What If Nuclear Weapons Are Another Giant Hoax?

What if you were to learn that the A-bombs allegedly dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima were not dropped but these cities were carpet fire bombed just like Gen. LeMay had done to 62 other cities?
What if you learned that in the 70 years since there has been NO increase in radiation in either city, that their has been NO increases in cancer and radiation caused illness, yet we are told that Uranium and Plutonium radiation is supposed to increase greatly over time?

What if they just learned that the same folks that photoshopped the alleged moon landings used the same exact studio in Lookout Mountain, Ca to produce the alleged nuclear photos run by the CIA?

What if they just sold us all these massive lies and kept the money that they keep in secret bank accounts in Rothschild’s Switzerland and offshore tax havens?

What if they’ve been lying to us about EVERYTHING for over a century?

What if?


4 thoughts on “What If Nuclear Weapons Are Another Giant Hoax?

  1. I have to say, those are some pretty compelling “what if’s”….

    I guess I’ve basically come to the point on this one where I suppose I’m inwardly more leaning towareds “Yeah, that is probably a very likely possibility”, yet I think it’s one of those topics which might be significantly harder to prove/convince a whole lot of people in any definitive way, and in the end, I’m not sure that it really is a super crucial point to have to prove in order to show the broader existence of the N.W.O agenda, and their level of manipulation of the public.

    But yeah, when it comes to discussions between individuals who are already on that level of basically of understanding the severity of the deception, and able to ask out loud of EVERYTHING we’ve been told over the last century is a lie, then yeah, I’m with you on this one. It actually occurred to me recently that in the cases of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you could probably drop/dump sources of radiation (of a comparitively lower level than what is alleged) simply by dropping radioactive material of some kind at the same time of a fire bombing.

    In terms of speculating on motive for such a ruse, the answer there is beyond obvious of course. The entire narrative of the Cold War would’ve been quite different if the spectre of sudden and calamatous doom wasn’t being dangled over everyone’s heads for decades…


  2. We may never know the truth or the depth of their lies and evil – only God knows and its time to turn back to HIM and HIS Son Jesu anf the HOLY SPIRIT -they will help us and as Jesu said
    ‘there is nothing hidden that wont be revealed’!


    1. yea, and when it IS reveled. the sheeple continue to sleep through the greatest time in history to be fully conscious. amazing. Nature bats last. We are beholden to what Earth provides. Once we destroy the lands, rivers, and sentient life, even God will acknowledge we cannot eat money.
      What did Jesus do on his first ministry? He threw over the Bankster tables in the marketplace…calling all Christians…get busy!!!


  3. Explain the fact that no one on either side of the war witnessed the vast number of planes required to firebomb Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Explain the fact that the Japanese civil defense stood down because they didn’t think the one B-29 they witnessed was a serious threat.


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