Why False Flags Occur on Specific Days by the Occult Sociopaths

This is really, really excellent knowledge from a guy who was in the Church of Satan for 10 years.

Show Notes:

Psychological Ops Warfare Using Ritual Sacrifice

Deep Levels of Fear to Numb and Control.

Blood Letting Ritual.

Season of Sacrifice

40 Days of Spring. March 22 – May 1st or May Day

False Flags in Spring. Just more Co-Incedents??
• 4/19/1775 Battles of Lexicon and Concord by British
• 4/14/1865 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

   4/19/1861 Baltimore Riots (13 died)
• 4/14/1912 Sinking of the Titanic (1512 died)
• 4/4/1968   Assassination of Martin Luther King
• 4/19/1993 Waco Massacre
• 4/19/1995 Oklahoma City Bombing
• 4/28/1996 Port Arthur Massacre, Australia
• 3/26/1997 Heaven’s Gate Cult “Suicides”
• 3/24/1998 Westside Middle School Massacre in Arkansas
• 4/20/1999 Columbine High School Shootings
• 3/20/2003 “Shock & Awe” Iraq War Begins
• 4/16/2007 Virginia Tech Massacre
• 4/29/2010 Moscow Subway Bombings
• 4/19/2010 BP Oil Rig Attacks
• 4/19/2011 Invasion of Libya by U.S. Begins
• 4/15/2013 Boston Bombings

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