Drive Up Flu Shots in Prep For Mass Emergency Vaccinations?

It was nothing new for Al and Betty Elfer. A retired Marine, Al Elfer was a little impatient with the paperwork saying he figured in this computer-dominated age the health information would be available at the touch of a button. Betty Elfer patiently filled in the paperwork for both.

But it didn’t take long, and they never had to get out of their car or wait to hear there names called, they just drove from station to station. Like everyone who got a shot, they had to wait in park at the end to ensure they didn’t have a reaction to the vaccine.

Unlike at typical flu clinics, there were fire trucks and police cars standing by at the Glynn County Health Department because it had always been planned as an exercise to test response to a disaster in which massive public vaccinations were required.

Both the Glynn County and Brunswick police and fire departments had officers and equipment on the scene, and Glynn County Emergency Management Director Capt. Jay Wiggins was there.


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