The Evil Dark Side Of All Things Disney


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“Disney Citizenship is our continuing commitment to be among the most admired companies in the world – a recognition of both the integrity of our people and the quality of our entertainment experiences. This guides our actions as a company and our efforts to promote the happiness and well-being of kids and families by inspiring them to join us in creating a brighter tomorrow.”

The push for mandatory vaccinations for all children in the United States began Dec. 2014 when allegedly some 40 children, both vaccinated and unvaccinated contracted measles.  A short half year later, 15 States and two federal laws are being introduced to make vaccines mandatory for all children or no schooling.

It was at Disneyland where the push to vaccinate all came from. To learn what is in the most dangerous measles vaccine. please read this very important article.

As you will see below, it is not by coincidence that all things evil come from Disney.



Further Reading on Just How Evil Disney Really Is

Disney Racism, Sexism, Satanism, and Pedophilia


DISNEY, Mind Control Slaves & its MOB connections

During the 1950’s, ‘60’s, and ‘70’s at least 90% of the Illuminati’s trauma-based mind-controlled slaves were subjected to watching Disney’s Fantasia film in order for them to build the foundational imagery of the mind-control. Child mind-control victims had their eyes taped open, and then sat one-on-one with their primary programmers so that the programmers could give the scripts as the child watched Disney’s Fantasia over and over. What made Fantasia unique as a programming tool is that it had almost everything the programmers needed to create the foundational imagery for their trauma-based mind-control. To build a dependable alter system means that the worlds need a solid foundation. Fantasia has provided the means to get a solid foundation for the internal worlds that the Illuminati slaves build in their mind. It is also a masterpiece in coordinating color and music.

The Disney film Fantasia which premiered on Nov. 13, 1940 (at Broadway Theater in NYC) was a financial disaster as a movie, but was an Illuminati programming masterpiece







images (2)


images (3)

 Evil Disney


This is Satan Worship at it’s highest level

Who is Baphomet?

Baphomet is an enigmatic, goat-headed figure found in several instance in the history of occultism. From the Knights Templar of the Middle-Ages and the Freemasons of the 19th century to modern currents of occultism, Baphomet never fails to create controversy. But where does Baphomet originate from and, most importantly, what is the true meaning of this symbolic figure? This article looks at the origins of Baphomet, the esoteric meaning of Baphomet and its occurrence in popular culture.

Malificent. adjective

doing evil or harm; harmfully malicious:

~ This is what Disney is programming into our children folks. Is this okay with you? They spend billions discovering how to manipulate minds, and this is what they come up with.

Maleficent is the antagonist of Walt Disney‘s 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. She is characterized as the “Mistress of All Evil” who, after not being invited to a christening, curses the infant Princess Aurora to “prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die” before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday.


download (30)

IS DISNEY PROMOTING WITCHCRAFT and Snorting Cocaine to Children???

Parents would be surprised what is slipped into cartoons. In Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, the castles are male sexual organs, (More on that below). In one cartoon, Marvel comics Mighty Mouse, (Disney acquired Marvel for 4 billion) is shown without comment clearly snorting cocaine, even though the “official” excuse was he was smelling “flower petals.”

Walt Disney Studios Chairman Joe Roth is in charge of Walt Disney as well as subsidiaries, Touchtone, Miramax, and Hollywood Pictures, which were all created to camouflage the Disney production of adult films. Disney operates in a clandestine manner regarding the promotion, distribution and rating of the films produced by their subsidiaries.


images (80)

They are snorting cocaine!


images (78)

Disney's hidden clues?

Just the Castle from The Little Mermaid. Wait, what?

Simba and his sex cloud


Now you just ruined everything

Tarzan checks out them Janes :(

We did not need to see this.

Not sure what's going on here...

Out of context much?

Mornings, right?

Let's hope Superman just drank too much soda

Actually, the sky is the limit


Not Lion King again!

Lion King again

Only 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Masons (the highest degree attainable other than the honorary 33rd) or Knight Templars of the York Rite could join the Shriners. This means that uncle Stan is a high level Freemason. This would also mean he knows what’s up with all of these symbols floating around.

The show is full of eyes. The “All Seeing Eye” is the most recognizable Illuminati symbol.
This frame flashes for a split second at the end of the intro. We can easily recognize the Illuminati pyramid with illuminated capstone and All-Seeing eye, along with other alchemical symbols.
(All-Seeing Eye at the apex of the mountain)
Uncle Stan’s attic has a stained glass window featuring the all seeing eye.
Uncle Stan has two Owl clocks. The owl is an ancient symbol representing the occult elite (those who operate in the darkness). The Illuminati, and the great, wise owl of Bohemian Grove.
See anything familiar on the rug in uncle Stan’s shop?
Although the cartoon series is filled with symbolism, we wouldn’t think to much into the conspiracy.  The show is based around a paranormal investigating theme. It would seem fitting for the show to feature symbols from the most secretive societies in the world. …
Then again what’s with the symbolism in these pictures? …

– See more at:


Because why not?!

What just happened?


We've all been there

When Buzz Lightyear sees Jessie

And he’s kind of excited  In case you didn’t know

In case you didn't know

Wait for it...

and here it is

We don't wanna know

Yes it did, yes it did

Yes it did, yes it did
Right in the eye (and in the childhood)

Right in the eye (and in the childhood)


images (45)





images (81)


images (82)





Miley's image has been heavily marketed by Disney since the days of Hannah Montana - a girl who (appropriately enough) had a stage alter persona. Hannah Montana products often had butterflies on them, maybe a slick reminder of how she was a Disney programming slave.

Miley Cyrus: The Industry Slave Chosen to Take the Fall

As a product of Mickey Mouse programming, Miley underwent a classic “good girl gone bad” treatment. Once a good, wholesome daddy’s girl, Miley has turned into a bratty freak who keeps sticking out her tongue and twerking for no reason. While most people are probably tsking at Miley, they do not realize that this whole thing coincided with the release of her new album – and that it was all ordered by her handlers. In other words, she was selected and programmed to be this year’s main example of a “good girl gone bad”, a process the occult elite wants the public to constantly witness. They want the masses to see innocence and wholesomeness turn into sleaze and trash. They want pop culture and the youth in general follow the same process. While alchemy is about turning stone into gold, the masses are made to witness the opposite process.

Miley’s VMA performance is about a child star who was beloved by millions of young people showing what the industry has done to her. It is about shattering the innocence of her fans by having them witness her metamorphosis into one giant sex-obsessed caricature. I’m using the word caricature because it is safe to say that Miley was not 100% herself during the VMA’s. Her demeanor was characteristic of a Beta programming slave who had the switch turned “on”.  It was, however, not only about being overtly provocative. It was also (and mostly) about being annoying and embarrassing herself – as if it was a sick, humiliating ritual. Dressed and styled to look like a bratty child, jumping around with giant teddy bears, Miley’s performance was all about getting a negative reaction from the public while continuing the ongoing agenda of denaturing everything that is related to childhood.



Mouseketeer; Brittany Spears; Illuminati Sex Slave

He was the first of Walt Disney’s creations and to this day is what Disney is all about, it’s all about those iconic mouse ears. He was made then to seem real in the fan club ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ (1955);

Here is where 24 children, ‘Mouseketeers’, wore little beanie Mickey Mouse caps with their big ears mounted to each side of the beanie, would help Mickey in skits and dance and sing very catchy melodys.

Most children then wanted to be a ‘mouseketeer’ and wanted the famous ‘Mouse Ears’. Little did they know they were receiving the Mickey Mouse scripts in their total mind control programming.

Britney Spears along with Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Nikki DeLoach, Tate Lynch, T.J Fantini and Ryan Gosling were all in the Seasons 6-7;

In 1988, Britney signed with Jive records and released her first solo album entitled; ‘…Baby One More Time.’

Her whole album and music videos were a blend of childhood innocence and sexuality. This is the case for almost all of Disney stars (Miley Cyrus for one). This is also known as ‘Kitten Programming’ (talked about it in Jessie J – Price Tag post) where they go under beta programming to be portrayed in the media as teenage sex icons.

Tattoos, as well, as are a significant part of Monarch programming. Britney’s first tattoo;

A closer look;

It is a Monarch butterfly leaving a vine which symbolises the slave emerging from the elite’s bloodline system. Tattoos are the preferred way of the Illuminati to identify Monarch slaves (many Disney stars have them). Mostly they choose blue Monarch butterflies, bluebirds or roses as identification purposes.

Britney Spears was first known for her innocence and beauty and her voice with songs like; ‘Born to Make You Happy, From the Bottom of my Broken Heart’ and of course ‘Baby One More Time’ (1999). In her later albums ‘Oops!… I Did it Again’ (2000) and ‘Britney’  she went into a more sexual, strong, seductive tone with songs like; ‘Oops!… I Did it Again’, ‘Stronger’, ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ to ‘Slave 4 U’, ‘Bombastic Love’ and ‘I’m not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman’. This all shows how she grew in the industry and how the mind control grew on her and took over.

The celebration of her success was done at the 2003 VMA’s with Madonna and her mouseketeer Christina Aguilera;

That whole performance was about celebrating Britney’s stardom and formally bringing Christina into the industry. Madonna (since she was the Queen Kabalan) was the ‘groom’ dressed in black and Christina and Britney were the brides. The ritual was literally taking a bit of Britney’s fame (Madonna and Britney kissing) and then giving it to Christina (Madonna then kissing Christina). [More on that in another post].
After this ritual we see Christina Aguilera rise and start to notice Britney’s descent. Slowly at first, and then the complete breakdown she had. This is because her mind had started to de-programme and so all of the awful torturing techniques etc. were coming back to her and she could not handle it. That’s why so many succumb to ‘self-destructive’ behavior because it is so tormenting they want to disassociate themselves with their memories but their mind is revealing what it once concealed, so they take things into their own hands.

In 2003 Britney’s 4th album (2 years after her 3rd) is released; ‘In the Zone’. This again gets even saucier with; ‘Me Against the Music’ Featuring Madonna, ‘Toxic’ which show all signs of Kitten Programming.  But then her song ‘Everytime’ got everyone shocked to see such a touching side of the ‘old Britney’ again, but still loved the sexy new ‘her’.

Drama surrounded Britney like a plague and the shocking happened just months before her 5th debut album ‘Blackout’. Now the name itself tells you something and the songs get even hotter ‘Piece of Me’, ‘Gimme More’, ‘Freakshow’.

In February of 2007 we hear shocking news about Britney entering a parlor, grabbing a razor and shaving off all of her hair.

She then goes to a tattoo shop to get some tattoos and when asked why she shaved her head her answer was (quote from a witness); “she was tired of having things plugged into it and she didn’t want anybody to touch her, tired of anyone touching her that sort of thing. Seemed like she was sick of it all, whatever it all is.”
When the witness was asked how Britney Spears seemed she replied; “She seemed very distrught and disturbed, she was very scatter brained and wasnt really answering any questions.”

Looking at the above picture we can see that she is not mentally stable and looking at the eye witness’s statement anybody can tell that there is something psychologically wrong now. Britney said she was “tired of having things plugged into her” now why would she use the words plugged for hair? I mean, if you were talking about hair you would say pricked, jabbed, poked, but not plugged. What would she gain from shaving off her hair? Does she mean her beauty then? So is she talking about her handlers? So then does she recall them sexually assaulting her or have they started that again since they found out her brain was starting to de-program itself. She “didn’t want people touching her” so it is sexual, it is her beauty. But going back to the word “plugged” , one of the main Monarch programming techniques are electro-shock therapy. It is used to create disassociation from traumatic events and later to remove memories after the slave has carried out a ‘mission’ or it is used to instill fear and obedience in a slave. Look at the picture above; she is happy knowing that she is taking something away from them, not herself. It is as if she’s trying to shed, not the hair, but the memories that are coming back. And since she has chosen to shave her head, since she is doing it herself, she feels in power over something since she has realized she doesn’t have power over much in her life.


After this, the drama in Britney’s life is not over. Rumors of her having multiple personalities started to leak in early 2008, practically a year later from the ‘shaving’ incident.




Bailey_206dc7_1687022A Dildo in the background?? Really?

download (26)


And now the "Ruining of your Childhood" is complete

Hmm, defy God and take a bite…

And Apple too!

images (42)

Disneyland has underground tunnels and underground entrances that even most employees don’t know about. One victim of total mind-control mentioned that a tunnel entrance was at Matterhorn mountain. (The Matterhorn was opened by Walt and his good-friend Richard Nixon, who rode in the first car down the mountain.) Disney productions has given the Illuminati the cover to bring together Illusionists, magicians, and special effects artists without anyone being suspicious.

Some of these men were able to apply their talents toward programming children. As an example of their talents, Disney special effects artists were able to create 16 realistic-looking cadavers for the 1989 film Gross Anatomy. (BELOW LEFT)

Walt Disney Inc., has teamed up with Los Alamos and Sandia Labs, two other groups which are heavily involved in mind-control and people control to develop body scans, branding and access codes for the visitors to Disney’s theme parks. Each of the Disney theme parks, such as Disneyland, DisneyWorld, EuroDisney. have vast underground facilities.

Each theme facility also has a vast infrastructure underground in order to maintain it. The underground areas contain wardrobe design and repair units, fitting rooms, restrooms, cafeterias, security units, computers, freight ramps, utility encasements, and large connecting tunnels. The underground areas also have human programming rooms. They have their own power plants and water systems and their own police force. Disney company employs 71,000 people at several locations. People are coming and going 24 hours at the Disney theme parks.

Now, we want to show you how insidious the Illuminati can be. Walt Disney was part of an illuminati family. His initial interest was not in kids in the way you might think, but he was in fact a sexual pervert and pedophile, which was displayed in everything he did. He was also a big time occultist.

Walt Disney was an illuminist. Behind all those cartoons, magazines, movies etc., is a hidden agenda to control our children’s minds. Disney productions over the years are filled with Masonic symbolism, mind control and indoctrination which we will show you. He is preparing our younger generations for the New World Order as well as introduce them to sorcery (black magic). For more info on the Occultic Disney empire, check out our article that exposes Disney’s mind control agenda for another Disney victim, former Mouseketeer, Britney Spears : BRITNEY SPEARS, MADONNA AND PARIS HILTON: WHO CONTROLS THEM AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE


WAKE UP! Don’t you see what the perverts and pedophiles at Disney are trying to do to YOUR little girls? You need to start getting pro active!

Okay then, based on what you have seen already, we don’t have to explain the Disney sanctioned Hanna Montana promo photo below do we? Wonder if Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus is okay with this?

Here’s Miley again: (BELOW). A little sexy for a 15 year old…don’t you think?

MK-ULTRA slave Selena Gomez: 15 years old. Guess her handlers have decided she’s into big purple crayons:


Is Disney giving lap dances now? The picture below is of real representatives for Disney at Disney World in Florida. The woman representing The Little Mermaid has less clothes on than most women at strip bars. The little Mermaid in Disney’s movie is only supposed to be 15 years old but she wears nothing over her breasts but coconut shells. Hey, by the way, I’m okay with adult entertainment with adults who make individual choices, but what I have a problem with is two, three, four, five and six year old kids who have to figure this out.



BELOW) This is a REAL picture of Christina Aguillera at Disneyland with Donald Duck. Our research tells us this is real….even though you may find “edited” versions on the internet that cover this up and say it’s a “photoshop”. Our reasons why we disagree are from the other photos below. That even includes a lawsuit from a woman that says a Donald Duck employee molested her. Please do more of your own research on this


If you think this photo isn’t real, let’s look at another pic of Aguillera in public without a bra. Looks to me like the same nipple ring. (BELOW)

In addition to Schumacher, BUZZ names prominent openly homosexual Disney executives such as production vice president Lauren Lloyd of Disney’s Hollywood Pictures; studio producer Laurence Mark; supervising animator Andreas Deja, the man responsible for the character of Gaston in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST; senior vice president at Disney’s interactive division Steven Fields; Rick Leed, who heads the production company that produces the television sitcom HOME IMPROVEMENT. Disney training coordinator Jimi Ziehr said that at Disney’s Epcot Centre in Orlando, Florida, “gays outnumber the straights at Futureland operations, and there’s nothing in the closet at Guest Relations.” – Buzz, 5/95

Let us begin our discussion by examining what really happens when a child plays with a toy, any toy. In their minds, children become one with the toy, interacting with it and assuming the properties of it. If the toy is a figure, the child imagines that he possesses all the powers and abilities of the figure. If the toy is a western gun set, the child imagines himself as being a cowboy or gunfighter.

(BELOW RIGHT) These Disney panties are marketed to children. Parents, Is this Okay with you?

If the toy is a spaceship, the child imagines he is the captain of the ship and assumes all the characteristics of the captain. Whatever the toy, the child interacts with it and with its characteristics. This understanding is critical because there is no more effective way to teach a child than by having him or her interact with an object or by role-playing the scene.

In today’s American culture, how does a child know what characteristics a particular figure or toy is supposed to possess? In most instances, comics and TV shows vividly display the characteristics, powers, and abilities which a character is supposed to possess.

Let us examine this phenomenon more closely by first examining some statistics about TV and movies. This information comes from christian author, Phil Phillips’, Horror and Violence; The Deadly Duo In The Media and from Phillip’s first book, Turmoil In The Toy Box. As you consider these statistics, please carefully consider how your own precious children are being impacted.

Children are watching violence at a rate like NO OTHER GENERATION IN HISTORY.

Violence has increased 720% since 1982.

Film can “create” violence far more severe than is found in reality. For example, how many of you have actually ever witnessed a murder? Yet, all of us, and all of our children have witnessed many murders on TV and movies, murders that can be shown in vivid detail and color, and even in slow motion.

Constant exposure to violence creates an insensitivity to violence in reality. Human beings simply cannot watch violence repeatedly and not be affected, no matter what the conventional wisdom of the world says to the contrary. Of course, the Apostle Paul, writing through the influence of the Holy Spirit, warned us of this 1,900 years ago: “Whatever is true..right…pure…lovely…admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8 NIV).

This phrase, “think about such things” literally means “fix your minds on them”. But, American children are not fixing their minds on these type things; rather, they are filling their minds with violence, murder, and the occult. This situation is becoming so serious because “NO OTHER GENERATION IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND SINCE CREATION has gained a major portion of their `socialization’ from “a machine”. Of course, the machine of which Phil Phillips is speaking is TV and movies. Phillips continues:

“The cultural values that (TV/Movies) are teaching: Nothing is off-limits: sex outside marriage, euthanasia, homosexuality, abortion, drugs, child abuse, alcohol consumption, rape, murder, and now cannibalism.” I want to add one other set of values which TV is teaching our children, occultism. Our children are watching occultic meditations, seances, and rituals that would normally be observed only by a member of an occultic coven.”

This is a very serious indictment. What are some of the effects of such long-term and continuous exposure to this type of mental bombardment? Phillips concludes:


“The U.S. is the THE MOST violent” Western nation. We do not need to be persuaded of the truth of this statement. All we have to do is recall the content of our daily newspapers, magazines and TV News programming. We are literally seeing people acting out in their lives the values and the actions which they have been seeing on TV and movies for years. Robbery, extortion, murder, kidnapping, adultery of all types and in the last decade, perversions of all types are the standard in today’s TV and movies.

People today are just acting out these values and situations and we are appalled. But, we should not be surprised, because psychologists now know that human beings tend to move toward that which they picture repeatedly in their minds.

But, the worst is still ahead of us, because repeated viewing of violent and perverted behavior is actually causing mental perversion in the minds of the viewers. Phil Phillips continues his report.

“Both children and adults have difficulty distinguishing between reality and illusion after continued, long-term exposure to TV and movies.” This means that people who continuously view the standard diet offered on TV and movies are slowly losing their ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. I believe this is one of the many reasons we are seeing so many violent and graphic “copycat” crimes of today. What is a copycat crime? It is a crime which is patterned after one already committed and vividly reported in the media or a crime which is patterned after a portrayal in movies or on TV.__

Now that we have discussed the effects of continued viewing of TV and movies, let us return to our subject of Toys. We felt it important to lay this philosophical ground work of the effects of TV because most of the toys in today’s market are advertised heavily on TV. In fact, many of today’s toys were developed simultaneously with the toy itself, with the ultimate goal of using the TV show as the mass market means by which the maximum number of toys could be sold.

Let’s face it, the elites running this country are dangerous predators who pose more of a threat to America’s national security than CIA sponsored Osama bin Laden and his CIA manufactured Al Queda network, the Israeli funded PLO, the Taliban, or any other created “foreign” terrorist group that ostensibly, “hates us because of our freedoms.”

The enemy is inside the gate. The elites are directly or indirectly kidnapping ‘OUR’ CHILDREN’ and using them for perverse reasons—too evil to contemplate. They are serial, sexual children abusers, children torturers and it’s all happening in broad daylight. Let’s not kid ourselves, the Elites are masters of multi-tasking and the art of extrapolating multiple-goals/purposes from each and every one of their carefully crafted black-ops against “we the people.”

The dirty laundry list of ways these children are forced into sexual slavery and used by their perpetrators is quite comprehensive: sexual pleasure and fantasy fulfillment for pedophile perverts, money laundering, drug running, kiddie porn, blackmail, illegal arms trafficking, MK-ULTRA experimentation, ritual-satanic-abuse, and who knows what else.

6 thoughts on “The Evil Dark Side Of All Things Disney

  1. Wow, you have so much in here. I agree there is a lot of programming in every crevice of our society and things are rarely coincidental. I whole heartedly disagree with most examples you have provided.

    This is a bit much, it boarders on paranoia. You have not provided any evidence. I can find sexual implications in any picture ever taken.

    Does Disney brainwash, of course, so does almost every other business theory and religion.

    I work with mentally ill clients and a lot of what I have read just now is what I hear from them.

    I was hoping to read some tangible stuff from the Monarch Program, but this stuff is too extreme with little to no evidence provided.


  2. Many of these pictures are not even from Disney cartoons. Nickelodian, Anime, Cartoon classics like Tom and Jerry and Mighty Mouse. I am not denying that evil (even subliminal) is in the world everywhere and that Satan is trying to do anything he can to capture the next generation, but some of this is reaching – like catching cartoons in mid-animation and calling them sex acts. I know you didn’t find most of these, but I’m also suspicious about the people who selected these images. Like many of Disney’s fairy tale movies, Sleeping Beauty was a book first. And I’m sure those panties are NOT marketed to kids…


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