Mega Drought in California Significantly Worsens, Though Not Reported on by the Weather Channel, et. al

by Jamie Lee

Fig 1: Global map

Throughout the 2015 winter season, all the nations major news sources are reporting exclusively about another record year of brutal cold and snow in the Eastern half of the United States. This has also been the sole meme covered on the Weather Channel, the countries most major public/private source for weather news.

The Weather Channel, majority bought, owned, and controlled by Rothschild LLC in 2011, even hosts regular hours long reports of storms as they pass through. They have also begun the strange practice of naming the winter storms. The last one I think I saw was named “Pandora” after the mythological character, who released from the jar all of the evils onto the world, save Hope.  (Source)

But what about the other half of the country? You know, California and those “other” states West of Missouri? Weather Channel, et. al remain a stone-cold silence. In fact, nearly all state and local newspapers are in a “drought-out” reporting on California’s long term plight.

In direct opposition and contrast to the East, the record shattering warm weather and no rain in California in January, now February, with zero rain in the forecast for the Golden State, is the state’s unfortunate real-time reality with coming real time, long term consequences.

Due to the prolonged absence of rain and way above normal temperatures, we are seeing fruit trees budding and flowering one to one-and-one half months early. Spring planting schedules moved way up as farmers puzzle what can/will grow where.

Pine, oak and other trees are blowing up, literally, around our county here in Mendocino and beyond from the inside out. Pest manifestation and infestation, due to lack of root moisture, is toppling formerly healthy, strong, decades old beautiful trees everywhere throughout the state.

California is the largest populated state in the country. One out of eight Americans reside in sunny, warming, no rain, CA. Our economy is recognized as the 8th largest in the world with Central Valley farmers producing some 42% of the nations food supplies for decades.

Last year, many Central Valley farmers had to fallow their fields when their water allotments were cut to 5% of normal, by Fed and State water agencies. The only  exception are for those with grandfathered water rights, who can take as much as they like and are making millions and millions selling to those without these exclusive water right privileges.

Many meat ranchers last spring culled half their herds of beef, lamb and sheep due to the doubling of grain prices and lack of grazing lands for their animals. This has kept a temporary lid on beef prices due to excess inventory but that excess is now over.

The ski industry, and supporting tourist business around Lake Tahoe, is in chaos. Many resorts closed early again this year. Worse, the Sierra Nevada snow pack is again more than 75% below baseline normal for this time of year. (However, the bountiful and blessed rains that showered the state in December were warm and created little snow pack.)

The Federal Water Agency controls the spring and former summer runoff from the CA mountains and is charged with allocating water to some 3300 state water agencies they are in contract with. Last year, for the first time ever, the Fed’s broke a 54-year contract with these state water agencies, allocating them zero water initially. (Two months later they bumped up allocation to 5% of normal). (Source)

With no water again to allocate from California’s “ice chest” reserves of the Sierra Mountains, it will be another zero allocation year to be announced next week by the Fed’s in their initial annual water allocation report. (Water runoff from the CA mountains had supplied 43% of the states annual water supply while releasing water downstream over the spring into summer as the snow pack melted.)

Meanwhile, in Colorado, they have been consistently shattering record warm temperatures by some 5-15 degrees. Eastern Colorado had record high temperatures of 82 degrees in early February.

Alaska, once again, is recording record warm temperatures, up to some 20 degrees above normal, and frequently now reports warmer temps than the state of Texas.

“Oh Auntie ’em, Auntie ’em!.” cries Dorothy.

But barely a passing commentary by our national old school, corporate owned, government subsidized, news and weather services about the Western States critical water shortages.


“We have to learn to manage wisely water, energy, land and our investments,” said Gov. Brown this morning. “That’s why this is important.”

So what is Governor Brown doing to preserve and conserve what precious water the state has in its reserves as we have now entered our 5th straight record year of prolonged drought?

So far nunca, nada and nothing, not a damn thing. Golf courses are still being watered with only voluntary cut backs “requested”. Non-reclaimed water car washes still going business as usual. Restaurants serving water without request. Frackers, being satisfied with thousands and millions of gallons of potable drinking water per well site.

Building permits are still being issued for new wineries in Sonoma and Napa Counties. New housing and other constructions projects the same. Business as usual. Business must grow. Wall Street applauds the pro business inaction’s with continual record highs of related private shareholder stock prices.

Yet behind the scenes, in the dark recesses of California State governance, there is much scheming, plotting and planning going on for the predicted, protracted, decades and decades long water shortage ahead.

Governor Brown, formerly known as “Jerry Moonbeam”, is quietly passing legislation to control all private water supplies with plans to spend some half a TRILLION of of future tax payer dollars for massive state water management catchment basins.

Included in Governor Brown’s plans are for two huge 30 mile water-carrying tunnels as well as for many large scale damn dams. These dam projects will be the first state-led dam projects in her history to assuredly be accompanied by the expected, unexpected cost over-runs of these mega-projects to come.

These tunnels will take water from the northern Sacramento River, which gets its water from Shasta Lake, to give to the thirsty southern part of the state. (Southern California is especially in trouble because it is also having to deal with a drying up Colorado River where it draws from as well.)


Last October, Brown quietly announced these huge building and spending plans just a week before state voters approved a one-time, special $20 billion bond that he pushed to help ease the drought:

From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 10/24/14:

California’s growing population and dwindling water require up to $500 billion in additional investment in water in coming decades, and new state fees for water users could be one way pay for it, a water plan released Thursday by the state’s top water officials said.

Currently, governments spend about $20 billion annually on California’s water supply, or $200 billion over 10 years, said Kamyar Guivetchi, head of integrated water management for the Department of Water Resources.

State officials are calling for another $500 billion in coming decades. That includes $100 billion in flood-control projects and $400 billion to fund a wide range of projects proposed by different regions of the state, Guivetchi said.

The plan looks as far ahead as 2050, spanning a period when California will be dealing with everything from shrinking snowpack, rising seas and encroaching salinity in waterways to more frequent droughts under climate change.

The plan envisions growing cities increasingly taking more water, farmers using less, and water costing more in general. It shouldn’t be a surprise, Cowin said, that water is going to cost more for Californians in the future.

In addition, a month before that announcement, Governor Brown also signed into law, solely by the stroke of his pen, the “Sustainable Groundwater Management Act”:

This three-bill legislation, (AB 1739 (Dickinson), SB 1168 (Pavley) and SB 1319 (Pavley), requires the formation of new local groundwater sustainability agencies responsible for establishing long-term locally-based groundwater management plans and ultimately protecting groundwater quality within their jurisdictions. The legislation also provides for limited state intervention as necessary to ensure that groundwater resources are being protected.

“A central feature of these bills is the recognition that groundwater management in California is best accomplished locally. Local agencies will now have the power to assess the conditions of their local water basins and take necessary steps to bring those basins in a state chronic long-term overdraft into balance,” the governor said in his official signing message.

“We have to learn to manage wisely water, energy, land and our investments,” said Gov. Brown this morning. “That’s why this is important.”
The new groundwater legislation also requires local water agencies to replenish underground aquifers that have been depleted. Farmers will likely have to meter their wells, and some may be forced to cease or dramatically reduce pumping, according to the new bills.

If local water agencies fail to comply with the new rules, state water officials will have the power to do whatever is necessary to enforce the legislation. The cost of doing nothing is the biggest economic gamble,” State Senator Fran Pavley said. “Thousands of homes and small farms cannot keep pace with the race to drill deeper and deeper wells.” (Source)

Obviously, the state is planning on the record drought to become the new normal.

Private water rights are going away very soon, maybe this year, and water for farming in the state will be cut even further, yet you will not hear a word of conversation about Conservation from the lot of “business first and always”, state officials.

According to the new bill:

  • By 2017, groundwater management agencies must be created across California.
  • By 2020, groundwater basins that are “overdrafted” (meaning more water is being pumped than replenished) must have “sustainability plans.”
  • By 2022, all other basins must have such plans.
  • By 2040, all “high and medium priority” basins must achieve sustainability.

So why no laser like focus in the news about these huge critical news stories regarding all who live in California and a nation that has relied on more than 40% of its food supply from Central Valley farms that is coming to an abrupt and severe reduction in production?

According to Dane Wiggington, founder of, it is because we who live in California are regularly being targeted, using GE weather manipulation, to keep California arid, hot and very, very dry.

We are being sacrificed for a much larger agenda by covert forces to keep the Arctic from releasing megaton pools of Methane gases from the rapidly melting tundra up far North. (Source)

It is because those in power to manipulate the weather all around the Earth now for decades, are really, really scared and are acting out of sheer desperation to “re-Arctify” the Arctic with nucleated heavy snow mass, so they are maneuvering precipitation up North that would be going to California and other Western states.

Once these massive blobs of methane gas have been released into our atmosphere, akin to huge belches, the planet will heat up exponentially within one to two years, it is predicted openly by climate scientists.

Last year the U.S. Navy revised their estimates, by some 40 years, as to how quickly the Arctic was melting, and is now predicting a ice free Arctic by 2016. Yet we are not hearing about these planetary emergency stories on old school news or local rags. (Source)

Astute observers will note how this all fits in perfectly with the Agenda 21 biosphere plans to make half of the lands in the U.S. as well as other countries, like China, uninhabitable for humans. California now appears to be in the cross hairs as to the roll-out of the NWO’s big plan agenda. (Source)

Black Ops and CA State Officials aren’t the only ones planning for a decades long drought crisis. So are some of the largest corporations in the world headquartered in the state.

These are some of the headline announcements, just from the past three weeks, as battery technology is becoming a viable product for public use to replace our oil based economy. (This is also a very likely big reason for oils 65% decline, and why oil related prices will stay in decline going forward).

Apple to build $2B solar-powered “command center”

Google Will Soon Use Wind Power to Run Its HQ

California PG & E Utility To Allow Customers To Receive All Their Electricity From Community Solar

Most telling was recent commentary from Tesla Motors President, Elon Musk, as to how big utility companies are going to be facing big problems in the near and distant futures due to decentralized battery powered sourcing for homes and businesses.

Tesla Plans Battery for Household Energy-Storage Market

Tesla Motors Inc., best known for making the all-electric Model S sedan, is using its lithium-ion battery technology to position itself as a frontrunner in the emerging energy-storage market that supplements and may ultimately threaten the traditional electric grid.

“We are going to unveil the Tesla home battery, the consumer battery that would be for use in people’s houses or businesses fairly soon,” Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said during an earnings conference call with analysts Wednesday.

In addition, Apple, Google, Tesla and PG & E are well into the build-out of a major shift to battery powered electric cars, many to be driven and commanded by remote controllers.

By 2017-2020, all major car manufactures, including new entries, Apple and Google driver-less cars, plan to have battery driven automobiles on our roadways.

IKEA promises rapid rollout of electric car chargers

Speedy charging driving a global boom in electric cars

 Apple Is Working on an Electric Car

With the new battery cars will come the “pay-by-the-mile” economy of transportation. (We are already being prepped in web crawler ads on the Rothschild’s Weather Channel and many Alt-News websites.)

As part of corporations extremely successful business plans, with its quasi public/private relationships to “socialize costs, privatize profits” strategy, PG & E, the states largest utility company, is aggressively petitioning California state legislators to fund some $653.8 million, paid solely by state taxpayers. There plans are to install some 25,000 electrical charging stations. (This is just after they reported a record up 65% Q1 last week!)   (Source)

Nearly 44% of PG & E earnings have relied on their generating energy from hydroelectric dams placed in and around the states mountain ranges. Their system is built along 16 river basins stretching nearly 500 miles—from Redding in the north to Bakersfield in the south. PG&E’s 68 powerhouses, including a pumped storage facility, have a total generating capacity of 3,896 MW and rely on nearly 100 reservoirs located primarily in the higher elevations of California’s Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascade mountain ranges.

So with little hydroelectric water being available again this year, where is PG & E planning to get their energy for all the battery car charging stations they are building out?

Enter the State, and their new hundreds of billions of dollars of new-to-be issued floating debt to be paid by huge future taxes, so they can literally dam the entire state’s basins with hydro-electric dams.

Those of us on wells in California will be seeing new local water agency laws attempting to enforce smart metering of private wells as early as this summer. Private water rights will be no longer in the state.

Farmers are clearly being told by the state they will have to get used to minimal water allocations going forward, for the very long term. This exacerbates our already dangerous dependence on out-of-country food sources, with their highly questionable  food growing practices that will not be as closely monitored as in the U.S.

The nations food prices will continue north in prices across the board. Again.

Residents will want, finally, to replace their lawns to grow their own food but will be stymied by continued and reduced water allocations by the state. Laws to restrict water catchment from home roof tops will assuredly be enacted, like are already laws on the books in five states.

Water taxes bills will soar along with water allocation measures. The wealth will pay dearly to keep their pretty landscapes, because they can.

Fires throughout the state will manifest as state and federal budgets for fire protection are being cut as this is written.

Bechtel, Granite Construction, Nestle, et.all will get even richer building huge dams and selling more bottled water during water shortages and scare in the cities of water scarcity.

Water bottles will increase into the Pacific garbage patch significantly. Sorry fish. Sorry oceans.

Yet today, in this the 5th straight year of historic, record California drought, tee times are being filled at the public and private clubs, along with water glasses at all restaurants. The shiny, new sub-prime loaned vehicles are looking spiffy and clean as are their owners lawns in the many bedroom communities throughout the state.

Ms. Condelleza Rice, formerly of Standard Oil, Secretary of State, and water-boarding approval torture fame, is scheduled next up to be the states new senator in ’16.

When corporations dictate state policy for all with absolute impunity, it is called Facsim. When the state takes control of all natural resources, where private rights are trumped by state mandate, it is called a Totalitarian government run solely by decree.

The next storm up in the East, reported by Rothschild LLC Weather Channel service, is scheduled to be named “Zelus”.

Zelus (think ‘jealous’), comes from a Greek mythological character who personified envy, cunning, jealously and zeal.

A Real Perfect Storm name.

3 thoughts on “Mega Drought in California Significantly Worsens, Though Not Reported on by the Weather Channel, et. al

  1. A report that should be, and is, deeply disturbing.

    On the other hand, if we take the evidence and projections from places like Geoengineering Watch or Nature Bats Last seriously, it does call into question just how much time is actually left to implement any of these schemes, ill-advised or fanciful as they may be. The potential damage from a methane burp alone could render most of Terra uninhabitable so fast there won’t even be time to pack a lunch. We may be about to find out the hard way that there really is such a thing as “too late”. Meanwhile, it all goes on until it doesn’t.


    1. A methane Burp? I’m guessing you are high. There’s a reason for the burp. When glaciers and ice melt releasing tons carbon, it’s because it’s needed for all the plant life that’s going to start growing from warmer temps. If there’s more water from melting poles then there will be more rain. Lots more. The planet is a greenhouse. Runs perfectly fine.


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