Heads Up! Got Food?


Big Heads Up All.

Food supplies around the world are in peril, California, which has supplied over 40% of much domestic food and produce are seeing their food crops die off in a matter of weeks.

Additionally, water to Central Valley farmers have had water supplies greatly reduced or eliminated entirely yet strangely, or maybe not-so- coincidentally, golf courses, wineries, car washes, new business development, restaurants, etc. are practicing business as usual with state and local governance requiring only voluntary cut backs, yet water use fees are climbing across the state.

These photos I took last Saturday, Aug. 15th, along Interstate Highway 5 about 120 miles North of Sacramento in the “Bread Basket” of the California heartland.   We saw hundreds and hundreds of acres of corn, almost full ears, dead within the past two weeks as well as large acreage of crop loss of Sunflowers, that had already full flowered, dead as well, like some one had turned their DNA off.

A friend reported he saw the same things happening along Highway 80 in Vacaville and Sacramento, CA.

School entrains us to be mostly left brain, analytical thinkning, task specific. Connecting dots into Big Picture, wholistic thinking is more a right brain hemisphere activity.  Most will not understand the immediacy to secure personal and local food supplies as extreme heat across the West continues without let up.


Two Fish were swimming in the ocean. One says to the other, “kinda a murky water today”. Other fish replies, “what water?”.




20 miles N on Highway 5, one hour North of Sacramento. Corn Stalks are full, ears of corn 2-4 inches about three weeks before harvest and all crop has just died. As Far as the eye can see.  Hundreds and hundreds of acres. Little to No Food Production in the “Food Basket of America.”


In addition this past two weeks of news.

July 31, 2015

Egg prices in N. Ca have doubled in a matter of weeks.

Egg prices soar as bird flu fears come home to roost …

Did You Know That The U.S. No Longer Has Any Strategic Grain Reserves At All?


Illegal food imports

Aug 14, 2015

This news is little being reported in Western media as Russians are being starved once more.  Are we seeing the Bolshevik Revolution Redux where tens of millions of Russians were starved to death by Joseph Stalin?

Putin orders ‘destruction’ of Western foods – Washington Times

Food fight in Russia as government bulldozes, burns illegal produce, meat imports

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest show of defiance against Western adversaries has deployed bulldozers, steamrollers and tractors to destroy hundreds of tons of illegally imported food in televised spectacles that some of his own countrymen are calling absurd and grotesque.

In a country where millions starved in the 1930s when the Soviet Union’s communist rulers forced collectivized agriculture on the peasantry, the Kremlin’s highly publicized enforcement of its year-old ban on European Union food imports is stirring protest among advocates of the poor and those with memories of Soviet-era shortages.

Since Putin’s Aug. 6 decree ordering destruction of illegally imported foods seized by customs inspectors, Russian state television has shown track-wheeled bulldozers driving over and crushing tons of fruits and vegetables and leaving the mashed garbage rotting in the summer sun.
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Amateur video posted on social media has also shown authorities from the Russian food safety agency, Rosselkhoznadzor, burning tons of meat intercepted at a border crossing from Belarus and mangling Hungarian goose meat found in a remote Tatarstan village grocery store.

Young women acting as patriotic enforcers have shown up at gourmet food stores in the capital sporting T-shirts with the message “Eat Russian” and slapping any offending produce with stickers reading “Sanctioned Product!”

Russian Agriculture Minister Aleksandr Tkachev has defended the destruction and called for speeding it up by deploying mobile food “crematoria” to border checkpoints. He also argues that destroying the seized food prevents corruption among agents who could abuse their position to sell the contraband or consume it themselves.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has signaled that the destruction policy is likely to continue in spite of public opposition. The images of burning and bulldozed food may be “unpleasant” for some, he said, but added that the seized foods are often of unknown origin, purity and freshness, potentially posing a health risk if consumed.

Russia a year ago banned the import of food and agricultural products from the European Union, in retaliation for the 28-nation alliance’s sanctions imposed on Russia for its March 2014 seizure and annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. The United States, Canada, Australia and Norway are also subject to Moscow’s import ban but had much smaller shares of the Russian market than did their European Union allies.

On Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that the Russian food import ban had been extended to Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Ukraine.

The decree includes detailed plans to destroy embargoed “agricultural products, raw materials and food products,” from the United States, the European Union, Australia, Canada and Norway if they are found being smuggled into Russian territory.

Customs officers are expected to seize mountains of important cheese, beef, carrots, etc., which will be thrown into incinerators beginning Aug. 6, The Telegraph reported.

“Unfortunately the amount of products arriving here in violation of the Russian embargo is actively increasing,” Dmitry Peskov, Mr. Putin’s spokesman, said in comments carried by Russian media. “These products and goods are on Russian territory illegally and we are obliged to take action to stop it. Any contraband is harmful,” he said.

The import bans were part of sanctions imposed in 2014 in response to Western sanctions on Russia following the crisis in Ukraine. The food bans have greatly affected the lives of Russian citizens who were among the largest importers of European goods.

The embargo was recently extended for another year until August 2016.

The ban covers fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, fish, and most meat. Exemptions from the ban include alcoholic beverages, cured meats and cereal products. Food brought in by individuals for their personal use is also exempt, The Telegraph reported.

The decree says that the destruction of the goods must take place in the presence of at least two “disinterested persons” and be photographed and filmed with images showing the time and date of destruction.

Holocaust by hunger: The truth behind Stalin’s Great Famine


Aug 14, 2015

Oyster farmers worried as climate change lowers ocean pH 

About 10 years ago, baby oysters, or spat, began to die at an alarming rate. Farms along the West Coast lost more than half of their bivalves before they reached maturity, creating a shortage of seed. That deficit hit Hog Island Oyster Co. in Marshall especially hard.

 So owners Terry Sawyer and John Finger began collaborating with UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Laboratory to figure out what was plaguing the water in Tomales Bay, their backyard.

After more than two years of tests, they have a better understanding of the condition afflicting West Coast oysters, mussels and clams. But there is trouble ahead for California’s shellfish industry as it faces the threat of species extinction.


On my ranch, fruit trees are dying quick deaths.  Here is just one example of a fruited apple tree, just weeks from full fruition with half the tree dead, half fruiting. This is happening to many orchards around the area as well.

Though we are in the greatest drought in CA history, my trees are/were 60+ yrs. old and have been dry farmed with great water springs still flowing well beneath them, which should eliminate drought being the sole cause.




Additionally, it is important to know and understand, as the world heats up, plants will not photosynthesize when temperatures go above 104 F degrees.  Rothschild owned Weather Channel is no regularly under reporting high temperatures by 5 -10 degrees as well as you can read here

Geoengineering And The Loss Of Photosynthesis


The main reason for such sudden collapse die off is due to the mass UVB radiation now entering Earth’s atmosphere as our recordings of UVB are registering 1,000% above what the EPA says the levels are. You can see our tests recorded in this must watch video.


The Rich People, headed by Bill Gates, built a “Doomsday Seed Vault” in 2007 that now houses heirloom seeds in a huge vault, costing over $100 million to build, in Norway.  Conspiracy or Coincidence?

“Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic

Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t

World-wide Catastrophic Crop Failure Being Reported


more relative news;

Record 20% of Households on Food Stamps in 2013

2015; States Tighten Conditions for Receiving Food Stamps

March 2015 House Budget Would Slash SNAP/Food Stamp Program by $125 Billion Over Next Ten Years

Seed sharing is illegal in nearly 30% of US states

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states

Chemtrails and Monsanto’s New Aluminum Resistance Gene – Coincidence? UPDATE

The Greatest Geoengineering Experiment Ever Attempted, And Why We Must Stop it NOW!

Could Northern California’s “Wildfires” Be Directly Related To Geoengineering?

California’s Big Water Plans; The End of Private Water Rights?

Georgia Guidestones, or “America’s Stonehenge” Calls for 90% Population Reduction




5 thoughts on “Heads Up! Got Food?

  1. Thank you TABU for all the critical ‘need to know’ detail and tell-tale photos of what you are seeing first-hand in California. I’m in the PNW and can attest to how many of the beautiful trees in our temperate rain forest are now more obviously in a sorry state of slow death. Can’t prove this is related (yet), but last year we lost both precious dogs within five months of one another, with the first succumbing to out of blue neurological seizures (14) and the second to Mediastinal Lymphoma (only 8). Unfortunately, even with best ‘safe’ foods and other means of protection (no vaccines, including rabies) the grim statistics these days are confirming that close to 50% of domestic dogs in this country are dying from some form of cancer.

    Anyway, soon after I saw your first Head’s Up yesterday, in came startling Chemtrail news from highly credible Sayer Ji, Founder of GreenMedInfo.com as he opined about a new study done by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health that is titled “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Engineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health.”

    I mean, as is based on rapidly dying crops and the 60 year old fruit trees that you are seeing…as well as steadily increasing cases of Alzheimer’s in far younger people (40’s); especially in your heavily sprayed, drought ridden state (an abnormal form when compared to ‘old fashioned’ dementia), and other brain diagnoses of ‘formerly rare’ Glioblastoma Multiforme tumor (just saw, now 1000 per day!) all of this newer detail (initiated by vigilant citizen such as yourself) really does look like its akin to that proverbial smoking gun.

    Therefore, if you haven’t already seen, I implore you to look for at above references in order to learn how this by-product chemical from the “dirty” Energy Industry is many times worse than what many of us have thought we were being sprayed with in the variety of forms of aluminum, barium, red blood cells, nano particles, etc.

    Keep up the great work; it matters more than you may (even) fathom.


    1. Great commentary and corollary!.
      coal fly ash is indeed being used to “mask” the true nature of chemtrail signature plus due to its type of make up, it stays in the atmosphere longer and spreads more, longer than previous polymers they had been using.

      My Sisters husband is now under 24/3665 care due to neurological disease at only 64 and at the GE conference the nuerologist that presented…Habib ???, said he was seeing patients in REdding in their 40’s! now as well as older and in large numbers.

      We must help educate the doctors now as to what is really going on.
      thanx again for the support, it get’s a bit lonely sometimes shining such light into such deep darkness.


    2. Great commentary and corollary!.
      coal fly ash is indeed being used to “mask” the true nature of chemtrail signature plus due to its type of make up, it stays in the atmosphere longer and spreads more, longer than previous polymers they had been using.

      My Sisters husband is now under 24/365 care due to neurological disease at only 64 and at the GE conference the nuerologist that presented…Habib ???, said he was seeing patients in REdding in their 40’s! now as well as older and in large numbers.

      We must help educate the doctors now as to what is really going on.
      thanx again for the support, it get’s a bit lonely sometimes shining such light into such deep darkness.


  2. Climate change is exacerbated by aircraft spraying chemical cocktails a.k.a. chemtrails 24/7, solar radiation management, weather wars, and HAARP heating the ionosphere.

    From a peer-reviewed paper published in the August 11th issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health under the title:
    Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere:
    Consequences for Public Health

    Court admissible evidence. http://chemtrailsmuststop.com/2015/08/u-s-government-dumping-tons-of-toxic-coal-fly-ash-into-atmosphere-via-chemtrails/


    1. Thanx for this Ms. Agostino. missed your contributions here. GE rally/protest last Friday was amazing. more on that later.
      Fly Coal Ash is being used to further cover up chemtrail activity by being able to blame it on coal ash plus coal fly ash is apparently a better polymer that spreads the stronium and aluminum over wider areas, longer, due to its light, adhesive properties…reminds me of how the Aluminum industry had a “waste” problem in the 40’s with fluoride, so they introduced into concentrated packaging and sold it to the municipal water companies. Killing two birds with one stone. Viola!


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