Secret Society Numerology and Our Mass Programming

This is an excellent video to give an overview of how we all are being programmed and worked by Secret Societies who own and control all.

Also note in our everyday greeting, we use the word Hell-O and in school and by our parents teachings we are told not to swear, yet when we go into a court room we must “swear” to tell the truth.

Corporation comes from the word “Corpse” so by creating fictitious characters of all of us through our signing up for SSN’s, Driver Licenses, Banks (all names are in Capital Letters), we have agreed to be a “corpse” in their “corpse-o-ration.”

They got us coming and going in their sick games of mass mind control.


666 – Proof the Social Security Number is the Mark of the Beast

Cycles of Life

1. Exist
2. Aware
3. Create
4. Study
5. Struggle
6. Master
7. Rest
8. Reward
9. End

Primary #’s 9 End; 2 Aware 9/11
5 Struggle, War Stress ;
When you struggle it prevents you from awakening



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