Obama Letting In 200,000 Refugees from Syria…to Detroit!!

More than 4 million Syrians have left their country in what is now the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. On Monday, President Barack Obama said the U.S. will increase the number of refugees “we admit to the U.S. to 100,000 per year for the next two years,” an increase from the 75,000 the U.S. took in this fiscal year. Many of those refugees are expected to be Syrians who could end up in Michigan, which has the highest concentration of Arab Americans in the U.S.

Refugees like Assad usually get three months of assistance that helps with shelter and food. After that, they’re on their own.

My recent YT on Obama’s mass immigration, visa-less, open border policy has not gained traction, yet his efforts to overpopulate areas of the U.S. with refugees…mostly, healthly young males, should be of grave concern to all.

Mass U.S. Open Border Immigration Comes to U.S

Are these really mercenaries trained by Blackwater/Academia/Xe to shut down resistance to NWO plans of complete takeover of the bankrupt U.S.?   Will a new Ebola strain come out of this to make all have mandatory vaccines with rfid chips. mercury, formaldehyde and aborted female stem cells in their dosages?

And why is none of this being reported in whorporate media? hmm.


Obama to accept 200,000 Syrian refugees to Arab capital of the US: Michigan, costing the taxpayers billions.

Why Is Idaho Hiring An Ebola Coordinator? The Silent UN-Muslim Invasion Of the US Has Begun

1 thought on “Obama Letting In 200,000 Refugees from Syria…to Detroit!!

  1. We had better watch very closely as to whom they really are, which nationality. They may be bringing in Khazars from Israel. Then Israel gets destroyed. The new mount is built!


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