Crisis Actor/CNN Announcer Extraordinaire~Barbara “Starr”

Theater of the Absurd

If this doesn’t convince everyone it is ALL a big, ugly hoax on us all, i do not know what will.

This is a sick, sick game the PTB are playing on all to get fear and take away gun rights as well as fund further police state/para military ops as well as invade public schools with more cctv’s with mass surveillance systems.

How can mainstream media report on this, when they are an integral part of the scam?

FireShot Capture 17 - Russia is not bombing ISIS. Why_ Because NATO_ -

Wherever and whenever you see this lady known as CNN’s Barbara Starr it’s major league DHS/FEMA False Flag Anti-Gun Agenda Bullcrap. In my previous article about the staged DHS Chatanooga shooting, Barbara was reporting on it. In Sandy Hook she played Victoria Munoz friend of the fictional Nancy Lanza. Before that she was a witness at the staged Boston bombing and played a different witness in Watertown during the lock-down and search for the DHS/FBI patsies the Tsaranov brothers.

She has also played Bouthaina Shaaban aid to Syrian President Al-Assad of Syria. No matter how many looks her Zionist masters can muster-up for her she’s stunningly repulsive.

12 videos of crisis actors exposes. scroll to 10/12 for Barbara Starr expose.

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