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Geoengineering to Death Our Extinction Event Time Horizon

Furthermore Prof. Jennifer Francis has shown that the present CO2 content of the atmosphere has a delayed temperature anomaly more than 12oC  (53.6 F) which is higher than the Major Permian Extinction Event (Wignall, 2009) so we will be facing total extinction unless we sharply reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by a large amount (more than 90%) and the existing methane content of the atmosphere by more than 60%.

The IPCC has decided not to warn people about the danger that these large methane emissions will lead to abrupt climate change within decades (Carana, 2013).

Well Folks,

It doesn’t get any clearer than this for those with eyes to see and ears to hear the most unpleasant of truths you will ever be presented with.

To deny the vast evidence of an already occuring geoengineered extinction of Earth’s inhabitants is baked in the cake, as they say. We are past the tipping point, by a number of years, as you can read below.

To simply deny, is to be foolhardy. To accept is a most depressing and tragically sad legacy we will not be leaving to our children because they won’t be surviving the next few decades either.

The one’s who have caused, and are increasingly accelerating our climate to heat up and release extinction event methane into the atmosphere, are now, desperately going to try and destroy the “clatharate gun” methane blast releases through….more geoengineering…that has only been tested in laboratories.

The last half of this post shows the desperate measures being used to break up the extreme methane releases, or “Clatharate Gun” by the exact same scientists that have been geoengineering all to our collective 6th Great Extinction Event.

Their desperation is deliberately being hidden from all, as the articles below show, because we are in a worldwide near extinction event and they are desperate to solve our massive common problem using the same methods that accelerated the earth’s rapid heating in the first place, while keeping this most critical news from the 7 billion humans because too few want to know and demand open transperancy for those who are accelerating our collective extinction.


Methane Time Bomb Primer ~ The Caltharate Gun

Huge quantities of methane are held in ice-like structures in the cold northern bogs and the bottom of the seas. They are called clathrates (or cathrates). They are stable only in the cold or under high pressure. Methane is 24 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2.

The estimated amount of methane stored in these clathrates is gargantuan. They are the largest concentration of methane found on earth.

The compression of methane gas in clathrates is enormous. One cubic meter of clathrates brought to the ocean’s surface releases 164 cubic meters of methane.

The possibility of violent methane degassing (or “burping”) has been called the clathrate gun hypothesis. There is a suggestion that the ocean’s bottom waters couldn’t warm up to 8°C. If so, that would certainly set off massive clathrate destabilization. This is what turns the clathrates into a ticking time bomb.

These hydrates are already being released. Satellite photos show massive chimneys of methane bubbling off the ocean floor. They are subterranean versions of the gas field fires we saw during the first Gulf War in Kuwait.

Historically there are spikes in the methane record that may be explained by the violent degassing of clathrates. Some think that the Eocene hothouse period was caused by runaway global warming from clathrates released from the oceans.

The biggest of these catastrophes occurred at the end of the Permian period some 250 million years ago. More than 94% of all marine species in the fossil records suddenly disappeared as oxygen levels plummeted and life itself teetered on the edge of extinction. It took 20 million or more years for coral reefs to begin reestablishing themselves, and in some areas over 100 million years for ecosystems to reach their former healthy diversity.

Both were caused by temperature rises of less than 6½°C (43.7 F). Now these are average temperatures, but in the Siberian permafrost where much of the clathrates are buried the land is warming faster than anywhere else on earth.


(note: much of the information presented comes for Arctic-News Blogspot and Sam Carana.  Sam Carana is a conglomerate of writers, as evidenced in this video, “Who is Sam Carana?” They say the name was created so attacks would not be personal, yet transparent truthers like Dane Wiggington at, who also contributed here, openly give full credit to their own authorship)

In the last 200 years the methane concentration in the atmosphere as increased by three times and at a much faster rate than the carbon dioxide to which it oxidises to in over 10 to 30 years (Shakova 2013). Furthermore over periods of a few months to a few years methane has a global warming potential from 1000 to 100 times that of carbon dioxide (Carana, 2013; Light 2013).

The IPCC has decided not to warn people about the danger that these large methane emissions will lead to abrupt climate change within decades (Carana, 2013).

“Mysterious” Extreme Warming Of Oceans Baffles Scientists

Click to access ProjectLucyExtendedVersion2.pdf


After 2007 the subsea Arctic methane emissions have been increasing at a fast accelerating pace (Figure 13). 2007 is exactly the time the main atmospheric tipping point was predicted to occur from Global earthquake frequency and magnitude data and the measured rate Arctic surface melt back (Figure 13, position d)

From 2007 (location d on Figure 13) the mean atmospheric methane exceeded 1785 – 1795 ppb and increased at a much faster rate than the atmospheric carbon dioxide. This confirms that in 2007, the subsea Arctic Ocean methane clathrate gun began to fire a continuous volley of methane into the Arctic atmosphere (Figure 13, position d) and that we are now power diving into extinction by the Mid 21st Century unless we take immediate and drastic action to remove large volumes of methane from the atmosphere.

Giant methane rich clouds with temperature anomalies greater than 20oC began to circulate in the Arctic during the 2012-2013 winter indicating that the Arctic methane emission rate is now growing substantially and is probably out of our present control (Figure 14; Yurganov 2013 in Carana 2013). The problem is that the anomalously hot (20oC) circulating Arctic methane clouds are going to grow and spread out at an alarming rate (Figure 14,15 and 16).

A newly determined global atmospheric temperature gradient (Figure 1 and Table 5) indicates that the mean global atmospheric temperature anomaly will reach 1.5oC (34.7 F) in 15 years (2028.5) and 2oC (35.6)  in 20 years (2033.4)



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