Putin Sr. Advisor, RT TV Founder, Dead at 57. Why? Who?

“Putin Associate Found Dead in DC Hotel”.

In reality, Lesin was not merely a “Putin Associate”, but a senior Russian government advisor (2004 – 2009) holding the position of Press Minister (1999 – 2004), and was also a businessman who, as head of Gazprom-Media Holdings (2013 -2015), was well-known not just in Russia, but internationally too.

Lesin is also credited with creating the highly successful global news network Russia Today (RT).

Lesin was 57 years old, an age where heart attacks happen (aka Suicided), but not extremely often.


Congress Shows off Heart Attack “Suicided” Gun in 1975.


Russians in Bed with NWO since before WWI.  Ambassador to Russia, Avril Harriman ran Russia for 6 months when Lenin went psychotic.  Lenin/Stalin murdered over 20 MILLION of their own people.  this is who we are still dealing with today, truth be told.

All Wars Are Well Planned Banker Wars, including WWIII



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