Geoengineering to Death Our Extinction Event Time Horizon

Furthermore Prof. Jennifer Francis has shown that the present CO2 content of the atmosphere has a delayed temperature anomaly more than 12oC  (53.6 F) which is higher than the Major Permian Extinction Event (Wignall, 2009) so we will be facing total extinction unless we sharply reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by a large amount (more than 90%) and the existing methane content of the atmosphere by more than 60%.

The IPCC has decided not to warn people about the danger that these large methane emissions will lead to abrupt climate change within decades (Carana, 2013).

Well Folks,

It doesn’t get any clearer than this for those with eyes to see and ears to hear the most unpleasant of truths you will ever be presented with.

To deny the vast evidence of an already occuring geoengineered extinction of Earth’s inhabitants is baked in the cake, as they say. We are past the tipping point, by a number of years, as you can read below.

To simply deny, is to be foolhardy. To accept is a most depressing and tragically sad legacy we will not be leaving to our children because they won’t be surviving the next few decades either.

The one’s who have caused, and are increasingly accelerating our climate to heat up and release extinction event methane into the atmosphere, are now, desperately going to try and destroy the “clatharate gun” methane blast releases through….more geoengineering…that has only been tested in laboratories.

The last half of this post shows the desperate measures being used to break up the extreme methane releases, or “Clatharate Gun” by the exact same scientists that have been geoengineering all to our collective 6th Great Extinction Event.

Their desperation is deliberately being hidden from all, as the articles below show, because we are in a worldwide near extinction event and they are desperate to solve our massive common problem using the same methods that accelerated the earth’s rapid heating in the first place, while keeping this most critical news from the 7 billion humans because too few want to know and demand open transperancy for those who are accelerating our collective extinction.


Methane Time Bomb Primer ~ The Caltharate Gun

Huge quantities of methane are held in ice-like structures in the cold northern bogs and the bottom of the seas. They are called clathrates (or cathrates). They are stable only in the cold or under high pressure. Methane is 24 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2.

The estimated amount of methane stored in these clathrates is gargantuan. They are the largest concentration of methane found on earth.

The compression of methane gas in clathrates is enormous. One cubic meter of clathrates brought to the ocean’s surface releases 164 cubic meters of methane.

The possibility of violent methane degassing (or “burping”) has been called the clathrate gun hypothesis. There is a suggestion that the ocean’s bottom waters couldn’t warm up to 8°C. If so, that would certainly set off massive clathrate destabilization. This is what turns the clathrates into a ticking time bomb.

These hydrates are already being released. Satellite photos show massive chimneys of methane bubbling off the ocean floor. They are subterranean versions of the gas field fires we saw during the first Gulf War in Kuwait.

Historically there are spikes in the methane record that may be explained by the violent degassing of clathrates. Some think that the Eocene hothouse period was caused by runaway global warming from clathrates released from the oceans.

The biggest of these catastrophes occurred at the end of the Permian period some 250 million years ago. More than 94% of all marine species in the fossil records suddenly disappeared as oxygen levels plummeted and life itself teetered on the edge of extinction. It took 20 million or more years for coral reefs to begin reestablishing themselves, and in some areas over 100 million years for ecosystems to reach their former healthy diversity.

Both were caused by temperature rises of less than 6½°C (43.7 F). Now these are average temperatures, but in the Siberian permafrost where much of the clathrates are buried the land is warming faster than anywhere else on earth.


(note: much of the information presented comes for Arctic-News Blogspot and Sam Carana.  Sam Carana is a conglomerate of writers, as evidenced in this video, “Who is Sam Carana?” They say the name was created so attacks would not be personal, yet transparent truthers like Dane Wiggington at, who also contributed here, openly give full credit to their own authorship)

In the last 200 years the methane concentration in the atmosphere as increased by three times and at a much faster rate than the carbon dioxide to which it oxidises to in over 10 to 30 years (Shakova 2013). Furthermore over periods of a few months to a few years methane has a global warming potential from 1000 to 100 times that of carbon dioxide (Carana, 2013; Light 2013).

The IPCC has decided not to warn people about the danger that these large methane emissions will lead to abrupt climate change within decades (Carana, 2013).

“Mysterious” Extreme Warming Of Oceans Baffles Scientists

Click to access ProjectLucyExtendedVersion2.pdf


After 2007 the subsea Arctic methane emissions have been increasing at a fast accelerating pace (Figure 13). 2007 is exactly the time the main atmospheric tipping point was predicted to occur from Global earthquake frequency and magnitude data and the measured rate Arctic surface melt back (Figure 13, position d)

From 2007 (location d on Figure 13) the mean atmospheric methane exceeded 1785 – 1795 ppb and increased at a much faster rate than the atmospheric carbon dioxide. This confirms that in 2007, the subsea Arctic Ocean methane clathrate gun began to fire a continuous volley of methane into the Arctic atmosphere (Figure 13, position d) and that we are now power diving into extinction by the Mid 21st Century unless we take immediate and drastic action to remove large volumes of methane from the atmosphere.

Giant methane rich clouds with temperature anomalies greater than 20oC began to circulate in the Arctic during the 2012-2013 winter indicating that the Arctic methane emission rate is now growing substantially and is probably out of our present control (Figure 14; Yurganov 2013 in Carana 2013). The problem is that the anomalously hot (20oC) circulating Arctic methane clouds are going to grow and spread out at an alarming rate (Figure 14,15 and 16).

A newly determined global atmospheric temperature gradient (Figure 1 and Table 5) indicates that the mean global atmospheric temperature anomaly will reach 1.5oC (34.7 F) in 15 years (2028.5) and 2oC (35.6)  in 20 years (2033.4)



A giant hole has formed in the hydroxlyl-ozone layer in equatorial S.E. Asia and the west Pacific and allows methane sourced from the 9 – 11 km high leading edge of the southward migrating Arctic Atmospheric Global Warming Veil to rise unimpeded into the stratosphere where it is increasing in concentration (Figure 11a, 10 from Harold Hensel, personal communication, 2014).

(This is the cause of the mass forest die off we are seeing in CA and beyond)

The high equatorial concentration of methane will be the reason for the extreme “El Nino” this year and the heating extends eastwards to the Gulf Stream enhancing its energy in a giant feedback loop (Figure 11a from Harold Hensel, personal communication, 2014).

  • A major feedback mechanism is the heat trapping Methane Global Warming Veil sourced from the subsea Arctic methane hydrates which has blanketed the whole of the United States as far south as the Gulf Coast (Figure 9)(from July 2013 – This atmospheric methane veil will further overheat the Gulf Stream thus returning even hotter water back to the Arctic subsea methane hydrate destabilization grounds generating more extensive methane eruption zones (Figures 12a and 12b).
  • A second feedback mechanism is caused by the Arctic Ocean ice and Arctic region permafrost which is being degraded severely by atmospheric temperatures around 20°C above normal, especially in Siberia and Alaska. About 90% of the Arctic frozen methane lies in the top 3 meters which is thawing and the temperatures of the river water is rising assisted by high atmospheric temperatures caused by widespread Spring fires. This hot river water flows north into the Arctic ocean where it spills onto the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS; Shakova et al. 2010, 2013) and into the Beaufort Sea, where it is destabilizing shallow methane hydrates releasing increasing quantities of methane directly into the atmosphere and increasing the concentration of the expanding Arctic Methane Global Warming Veil (Figure 12a, 7, 8). Cenozoic pyroclastic volcanoes also occur on the west end of the ESAS, so destabilization of shallow methane hydrates is probably also opening deep seated, verticle fractures which will allow mantle methane to rise up into the atmosphere (Figures 7 and 8).
  • A third major feedback mechanism is formed by a massive hydroxyl (and ozone) hole that has developed in the atmosphere above the western Pacific and Indonesia (Figure 11a)(robertscribbler, 2014). Hydroxyls are nature’s air cleaners and they remove air pollution and methane from the atmosphere (Heicklen, 1976). The massive hydroxyl hole in Indonesia allows the southward spreading, 9 km to 11 km high, Methane Global Warming Veil to rise up into the stratosphere where it then returns back at high altitudes to the northern Polar regions to further thicken and increase the warming of the globally spreading methane cloud (Figures 11a, 10, 11b – 11d).
  • The massive hydroxyl hole in the atmosphere over Indonesia and the west Pacific also allows the shallow Methane Global Warming Veil to rise vertically into the dense equatorial stratospheric methane belt increasing its concentration (Figure 10). This is probably the source of the El Nino heat build up in the Pacific which is likely to occur in the Summer and Fall where the winds over the warmer ocean have shifted to the east (Figures 12a and 12b)

(~ Ed. These holes in our ozone layer over the U.S. is what is causing the forests to die off as evidenced from Ontario, Canada to the Northern West Coast of California.

Up in Lake Tahoe, pines are dying everywhere you look. On the West Coast of N. California, oaks, pines and douglas firs are dying from intense UV-B exposure, yet will be likely be blamed on the ongoing geoengineered drought.

Cherry, Walnut and Apple trees, budding just two months ago, look as though they had their DNA just turned off where I live, as groves of Eucalyptus and Monterey Pines are dying a very radid death.)

Extreme UV Radiation Is Killing Our Trees


We have just got over 14 years of progressively worsening weather with extreme storms before we face the possibility of an Arctic methane induced 8°C atmospheric temperature rise with associated global deglaciation and extinction

Human induced global warming, caused by the burning of fossil fuels, is found to be continuous when the ice, land and atmosphere heating data (Church et al. 2011) are combined with the 5 – year average ocean heat content, to a depth of 2000 meters (Levitus et al. 2012)(Figure 29a. Nuccitelli et al. 2012).

The lack of incorporation of this data in the global warming equation (AND CAUSAL GEOENGINEERING ACTIVITIES) by the IPCC, is the
reason for the extreme 50 year error found in estimating the floating Arctic ice cap melt time using global atmospheric models as discussed in previous papers (Figures 29a and 29b; Light 2012, Light 2013).


An ongoing US Department of Energy-backed research project led by a US Navy scientist predicts that the Arctic could lose its summer sea ice cover as early as 2016 – 84 years ahead of conventional model projections.

US Navy predicts summer ice free Arctic by 2016

This amount of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere by human fossil fuel burning is equivalent to about 700 Pinatubo – size eruptions per year and the rate of heat input is equal to four Hiroshima atomic bomb detonations every second (Nuccitelli et al. 2012; SkepticalSceince, 2012; USGS 2014).

Human pollution and what it triggers has completely over-run nature’s natural cycle and balance (Harold Hensel, personal communication, 2014).

The ocean has absorbed 93.4 percent of the heat from global warming, while the atmosphere only 2.3 percent and the surface of the floating Arctic ice cap 0.8 percent (Figure 29b, ACS 2013).

It is now clearly evident that the floating Arctic sea ice cap and the Greenland and Antarctic glaciers are almost entirely being melted from below by the globally warmed ocean waters because 93.4 percent of the global warming heat energy is going into the oceans (Figure 29b).

“Mysterious” Extreme Warming Of Oceans Baffles Scientists

This is because the floating Arctic ice cap is mostly being melted from underneath by globally heated ocean waters, as are the Greenland and Antarctic glaciers

As a result the rate of melting of the Antarctic ice sheet has doubled to 159*10 power 9 tonnes per year since Cryosat started first measuring it in 2010 (CPOM, 2014). The rate of increase of global warming heat is equivalent to 8 x ten to the power of 21 joules per year (Nuccitelli et al. 2012).

At the moment, the entire Arctic is covered by a widespread methane cloud but it is very concentrated (> 1950 ppb) over the Eurasian Basin and Laptev Sea where the subsea methane hydrates are being destabilized at increasing rates by heated Atlantic (Gulf Stream) waters (Figure 10 and 11).

The area of the Eurasian Basin is similar to that of the East Siberian Shelf where Shakova et al. (1999) indicate that some 50 billion tons of methane could be released at any moment over the next 50 years from destabilization of subsea methane hydrates, producing catastrophic consequences for the global climate system.

Consequently global warming is probably now also destabilizing methane hydrates in the Eurasian Basin, (Figures 10 and 11) starting the release of an additional 50 billion tons of methane which will further compound the catastrophe represented by the destabilization of methane hydrates on the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (Shakova et al. 1999).

Essentially we have passed the methane hydrate tipping point and are now accelerating into extinction as the methane hydrate “Clathrate Gun” has begun firing volleys of methane into the Arctic atmosphere (Figure 13).

As the 20oC temperature anomaly methane rich Arctic clouds expand into the atmosphere they will trap the sun’s heat beneath them and heat up the Arctic ocean causing an increase in Arctic sea ice melting and widespread destabilization of the subsea shelf/slope methane hydrates.

These 20oC methane rich clouds will also rise as they are blown by Arctic vortices into the stratosphere where they will increase the concentration of the methane in the Equatorial stratosphere which is already above 1.8 ppm/v (Figure 16; NOAA, NASA, 2012) equivalent to a delayed temperature anomaly of some 20oC from the polar ice core methane – temperature relation (Figure 18; Morrison, 2012)

There are such massive reserves of methane in the subsea Arctic methane hydrates, that if only a few percent of them are released, they will lead to a jump in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere by 10°C (50 F)  and produce a “Permian” style major extinction event which will kill us all (Light 2012, 2103; Wignall, 2009).

We are already 3 and a half years passed August 2010 when massive subsea atmospheric emissions started in earnest in the Arctic. The next two and a half years are all we have left to try to put a break on the Arctic methane emissions before the heating effects and sea level rise caused by the loss of floating Arctic and global deglaciation and Arctic methane induced global warming will be completely unstoppable and humanity will be facing total extinction before the middle of this Century (2040-2050).

Meanwhile, very high temperatures keep showing up within the Arctic Circle. On July 1, 2015, a temperature of 36°C (96.8°F) was reached near the Kolyma River that ends in the East Siberian Sea

On the polar ice core methane temperature correlation chart (Figure 19 and 20; Morrison, 2012) the atmosphere was 7.2oC cooler in 1971.29 some 40.71 years before 2012. If we assume a linear relation applies, it will therefore take about 40.71 years to increase the mean atmospheric temperature to 7.2oC, i.e by 2052.71 at which time total global deglaciation and widespread extinction will occur. This is almost identical to the time defined by the latent heat of ice – melting curve for an 8oC temperature rise (2051.3; Figure 3 and Table 2). and is similar to the melt back time of glaciers (2052) and the new mean of 2050.6 determined in this paper (Figures 21 a,b,c).

During the last winter, the high Arctic winter temperatures and pressures displaced the normal freezing Arctic air south into Canada and the United States, producing never before seen, freezing winter storms and massive power failures. When the Arctic ice cap finally melts towards the end of next year or the beginning of the next, the Arctic sea will be aggressively heated by the sun and the Gulf Stream. The cold Arctic air will then be confined to the Greenland Ice cap and the hot Arctic air with its high methane content will flow south to the United States to further heat up the Gulf Stream, setting up an anticlockwise circulation around Greenland

A Geoengineered Earth Map.


The whole northern hemisphere is now covered by a thickening atmospheric methane veil that is spreading southwards at about 1 km a day and it already totally envelopes the United States. A giant hole in the equatorial ozone layer has also been discovered in the west Pacific, which acts like an elevator transferring methane from lower altitudes to the stratosphere, where it already forms a dense equatorial global warming stratospheric band that is spreading into the Polar regions (Data from Harold Hensel, pers. comm. 2014).

The spreading atmospheric methane global warming veil is raising the temperature of the lower atmosphere many times faster than carbon dioxide does, causing the extreme summer temperatures in Australia and the United States.

This indicates that the Arctic has almost caught up with the methane delayed global warming heating. The stage is therefore set for giant firestorms, catastrophic weather systems, drought and sea level rise caused mostly by the uncontrolled build up of methane in the atmosphere due to the destabilization of the Arctic permafrost and subsea methane hydrates by carbon dioxide induced global warming .

On the polar ice core methane temperature correlation chart (Figure 19 and 20; Morrison, 2012) the atmosphere was 7.2oC (45 F) cooler in 1971.29 some 40.71 years before 2012. If we assume a linear relation applies, it will therefore take about 40.71 years to increase the mean atmospheric temperature to 7.2oC, i.e by 2052.71 at which time total global deglaciation and widespread extinction will occur.

This is almost identical to the time defined by the latent heat of ice – melting curve for an 8oC (46.4 F) temperature rise (2051.3; Figure 3 and Table 2). and is similar to the melt back time of glaciers (2052) and the new mean of 2050.6 determined in this paper (Figures 21 a,b,c).

An average U.S. citizen causes 3 times as much carbon dioxide to be emitted (19 tons of carbon dioxide/person) than a person in China (4.7 tons of carbon dioxide/person)(Figure 31).

China however due to its large population emits a lot of carbon dioxide in total, but so does Europe as a whole (Figure 31). 5 states, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia, U.S.A. and Canada have the most extreme human carbon footprints on Earth (Figure 31)(Light, 2013).

The excessive summer global warming of the Gulf Stream off the east coast of North America, is a direct result of the effects of eastward migrating pollution clouds pouring off the coast of the United States and Canada. (AND A GREAT ASSIST FROM GEOENGINEERING THE EARTH FOR THE PAST DECADES!)

Shakova et al 2010a estimate that some 50 billion tonnes of methane could erupt at any moment on the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS), where some 1700 billion tonnes of methane could be held in the form of free gas and methane hydrates. This will cause a worldwide temperature anomaly of more than 10oC above the present atmospheric mean and as the methane spreads around the world’s atmosphere will lead to our certain extinction in the next 20 to 40 years (Light 2012a,b; Light 2011b)

This heat is transferred by the Gulf Stream directly to the most extreme methane eruption center (The Enrico Anomaly) in the Arctic at the methane hydrate rich, subsea end of the Eurasian Basin/Laptev Sea in October – November during a “False Indian Summer”.

Here the exponeNtially increasing rate of methane release into the atmosphere and stratosphere, generates a sequence of events that returns more heat back via the Methane Global Warming Veil to the source zone on the North American Continent. The arrival of the stratospheric Methane Global Warming Veil over North America has caused massive heating and drying, mammoth dust storms, extensive droughts, uncontrollable wild fires and extreme hurricane and tornado events and further global warming of the Gulf Stream in the following summer to fall.

Mankind’s greed and excessive consumption of the earth’s natural resources has destroyed this stable state and the Earth will correct by eliminating humanity from the global warming equation, unless we change our ways by going immediately to renewable energy and clear the carbon dioxide and methane from the catastrophically warming atmosphere.

We can look upon the globally heated Gulf Stream, as the North American greenhouse gas pollution hot line to climatic hell.

The atmosphere contains about 5 billion tons of methane, but about half of the present global warming is caused by some 3 billion tonnes of methane that have been added to the atmosphere since the concentration reached 1750 ppb (Carana 2013).

Shakova et al 2010a estimate that some 50 billion tonnes of methane could erupt at any moment on the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS), where some 1700 billion tonnes of methane could be held in the form of free gas and methane hydrates. This will cause a worldwide temperature anomaly of more than 10oC above the present atmospheric mean and as the methane spreads around the world’s atmosphere will lead to our certain extinction in the next 20 to 40 years (Light 2012a,b; Light 2011b).

The polar ice core atmospheric methane-temperature correlation (Figure 18 and 19) indicates however that an atmospheric methane concentration of 1790 ppb to 1850 ppb will produce a delayed mean atmospheric temperature anomaly of 20oC totally eclipsing the Major Permian Extinction Event by some 14oC (Figure 3). Furthermore Prof. Jennifer Francis has shown that the present CO2 content of the atmosphere has a delayed temperature anomaly more than 12oC (Figures 23 a,b) which is higher than the Major Permian Extinction Event (Wignall, 2009) so we will be facing total extinction unless we sharply reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by a large amount (more than 90%) and the existing methane content of the atmosphere by more than 60%.

  • Recent measured Australian atmospheric temperature anomaly data (0.22oC/year) (NOAA 2013), measured rates of methane emission from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf and satellite derived Giss atmospheric temperature anomalies confirm a Mid 21st Century methane induced global deglaciation and major extinction event around 2050 (Figures 1 – 5; Tables 1 and 2). Australia experienced above average temperatures for 15 successive months since August 2012 and set a new record 0.22oC higher than the 12 months leading up to 2013 (NOAA 2013).
  • A giant pall of methane covers the Northern Hemisphere (Figures 9a,b)) and massive amounts methane have been erupting along the entire length of the Eurasian basin and the Laptev Sea from October to December, 2013 (Figures 10 – 12). The Eurasian basin was not a region of major emissions in 2012 (Figure 10, Extraction priority map) confirming that the rate of emission from destabilized Arctic subsea methane hydrates has increased at such a pace that the differences are now clearly discernable on atmospheric methane map data (Figures 10 and 11). 
  • The methane emission zones have not only spread over large regions of the Arctic Ocean but have now started to appear strongly down the East Coast of Greenland (Figure 10, bottom right image; Figure 11). This confirms that the Gulf Stream (Atlantic) waters have got so hot that they are now destabilizing the methane hydrates throughout the entire Arctic Ocean and after they have made their exit from the Arctic Ocean as the East Greenland Current (Figures 10 and 11) (Bourke et al. 1988; Manley, 1995). This is in fact the warming effect of the Canadian and United States pollution returning back as heat in the ocean and the heat in the East Greenland Current will move progressively southwards down the coast of Greenland detabilizing the methane hydrates en route to the east coast of the United States, releasing progressively larger amounts of methane (Figures 10 and 11).
  • The East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) methane emission rates have risen from 8 million tons in 2010 to 17 million tons by 2012(Shakova et al, 2013). The mean rate of methane emission, 8.0952 tonnes per square km has been calculated for the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) (area = 2.1 million square km) from total emission estimates determined by Shakova et al. 2013. This new rate of methane emission has now been applied to the entire area of the Arctic Ocean (area = 14.056 million square km) as a first approximation, because satellite data now show that methane emission volumes from the ESAS are generally lower than those from the Eurasian Basin and Laptev Sea in 2013 (Figures 10 – 12) (Note that the surface area of the Earth is 510 million square km, Lide and Frederickse, 1995). Gulf Stream (Atlantic) water exiting the Arctic Ocean is also destabilizing the methane hydrates along the East Greenland shelf so it must be affecting the whole of the Arctic Ocean before it go to that position. The destabilization of methane hydrates in the Arctic Ocean is also a conservative estimate because no account is taken of methane emissions from surface Arctic permafrost regions or of other Northern Hemisphere continental emissions. 


“Intelligent survivors of extremely perilous circumstances plan for the worst case scenario taking Murphy’s law as the given truth – “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong”. This paper further explores and shows new proof that Humanity is facing an Arctic methane induced firestorm by the middle of this Century. Emission of methane from Arctic subsea methane hydrates is now out of control and is caused by fossil fuel driven global warming of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans mostly in the North Atlantic – Gulf Stream area”


~ Since man made the problem with the great assistance of technology, now man is going to try to solve our collective, massive problem by…….more untested technology from the same folks who made the problem. Arghhhhhhhhh!

. This indicates that the massive temperature increase is almost entirely due to the build up of methane in the atmosphere from destabilization of the subsea Arctic methane hydrates. The Arctic atmospheric methane is the killer and we need to immediately find methods to remove large volumes of it from the troposphere and the stratosphere if we have any hope of surviving the fast approaching extinction event (See Lucy and Alamo (HAARP) Projects; Sam Carana’s Arctic-news blog.

HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform

We clearly have to destroy more than 62% to 64 % of the present methane content of the atmosphere before the Earth will have a livable atmosphere (Table 3). This also means stopping all the Arctic methane eruptions by depressurizing the methane under the subsea methane hydrates to stabilize the methane content of the atmosphere (Angels Project;


RF transmissions over the Prince Edward Islands can be seen in the image below.


Massive Aerosol operations off the west coast of the North American continent, such heavy spraying is used in conjunction with RF transmissions.

Lucy/Alamo Projects – Hydroxyl Generation and Atmospheric Methane Destruction

(LUCY is apparently named for the Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, since it’s effect is said to produce nano sized diamond crystals. In Addition, if they say we should, they likely already are, using these methods of mass accelerated destruction.)

What we have got to do is eliminate as much of the atmospheric methane by whatever means we are able to devise, to bring its concentration down to about 700 ppb (Table 3) . This level will eliminate much of the methane delayed temperature anomaly and give the massive industrial nations a little leaway to get their houses in order. All the scientific expenditure and ingenuity of the major industrial nations should be engaged in developing methods of breaking down atmospheric methane without burning it. Methods of increasing the tropospheric and stratospheric hydroxyl concentrations and using radio – laser systems such as the Alamo – Lucy projects and their applications to HAARP must be developed and tested with the utmost urgency, as should local methods of converting carbon dioxide and methane via catalysts into other products (See Sam Carana’s Arctic-news blog and the Alamo and Lucy projects). We have to get rid of this methane monster before it devours us all. If we fail to reduce the fast growing methane content of the atmosphere in the next few decades we are going to go the same way as the dinosaurs.

The Lucy Project is a radio beat-frequency/laser system for destroying the first hydrogen bond in atmospheric methane when it forms dangerously thick global warming clouds over the Arctic (Figure 32, Light and Carana, 2012). It generates similar gas products to those normally produced by the natural destruction of methane in the atmosphere over some 15 to 20 years (Figure 32). This system will use similar frequencies to those used in generating nano-diamonds from methane gas in commercial applications over the entire pressure range of the atmosphere from the surface to 50 km altitude (Figure 32, Light and Carana, 2012).

Methane produced at the surface diffuses upward and is broken down by photo dissociation (sunlight) and chemical attack by nascent oxygen and hydroxyl as below (Heicklen, 1967).

Methane destruction with nano diamond formation!

Modified Lucy Project to Generate Hydroxyls at the Sea Surface Using Beams of Polarized 13.56 MHZ Radio Transmissions

The Lucy and Alamo (HAARP) projects were designed to break down atmospheric methane using radio – laser transmissions (Light and Carana 2013).

A modified version of the Lucy Project is illustrated in Figure 6. In this system three additional transmitters on three separate ships will have their antenna placed slightly lower than the main 13.56 MHZ methane destruction antennae. Recent experiments have shown that when a test tube of seawater was illuminated by a polarized 13.56 MHZ radio beam, that flammable gases (nascent hydrogen and hydroxyls) were released at the top of the tube (, 2013; JUNK SCIENCE, UNTESTED, WILL SAVE US, 2013). In the modified version of the Lucy Project, hydroxyls will be generated by a polarized 13.56 MHZ beam intersecting the sea surface over the region where a massive methane torch (plume) is entering the atmosphere in order that the additional hydroxyl produced will react with the rising methane breaking a large part of it down.

In the Arctic Ocean, the polarized 13.56 MHZ radio waves will decompose atmospheric humidity, mist, fog, ocean spray and the surface of the waves themselves into nascent hydrogen and hydroxyl.

The distance to the edges of the methane torch on the surface of the Arctic Ocean X in km will depend on the height h in metres that the polarized 13.56 MHZ transmitting antenna is set at on the ship and Table 5 shows the relationship between antenna height and distance to horizon at sea (Table 4).

A newly determined global atmospheric temperature gradient (Figure 1 and Table 5) indicates that the mean global atmospheric temperature anomaly will reach 1.5oC in 15 years (2028.5) and 2oC in 20 years (2033.4). Consequently we only have 15 years to get an efficient methane destruction radio – laser system designed, tested and installed (Lucy and Alamo (HAARP) Projects) before the accelerating methane eruptions take us into uncontrollable runaway global warming. This will give a leeway of 5 years before the critical 2oC temperature anomaly will have been exceeded (Table 5) and we will be looking at catastrophic storm systems, a fast rate of sea level rise and coastal zone flooding with its disastrous effects on world populations and global stability. An anomalous temperature of 4oC will be reached by the atmosphere around 2043 which will end the vegetation carbon sink, preventing plants from helping balance carbon dioxide exhalation and this will further accelerate climatic change (Table 5)(Friend, 2013).

Alamo Project

Methane is rising into the stratosphere and mesosphere where some of it is being oxidised to produce larger quantities of noctilucent clouds between 76 and 85 km altitude (Figures 15 -17). Noctilucent clouds were originally confined to the southern polar regions, were then seen north of Norway and are now occuring at much lower latitudes over Colorado. Prof. James Russel of Hampton University argues that the build up of methane in the atmosphere is the reason for the increase in noctilucent clouds. Prof Russel says: “When methane makes its way into the upper atmosphere it is oxidised by a complex series of reactions to form water vapour. This extra water vapour is then available to grow ice crystals for noctilucent clouds”.

If we succeed in breaking down the methane in the stratosphere and mesosphere with the HAARP-IRIS (Ionospheric Research Instrument) using the 13.56 MHZ methane destruction frequency, it could lead to an increase in noctilucent cloud formation in a circular zone directly above the HAARP transmitters which could be detected by optical cameras or radar (Figure 7). Besides the elimination of the high global warming potential methane, noctilucent clouds formed from methane water condensing on meteorite dust and nano diamonds will reflect the suns radiation back into space and this will also help to counteract global warming. The HAARP-IRIS transmitters normal frequency range is from 2.8 MHZ to 10 MHZ. If for example a 10 MHZ carrier wave is modulated by a 3.56 MHZ signal, it will produce and Upper Side frequency of 13.56 MHZ, the necessary methane destruction frequency and a Lower Side Frequency of 6.44 MHZ (Penguin Dictionary of Physics, 2000).

The HAARP tests should be conducted in the summer when the stratospheric temperatures are at the lowest in Alaska (140oK to 160oK) increasing the chances of noctilucent cloud formation from the radio frequency oxidised methane.


We clearly have to destroy more than 62% to 64 % of the present methane content of the atmosphere before the Earth will have a livable atmosphere (Table 3). This also means stopping all the Arctic methane eruptions by depressurizing the methane under the subsea methane hydrates to stabilize the methane content of the atmosphere

Angels Project

The Angels (Arctic Natural Gas Extraction, Liquefaction, Sale/Storage) project (Light, 2012; Light and Carana, 2012) are solutions to the extreme Arctic methane build-up that must be done in conjuction with a complete cut-back in carbon dioxide emissions from North America, if we have any hope of stopping this now, almost out of control, exponentially escalating build-up of methane in the atmosphere and its extreme enhancement of global warming.

The Angels project will require the drilling of inclined boreholes into the subsea Arctic permafrost/methane hydrates to drain the overpressured methane from beneath them and thus depressurize the reservoirs (Figure 33) (Light, 2012).

This will stop (HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS? WHAT PROOF?)  many of the Arctic sea surface methane eruptions by drawing ocean water down the eruption zones and will allow a controlled destabilization of the undersea methane hydrates producing a natural gas source for many hundreds of years (Figure 33) (Light 2012). This gas can be liquified in surface plants, put into lNG tankers and sold as a feedstock for hydrogen plants or permanently stored in propane-ethane hydrates with carbon dioxide at ambient temperatures in deep ocean basins (Figure 33) (Carana, 2013).

Symbiotic Bacteria Destroying Methane in the Arctic Ocean

Two symbiotic methane eating microbes in cold ocean waters excrete carbon dioxide and need an enzyme that requires tungsten to operate (Glass, 2013). They are a sulfate utilizing deltaproteobacteria and an anaerobic methanotrophic archea (Glass, 2013) The carbon dioxide released by the bacteria reacts with minerals in the water to form calcium carbonate (Glass 2013). If these bacteria and tungsten enzymes were introduced in great quantities into the Arctic Ocean they could eliminate the methane plumes before they entered the atmosphere giving humanity time to destroy the existing atmospheric methane accumulations.





The Earth is a giant convecting planet, the underlying molten magma being heated by deep seated radioactivity and the oceans and atmosphere are its cooling radiator which allows the Earth the facility to vent this heat into open space (Windley, 1984; Allen and Allen, 1990). Mother Earth has carefully held the atmospheric temperature within a stable range necessary for oceans to exist for at least 4 billion years and nurtured the earliest bacteria to evolve into today’s space faring humans (Calder, 1983).

The fouling up of the Earth’s cooling radiator from Human emissions of greenhouse gases derived from fossil fuels will be counteracted by Mother Earth in her characteristic fashion by emitting vast volumes of deadly methane into the atmosphere from the Arctic regions. This will lead to the total extermination of all harmful biological species that produce greenhouse gases in the same way that Mother Earth did during the Permian and other extinction extinction events. In this case however we have totally tipped the balance with our extreme carbon dioxide and methane emissions so that there will be no chance of recovery for the Earth in this time frame, because the methane release will cause the oceans to begin boiling off between 115oC and 120oC (Severson, 2013) in 2080 and the Earth’s atmosphere will have reached temperatures equivalent to those on Venus by 2096 (460oC to 467oC)(Wales, 2013; Moon Phases, 2013).

Mankind’s greed for fossil fuels will have completely destroyed a magnificent beautiful blue planet and converted its atmosphere into a barren, stiflingly hot , carbon dioxide rich haze. The earth will have moved permanently out of the magical zone (Circumstellar habitable zone, Goldilocks zone) where life (some of it probably highly intelligent) also exists elsewhere in the myriad of other solar systems that are located within the far reaches of our Universe.

The power, prestige and massive economy of the United States has been built on cheap and abundant fossil fuels and Canada is now trying to do the same. The present end of the financial crisis and recovery of the U.S. economy will take us down the same fossil fuel driven road to catastrophe that the U.S. has followed before. Unless the United States, Canada reduce their extreme carbon footprints (per unit population)(Figures 29 and 30), they will end up being found guilty of ecocide and genocide as the number of countries destroyed by the catastrophic weather systems continues to increase.

The United States and Canada with their expanding economies and their growing frenetic extraction of fossil fuels, using the most environmentally destructive methods possible (fracking and shale oil) as well as the population’s total addiction to inefficient gas transport is leading our planet into suicide. We are like maniacal lemmings leaping to their deaths over a global warming cliff. What a final and futile legacy it will be for the leader of the free world to be remembered only in the log of some passing alien ship recording the loss of the Earth’s atmosphere and hydrosphere after 2080 due to human greed and absolute energy ineptitude.

The U.S. Government and Canada must ban all environmentally destructive methods of fossil fuel extraction such as fracking, extracting shale oil and coal and widespread construction of the now found to be faulty hydrocarbon pipeline systems. All Federal Government subsidies to fossil fuel corporations, for fossil fuel discovery and extraction must be immediately eliminated and the money spent solely on renewable energy development which will provide many jobs to the unemployed. All long and short range (high consumption) fossil fuel transport must be electrified and where the range is too large, electrical trains must be used instead of trucks for transport. All the major work for this conversion and railway construction can provide a new and growing set of jobs for the unemployed. Nuclear power stations must continue to be used and should be converted to the safe thorium energy system until the transition is complete.

The U.S. has to put itself on a war footing, recall its entire military forces and set them to work on the massive change over to renewable energy that the country needs to undertake, if it wishes to survive the fast approaching catastrophe. The enemy now is Mother Nature who has infinite power at her disposal and intends to take no prisoners in this very short, absolutely brutal, 30 to 40 year war she has begun. I cannot emphasise more, how serious humanity’s predicament is and what we should try to do to prevent our certain final destruction and extinction in the next 30 to 40 years if we continue down the present path we are following .

6 thoughts on “Geoengineering to Death Our Extinction Event Time Horizon

  1. Total and complete BS. Atmospheric scientists said we would be freezing in the early 1970’s. then they changed their mind to say we will all die from “global warming” in the late 1990’s (Al Gore famously said their would be no Artic ice at as all the snow would all melt by 2014.).

    Of course there is no change in the Artic nor Antartic Ice thickness over the last 20 years, and satelite data show no change in the average earth temperature over the last 18 years. So we’ll call it “Climate Change” because gee, uh there’s more hurricanes, and more floods, and more droughts (huh?)and more unstable weather patterns…..all caused by a gas (CO2) that is 0.04% of the atmosphere. Methane is an even tinier fraction of the atmosphere.

    Sorry we have had less hurricanes and less flooding in the mid-West than in the 1920’s. Temperatures in general were hotter in the 1930’s………can you say Oklahoma Dust Bowl?

    It’s called “weather” and its been changing for thousands of years……..the only difference now is the government “scientists” with political agenda’s are attempting to geo-engineer the earth’s surface temperatures………and are paid well to create rigged numbers…….to advance the anti-carbon agenda.

    Independent scientists not on the government payroll pretty much all agree AGW is a fraud.
    Actually all you have to do is look around where ever you live as I have for the past 65 years in Southern California……….and one can see from year-to-year……..the fall/winter/spring/summer seasons come and go with very little variation in daily high and low temps, and little variation in rain………some years more, some years less, some years a little warmer, some years a little cooler.

    People have lost their ability to apply common sense to the reams of data/propaganda being fed to them by corporate and government owned Media.

    Remember the 60 years worth of government propaganda that “eggs and shrimp(cholesterol) are bad and cause heart disease myth? The “US Government Dietary Advisory Panel recently admitted that propaganda was WRONG……….”dietary cholesterol is a nutrient of little concern.”


    So any one still believe the scam called “AGW, or you all brainwashed and/or brain dead?


    1. Geez, Really,
      I am currently in Lake Tahoe, the forests are dying, the Truckee River is no more, the water isn’t coming and it’s 102 degrees again, just like in Seattle, Alaska, and SW USA. not happening? check out the HAARP data showing their activity, or just wait a year, and another, you’ll be convinced, you all will be sadly, unmistakably convinced. it’s baked in the cake by our actions and continued inactions to stop treating our only nest like a sewer and a supply house.


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