Mass U.S. Open Border Immigration Comes to U.S.


Why this major critical story is not being reported by the Alt-News sites is beyond me. please share with all.

Over the past two weeks President Obama, Sec.of State, John Kerry, and Ca Governor Jerry Brown have spoken and take action towards greatly opening U.S. borders to refugees and immigrants without needing passport or visa.

This is part of President Obama’s “New America Task Force” to build “Welcoming Committees” to help intergrate and settle mass immigrants planning to be allwoed into the U.S.
Is this part of a bigger plan to bring Blackwater trained para military young men into Europe and the U.S. to quell future unrest as the wealthy elite play out their End Game strategy?

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Obama admin. to allow thousands of Haitians into U.S. without visas…

John Kerry Announces Open Border Policy for United States Immediate Integration w/o Visa or Passport.…

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