# Fake Lives Matter?!?

Though this is a hilarious parody, it underlies a very serious fact that our governments are creating false flag violence using “CrISIS Actors” to kill and murder their own people to further the long term agenda for Full Spectrum Dominance of All by the Elite sociopathic few.

This will only end when enough of us wake up and demand justice to bring these murders with names like Blair, Cameron, Bush, Obama, Putin, Hollande, etc.. as well as those behind the scenes like Pope Francis, Black Pope Adolfo Nicolas and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) to trial for conviction and justice.

1 thought on “# Fake Lives Matter?!?

  1. This is wrong on so many levels. Do you ever ask yourself the question “what if I am wrong?”

    Sandy Hook was a conspiracy, yes indeed. Did people die? I don’t know. Do crisis actors play a role in these things? I don’t know.That’s right, I am not in possession of the truth. the truth is something I seek.

    And if you are right, does snark really advance your cause at all?

    Maybe this woman had nothing to do with it. What if she legitimately thought her sister was dead right at that moment? Do you know – FOR SURE – that she didn’t?

    There are lots and lots of white women with long brown hair parted on one side. Lots. They might look similar with grimaces on their faces, but each of those women – if you really take the time to research the issue – looks very different from the others.

    Either you are right or you are wrong. If you are wrong you are making fun of a woman who lost her sister. If you are right you are making jokes out of something incredibly serious.


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