As the Birds Go, We Go


“Bird Grade” Graduation

My 9 yr. old son just graduated from 3rd, or “bird grade”, as the locals refer to his class. In 3rd grade they spend much of the school year studying the life of birds, species, habitats, etc.

They pick a bird when the school year begins and then learn their eating, nesting and feeding habits. They make a paper machete of the bird as well as a storyboard and make a presentation to their classmates and parents at the end of the school year.

Last Spring my son would come home and get out the “Birds of Northern California” source book and dog ear the many, hundreds of different types of birds in and around our ranch.

On weekend mornings, he would sometimes climb into my bed and we’d wake up to the birds signing and play a game of trying to identify all the birds by their sounds as well as count how many different varieties of birds we could count based on their musical songs they would sing.

I say “would” now instead of “are” because the birds aren’t singing in the morning anymore.

Nary a one.

They haven’t now for weeks as I lay in bed in the mornings and listen to the silence where, until very recently, their would be a full vibrato chorus concerto all ornithologist’s would revel in.

My son came into bed this morning and said “Daddy, I’m not hearing the birds. Where did they go?”

I could not answer and got out of bed, went to the bathroom, closed the door and sobbed like a baby.

I thought of the massive, thick chemtrails laid out all over our skies yesterday, all afternoon, as the smoke from fires and oppressive 105 degree heat finally abated somewhat.

Of over ten years watching the “sky painting” going on above us all, I had never seen such thick cigar trails span out so quickly and omnipotently. Evidently the GE’er’s have a new “product” they are spraying us all like we are insects.

My God, what have we done to this only home that supports all life?

As the fish, the insects, the trees and the birds and the bees go, so go we.

What have we done to our only home that has supported life for all?

What do I tell my son?.



massive "Strategic Radiation Management" over Marin County, CA 8/18/15 @ 3:30 pm.
massive “Strategic Radiation Management” over Marin County, CA
8/18/15 @ 3:30 pm.


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