popes are infallible, approve miracles, vicars to God, sanction child pedophilia throughout the priesthood and wage Holy Wars since 00 AD…in God’s name of course)

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