Vaccine Information & News Website

Here is a new vaccine information website with critical updates.

Over 10 states now have proposed mandatory vaccinations on children or no school

The Federal Government has proposed mandatory vaccinations on adults and is in the comment period. The proposal says all adults will need to get current on all adult vaccines.

Colleges are now requiring all to be vaccinated.

By 2016, DHS has said all must have biometric ID’s for interstate airline travel which presumably would include no flying unless vaccinated.

Medical Scientists an doctors are coming out saying vaccines are very dangerous and evidence is being suppressed.

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3 thoughts on “Vaccine Information & News Website

  1. The incidence rate of cervical cancer is 9/100,000. The mortality rate has reduced from 8 to 2/100,000 over the last 40 years, with no vaccine, and at this rate could be zero within 10 years.

    The incident rate of SERIOUS adverse events (SAE, typically disabling autoimmune reactions) during the vaccine trials done on healthy adults was:

    Cervarix: 2844 SAE /100,000 see European Medicine Agency report ‘Scientific discussion’

    Gardasil: 2300 SAE /100,000 see Merck’s ‘Highlights of Prescribing Information’

    We were told ‘it is safe’ and now we are told ‘the benefits outweigh the risks and the risk/benefit ratio is positive’. Our daughter and thousands of others are severely disabled and those that are supposed to gain benefit won’t know for 20 years (the time it takes to develop cervical cancer) by which time it would have been eliminated any way.

    The UK government quoted a vaccine cost of £2.25 billion in their Impact Assessment and didn’t consider the cost of any adverse reactions.


  2. Scientific facts could be valid if we are told the truth but we are frequently denied the opportunity to make an INFORMED choice.
    A court in Milan (Milan November 2014) insisted that GSK disclose a 1271 page ‘confidential to regulatory authorities’ document concerning the clinical trials for Infanrix Hexa vaccine. It contained a record of 5 cases of autism which were omitted from the list of adverse events that were submitted for marketing authorisation. The judgement made was “clearly established a causal link between the vaccination and the disease”.
    The report also identified thousands of serious adverse events during the clinical trials including 22 deaths, 21 eating disorders, 47 sleep disorders, 169 loss of consciousness, 22 encephalitis, etc, etc.
    GSK and the Regulatory Authorities had always stated that the vaccine is safe!


    1. Thanx Steve for this important evidence of cover up. So many refuse to see and only believe. Anyone who cannot understand how this can be happening in the face of such overwhelming evidence of the many deadly dangers of vaccines should read up the Stanley Milligram Experiments and the Stanford Prison Experiment.


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