Happy Birthday Sagitarians

archerr4mahabharata9A scene from The Mahabharata directed by Peter Brook.

“Millionaires don’t follow Astrology but Billions Sure Do”  J. P. Morgan

Happy birthday, Sagittarius! You’re the sign that teaches us to think big, cast our eyes to the horizon, and set off on great adventures. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, you are the philosopher, the preacher, the teacher, the vagabond, and the explorer. Sagittarius has a reputation for great wisdom — wisdom forged from the trials and darkness of Scorpio. In Sag we return to the light.

A few things to keep in mind. One, Saturn is in Sagittarius. Normally Sag is all about freedom, but Saturn reigns us in, makes us commit. So, there’s a bit of tension between Sag’s natural sense of growth and optimism and Saturn’s realism. Two, Jupiter is in Virgo, another practical and no nonsense layer to this year’s Sagittarius season. There’s a seriousness to next few weeks, a need to contemplate big existential questions and make lasting decisions. Three, Neptune is in Pisces. What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I connect to something bigger than myself?

Time to set sail.

Sagittarius 2015: Visioning a New World. Paris. Terrorism. Saturn in Sagittarius.

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