108 in LA; Oct. 8, 2015. Shatters Record by 12 Deg. No Climate Change Cited

The time and temperature sign at Vanowen Street and Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Canoga Park at a 76 gas station shows 107 degrees at 3 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015

~Ed.  So no Worldwide Earth warming???  If you live in the Geo-engineered “polar vortex” of the East Coast you may be in denial but everywhere else, the Earth is on fire, yet in CA, during the “Greatest Drought in the History of CA”, according to Gov. Jerry “jesuit priest” Brown, we can still water lawns, keep golf courses going, car washes, new business starts rising, wineries sucking water, etc… no problema.

Now laws are in place to dam up the entire CA basin over the next decades costing us an estimated One-half TRILLION dollars while laws have been put on the books to take private well water rights away from those of us with our own water supplies.

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Heat wave shatters records across Southern California

New temperature records were recorded throughout Southern California, according to the weather service.

Camarillo Airport reached 108 degrees, surpassing the record of 96 degrees set for the date in 1976, and setting the bar as the highest temperatures ever recorded there since recordings started since 1948. The old record was set at 103 degrees on Sept. 24, 1978.

• Burbank Airport recorded 104 degrees, replacing the record of 101 degrees in 1976.

• Chula Vista reached 98 degrees, topping the previous record of 97 degrees in 1994.

• El Cajon temperatures were as high as 103 degrees, replacing a record of 98 degrees in 1991.

• Escondido heated up to 102 degrees, breaking the previous record of 100 degrees in 1909.

• Long Beach Airport reported temperatures at 105 degrees, breaking a record of 102 in 1988.

• Riverside recorded a high of 104 degrees, topping the previous record of 103 degrees in 1991.

• Sandberg reached 88 degrees, surpassing a record of 97 degrees in 1996.

• Santa Ana reached a scorching 106 degrees, breaking a record of 102 in 1988.

• Santa Barbara Airport reported a high of 96 degrees, topping the prior high of 95 degrees in 1994.

4 thoughts on “108 in LA; Oct. 8, 2015. Shatters Record by 12 Deg. No Climate Change Cited

  1. This summer has been very mild in comparison to previous years, and I have lived in
    So Cal for 66 years. One day does not make a trend! The entire “global warming” scam is just a hoax perpetrated on unscientific gullible people for the purpose of income redistribution around the world aka Socialism. I do not doubt the government is geoengineering the climate for all sorts of nefarious reasons, mostly for evil reasons.


    1. what does it take? trees dying off, blown away record temps over 100 in October, geo-engineered drought, mandatory forced vaccines on our children or no school, now mandatory further eroding gun rights legislation in CA while they cut off water to our critical central valley farmers yet allow golf courses, car washes, restaurants, etc. to use water as business as usual in the “Greatest Drought in CA history” .
      If you sleep through this one, you’ll awaken shortly because we are being fried off this Earth along with all other life. wake up.


  2. What’s does it take? Very good question. And after a process of elimination I’m just about out of denial. How about EXTINCTION? Extinction of all life on Earth is what it’s going to take at the hands of the EVIL (WHOM WE INVESTED A MODEST AMOUNT OF EFFORT LEARNING ABOUT) and the stupid (WHOM I NOW REFER TO IN SOME INSTANCES AS MY FORMER FAMILY AND FRIENDS) taking the rest of us and all life with them within the next 10 to 15 years. Anyone born now, will likely not survive their childhood. We can hope. We will continue to suffer evermore with any odds in our favor of survival quickly passing us by. I’m working on forgiveness at this point. I’m realizing that stupidity at this level arguably disqualifies them from being human or even alive at this point. Their brains short-circuited as a result of Aluminum, et al metals building up in their system, multiplied by Fluoride sprayed on their food and added to municipal water supplies and compounded by their vaccinations, GMO’s and crappy education. “There’s nothing I can do. I’m only one person. So I don’t see the use in bothering myself with matters I don’t understand like politics. I’m glad you’re interested, but I rather not hear about it. I’ll get depressed and/or angry, and it’s just not worth it. Life is too short.” and the usual last words “You shouldn’t let it bother you too much either.” And I cannot believe some of the thoughts I cannot ignore that go through my head such as “So I survived the Moral Majority and Christian Fundamentalist movement of the 80’s and their attack against the LGBT community for being depraved and lacking in morality in their eyes for this? So I can too often feel isolated and like the last person I know in my life off-line who has any morals and respect for life?”


    1. Good Rant! I’m with ya. it’s been a long, hard struggle between the ears and to accept that blissful ignorance rules most these days. I would challenge you though to continue speaking out and keeping current on all this. the fact your reading this blog site is testimony to your caring. If we do not speak out and be heard, who will? It is our moral obligation and duty. I don’t know if you have children, but they have no future if we don’t do whatever we can to stop the madness. Be strong. We are in this together. thanx for the note.


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