12th Hour on our Extinction Level Event (ELE)


Project “LUCY” and “ALAMO”

What does it take to wake up everyone to the most important news regarding the very survival of all beings on our Earth.

There is NOTHING more important than the daily news of mass methane gas releases coming out of the Western Pacific Ocean, the Arctic, Greenland and Siberia.

NOTHING.  While Mad Scientists use mass destructive untested technology to attempt to blast mass methane bursts as they release from the ocean floors and the far Northern Latitudes of our world that sustains and holds all life.

NOTHING!  Send this around. Wake up your family, friends, cohorts and general public.

Arise. Awaken. Act.

Massive Heating of the Pacific Ocean Recorded for All to See…but does anyone care???


Methane Plumes Bubbling along U.S. Northwest Coast

Researchers report a spike in the number of methane plumes along the Northwest coast emanating from depths of about 500 meters, a possible indication that submerged frozen methane is becoming available

“And we calculated that the amount of methane that’s released from this hydrate decomposition is equivalent to the Deep Horizons spill in the Gulf of Mexico, every year.”


October of 2015 May be the Hottest Month Ever Recorded — A Record That May Stand For But a Month


Government Implements Illegal “Gag Order” On National Weather Service And NOAA Employees

Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification

Doubling Down On Geoengineering, Upcoming Conference To Discuss Microwaving The Atmosphere


4 thoughts on “12th Hour on our Extinction Level Event (ELE)

  1. I’m watching your excellent video on methane, geo-engineering and HAARP, crop loss and water shortages. Thank you. Please watch Cowspiracy and read the Sustainability Crisis out this Fall. Failing to address the cow in the room which is a greater source of methane than fracking will lead to the 6th Great Extinction faster than all other sources explored. We must demand that the world awaken to the extreme planetary costs of meat and dairy consumption.


  2. Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:
    The Fourth Turning is now – an era when institutions are suddenly proven ineffectual or are torn down to build something entirely new. It is a time of enormous rebuilding of public, social, political, and economic life – usually in response to an urgent crisis or series of crises that seem to threaten our society’s very survival.

    While you can usually guess before-hand what the initial catalyst of the Fourth Turning will be, you can’t possibly foresee before the catalyst how the entire Fourth Turning will ultimately change the world.

    Click to access %28Economy%20090928%29%20Into%20The%20Fourth%20Turning.pdf


    1. Hi Ms. Agostino,
      I just wanted to thank you for your comments, diligence to get the truth out and Activism. It is sorely needed in this willfully ignorant society we are apart of. Thank you.


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